Serbian Cemetery, Beaver County, PA

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  Serbian Cemetery
Moffet Mill Road, Raccoon Township
  Beaver County, PA
(Unless Otherwise Specified, Contributed by Liane Freedman, eltonscastle AT yahoo DOT com)


Directions: From Rt 51, turn onto Franklin Ave. which is the main street in Aliquippa. Turn right onto Superior and drive all the way to the top of the hill and turn right on Riverview Ave. The cemetery is at the end of the street in the woods on a steep and precarious incline.

Some History: Serbian immigrants founded this cemetery in 1916 to meet the needs caused by the Great Flu Epidemic that claimed millions of lives around the globe between 1916-1918. The cemetery belongs to St Elijah Serbian Eastern Orthodox Church. The cemetery was closed in 1919 with about 115 people buried here. There is a newer St. Elijah Cemetery on Brodhead Road, Hopewell.  Originally the church was located near the cemetery, but has moved to another location in Hopewell. The church still owns this old cemetery.  The cemetery is located on a steep hill overlooking the Ohio River at the end of Riverview Ave.  The cemetery is not maintained and is overgrown with weeds and trees. The stones are overturned and have fallen down the hillside. Those stones that are visible are written in the Cyrillic alphabet and the majority are partially or totally illegible due to weathering. Since I am unfamiliar with the Cyrillic alphabet, I have translated the names as best I can. If there are any errors, please let me know and I will correct them. -- Liane.

Posted:  March 13, 2009    Last Update: March 13,  2009

Surname, Given Name, Birthdate, Birthplace, Age, Inscription Notes

Borota, Mihailo, 7-Jan-1881 / 27-Sep-1916, Father
Kovac*vic, Velemir, d: 1916
Unk, ???, 1914 / 1915, Broken stone
Unk, ???, 185? / 1916
T*ociva, Ov*je, 1895
Ndep, Alek*a, 5-Mar-???? / 12-Jul-191?
Unk, Jovan, 1882 / 1916
Unk, M.B., ??? / ???
Otani, Mi**e, 1884 / 1917
Cop***s**, ???, 18?6 / 1916

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