St. Gregory Russian Orthodox Cem., West Mifflin, PA

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St. Gregory Russian Orthodox Cemetery
Seventh & Jane Sts.
West Mifflin, PA 15122

(Allegheny County)
(412) 462-3954


Unless otherwise specified, listing and photographs contributed by
Bill Bodkin, [email protected]

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Posted November 6, 2009; Updated: June 2, 2010
Surname, First Name, Birth Date, Death Date, Other
ANTONOFF, Mary, 1885-1928, w/o Michael, (photo), (BB)
BALKUNOW, Abraham, 1884-1956, Father, s/s Anastasia & Harry, (photo), (BB)
BALKUNOW, Anastasia, 1886-1968, Mother, s/s Abraham & Harry
, (photo), (BB)
BALKUNOW, Harry, 1905-1921, Son, s/s Abraham & Anastasia
, (photo), (BB)
BELCHEFF, Jordan T., 1917-1998, Son, (photo), (BB)
BESPI???, Michall, 1888-1930, (photo), (BB)
CUSHMAN, Michael J., 1924-1943, Son, (photo), (BB)
DOBNA, Dorothy, 1895-1940, Mother (photo), (BB)
DOBNAK, John, 1891-1977, Father, (photo), (BB)
DONCHEFF, Anna, 1905-1976, Wife, s/s Kope, (photo), (BB)
DONCHEFF, Kope, 1895-1965, Husband, s/s Anna, (photo), (BB)
DROZD, John, 1918-1944, Our Son, WWII, (photo), (BB)
DROZD, Pauline, 1890-1979, Mother, s/s Wassil, (photo), (BB)
DROZD, Wassil, 1885-1964, Father, s/s Pauline, (photo), (BB)
EPSHTEYN, Galina, Aug. 14, 1942 / Dec. 6, 2005, In Loving Memory From Children and Granddaughter, (photo), (BB)
ERMAKOFF, Herasim, 1887-1971, Father, s/s Ksenia, (photo), (BB)
ERMAKOFF, Ksenia, 1897-1987, Mother, s/s Herasim, (photo), (BB)
GEORGIEFF, Stefan, 1883-1939, Father, (photo), (BB)
GEORGIEVA, Velika, 1879-1953, Mother, Rest In Peace, (photo), (BB)
GIBSON, Olga "Bubs", Jan. 2, 1928 / July 29, 2005, (photo), (BB)
HARRIS, Irene, 1914-1968, Daughter, (photo), (BB)
HARRIS, Mildred, 1886-1963, Mother, s/s Nick, (photo), (BB)
HARRIS, Nick, 1887-1972, Father, s/s Mildred, (photo), (BB)
HORUNOV, Anna, ????-????, Mother, s/s Evan, (photo), (BB)
HORUNOV, Evan, ????-1954, Father, s/s Anna, (photo), (BB)
KALUPANOV, Alex, ????-????, Father, s/s Helen, Frederick, James, (photo), (BB)
KALUPANOV, Frederick, 1924-1927, Son, s/s Alex, Helen, James, (photo), (BB)
KALUPANOV, Helen, ????-????, Mother, s/s Alex, Frederick, James, (photo), (BB)
KALUPANOV, James, ????-????, Son, s/s Alex, Helen, Frederick, (photo), (BB)
KARMUZSKI, Elizabeth, 1885-1928, Mother, (photo), (BB)
KISLAK, Osip, 1893-1959, (photo), (BB)
KOLBUS, Konrad, 1892-1939, Father, s/s Stephaneda, (photo), (BB)
KOLBUS, Stephaneda, 1891-1950, Mother, s/s Konrad, (photo), (BB)
KOLESNIKOW, Anton, 1888-1950, Husband, s/s Evdokia, (photo), (BB)
KOLESNIKOW, Evdokia, 1891-1950, Wife, s/s Evdokia, (photo), (BB)
KOVALLO, John, Jan. 19, 1896 / Feb. 11, 1970, Father, s/s Julia, (photo), (BB)
KOVALLO, Julia, April 27, 1901 / Aug. 31, 1995, Mother, s/s John, (photo), (BB)
KOZEMIAKIN, Alexei, Mar. 30, 1869 / Feb. 29, 1944, s/s Evdaketa, (photo), (BB)
KOZEMIAKIN, Evdaketa, Mar. 14, 1879 / July 9, 1942, s/s Alexei, (photo), (BB)
LAMBE, Eneff, 1909-1941, Bulgaria, (photo), (BB)
LEASURE, Robert C. Sr., (no dates), Father, s/s Sandra L., (photo), (BB)
LEASURE, Sandra L., 1949-2000, Mother, s/s Robert C. Sr., (photo), (BB)
LESHKOV, Gregory, 1885-1953, (photo), (BB)
LESIKOFF, George, 1881-1969, Father, s/s Sonia, (photo), (BB)
LESIKOFF, Sonia, 1886-1966, Mother, s/s George, (photo), (BB)
LUPKOVA, Marina, 1888-1940, Mother, (photo), (BB)
MAGERAS, Axothea, 1897-1946, Mother, (photo), (BB)
MAGERAS, Nicholas X., 1881-1958, Father, (photo), (BB)
MYKETEN, Rozalia, 1877-1942, Mother, s/s Wassel, (photo), (BB)
MYKETEN, Wassel, 1870-1910, Father, s/s Rozalia, (photo), (BB)
NACKOFF, Alex, 1884-1947, (photo), (BB)
NEDOHON, Barbara N., 1889-1965, Wife, s/s Maxim J., (photo), (BB)
NEDOHON, Maxim J., 1883-1968, Husband, s/s Barbara N., (photo), (BB)
NICOLOFF, Peter, 1898-1953, Brother, (photo), (BB)
PETROFF, Thomas, 1895-1953, (photo), (BB)
PUCHANOW, Nickolas, 1892-1953, (photo), (BB)
PUHATCH, Anna, 1890-1953, Mother, s/s Evan, (photo), (BB)
PUHATCH, Evan, 1885-195?, Father, s/s Anna, (photo), (BB)
SAMOZUNOV, Daria A., d: ????, Mother, s/s Michael N., (photo), (BB)
SAMOZUNOV, Michael N., d: June 18, 1944, Father, s/s Daria A., (photo), (BB)
SEMENCOW, Anna?, ????-????, Mother, s/s Ya???, (photo), (BB)
SEMENCOW, Ya???, ????-????, Father, s/s Anna??, (photo), (BB)
SHUTKO, Demeter, 1875-1937, (photo), (BB)
SKODA, Helen P., 1920-1968, Mother, s/s James S., (photo), (BB)
SKODA, James S., 1919-1966, Father, s/s Helen P., (photo), (BB)
SOVELENKO, Irene, August 22, 1915 / July 7, 2008, (Patrick T. Lanigan Funeral Home), (photo), (BB)
SOVOSTENKA, Hafia/Agafia, May 15, 1884 / Aug. 14, 1949?, Beloved Mother, (photo), (BB)
STURAK, Anna, 1889-1964, Mother, s/s Pete, (photo), (BB)
STURAK, Pete, 1886-1952, Father, s/s Anna, (photo), (BB)
SUSHKOV, Alexander Eosepovich, Russia-March 17, 1885 / Aug. 4, 1935?, Father, (photo), (BB)
SUSHKOV/SUSHAK, Alexander A. Jr., June 28, 1919, Nov. 13, 1939, Brother, (photo), (BB)
SUSHKOVA, Marina ?????, ???? 1886 / ????? 1932?, Mother, (photo), (BB)
TUZAK, Andrew, ????-????, Father, s/s ????, (photo), (BB)
TUZAK, Andrew, 1911-1982, Husband, s/s Stella, (photo), (BB)
TUZAK, ?????, ????-????, Mother, s/s Andrew, (photo), (BB)
TUZAK, Stella, (no dates), Wife, s/s Andrew, (photo), (BB)
ULASSIN, George, 1897-1986, Father, s/s Mary, (photo), (BB)
ULASSIN, Mary, 1910-????, Mother, s/s George, (photo), (BB)
ULASSIN, Michael L?., 1925-1943, Son, (photo), (BB)

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