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Carnegie Borough, Allegheny County, PA
(Contributed by Nancy C. Long, [email protected])


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Located on Library Avenue at Christy Avenue, just past the Andrew Carnegie Free Library.

Sources of this information:
Article in The Pittsburgh Leader, 3 Mar 1901;
Death notice for Christopher Hope, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, 22 Feb 1901;
reading by Mrs. Joseph W. Lawrence & Mrs. M.J. Hoffman (date unknown).

Photos taken by Jackie Felix Fisher, May 2009

Posted: May 14, 2009    Last Update: May 14, 2009

Surname, First Name, Birthdate, Deathdate, Other

ALEXANDER, Mrs. John (Mary ROSS), Col. John Ross’ daughter
BELL, John A., of the Freehold Bank
BELL, James, a retired farmer of Idlewood, a grandson of Capt. Philip Ross
BELL, James R., a Pittsburgh attorney
BELL, Elizabeth, wife of Robert Bell, died Mar 19, 1826
BURROUGH, James Ross
BURROUGH, Margaret, wife of Isaac Burrough
BURROUGH, John Isaac, son of Isaac and Margaret Burrough, died Nov 27, 1855
ELLIOT, Catherine Ross, youngest daughter of Capt. Philip Ross, born Dec 7, 1786. She married West Elliot, after whom Elliot Borough was named
FOSTER, David, of Crafton, whose wife was a granddaughter of Capt. Philip Ross
HOPE, Peter Ross, born Oct 14, 1851, died Nov 6, 1862
HOPE, Dr. Christopher, of Carnegie, died Feb 20, 1901 in his 75th year, buried in 1901, the first interment in the old graveyard in 25 years. Dr. Hope was married to Euphemia Ross
NEELAND, Jane, wife of John Neeland, died Dec 21, 1828
ROSS, Nimrod, eldest son of Capt. Philip and Elizabeth Ross, born Hampshire County, VA on Sept 15, 1774, died Feb 13, 1781, the first person buried in the graveyard
ROSS, Colonel John, of Pittsburgh, the youngest son of Capt. Philip Ross, died in 1860, 78 years old
ROSS, Matilda, daughter of Col. John Ross, born July 25, 1818, died Feb. 14, 1821
ROSS, Matilda, wife of Col. John Ross, born Sept 17, 1786, died Feb 17, 1851
ROSS, Mathilda, b. 1819, d. 1859
ROSS, Capt. Peter, b. 1782, d. 2 Apr 1860
ROSS, Capt. Philip, born Dorchester County, Maryland Jan 4, 1732, died Mar 9, 1813
ROSS, ____ Philip, 1809 – (?)
ROSS, Elizabeth, daughter of Col. Peter and Maudlina Casey, born in Hampton County, VA Nov 4, 1745, died Jan 9, 1813, two months before her husband
SILK, Elizabeth E.
SILK, Isabella, born Dec 18, 1803, died Feb 14, 1851. The Silks were not related to the Ross family, but were family friends.

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