Pangburn Family Cemetery, Forward Twp., PA

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Pangburn Family Cemetery
off Pangburn Hollow Road,

Forward Twp., PA 15063
(Allegheny County)

Reproduced with permission from Rick Pollard, owner of
Rick's Genealogy webpages

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This family cemetery is on the Pepka property in Forward Township, Allegheny County, PA.   It was read 1975 –76.  According to the PANGBURN GENEALOGY the following were given as buried in CURRY’S CEMETERY. A James CURRY made various purchases of land in this vicinity, and when he sold the last of his property in 1870, he was of Van Buren County, Iowa

Using the PANGBURN GENEALOGY by Cicero Pangburn McClure ( ), I have been able to identify some of the people buried here  There are a few discrepancies.

Directions:  Go up Pangburn Hollow Road past the crossroads   Take the next road on the right up the hill   The cemetery is on the right hand side    There are two house her located close together   About 25 feet from the road is a single tombstone of John WALL 1851 – 1925  About 100 or so feet from the road is a small enclosure containing the tombstones

Posted: April 5, 2009   Last Update: April 8, 2009


Surname, First Name, Birthdate, Deathdate, Other (Links/Photos)
KERR, David died 16 Sep 1851 age 73 years 7 mos 14 days
KERR, Elizabeth wife of David died 8 Aug 1845 aged 68 years
McCLURE, Margaret A consort of Harvey died 23 Sep 1856 in the 25th year of her age
PANGBURN, Infant daughter of __________born 21 Aug 1854 died 28 Aug 1854
PANGBURN, Isaac died 23 Aug 1869 in the 77th year of his age
PANGBURN, James born 2 Apr 1826; died 1 Aug 1865?
PANGBURN, James son of J & ? I S S
PANGBURN, John died 31 May 1855 in the prime of his life
PANGBURN, Nancy dau of ______________ died 31 Mar 1839 aged 6 mos 1 day
PANGBURN, Nannie J dau of _____________ born 18 Oct 1862 d 25 Nov 1865
PANGBURN, Noah, Pvt Co E 155th Regt, Pa Inf Civil War 12 Feb 1840 to 7 Oct 1908
PANGBURN, Rebecca,
26 Sep 1834 / 13 Feb 1854
PANGBURN, Samuel died 6 Apr 1911 aged 81 years 1 month 15 days_________, John S, son of __________ died 1 Mar 1861 aged 23 years 5 mos
PANGBURN, Sarah dau of John & Margaret died 2 Dec 1849 age 2 years 10 days
PANGBURN, son of _______________ died 5 May 1824 age 1 year 2mos 25 days
PANGBURN, Susan wife of Isaac born 5 Mar 1802 died 12 Mar ______

From the contributing website:

Elizabeth KERR was born 1777 New Jersey died 8 Aug 1845; dau of William and Hannah (FitzRandolph) PANGBURN of Princeton,
New Jersey; married David KERR who was born 15 Feb 1778 New Jersey, died 16 Sep 1851

Isaac PANGBURN was born 4 Jan 1794 in what is now Forward Twp He died 23 Nov 1869 He was the son of Stephen and Elizabeth
(WALL) PANGBURN He married 2 Nov 1820 Susan who was born 5 Mar 1802 and died 13 May 1865 dau of John Nancy Hill

John PANGBURN was the son of Isaac and Susan (HILL) PANGBURN He was born 5 Apr 1824 and died 31 May 1855; married 26 Feb
1846 Margaret dau of Owen and Elizabeth (GILLESPIE) CARMICHAEL

James PANGBURN was born 2 Apr 1826 and died 1 Aug 1865 the son of Isaac and Susan (HILL) PANGBURN

Margaret McCLURE was the dau of Isaac and Susan (HILL) PANGBURN She was born 15 Apr 1832 and died 3 Sep 1856; married
4 Jan 1853 Harvey Hughs

McCLURE son of James and Elizabeth (APPLEGATE) McCLURE Harvey Hughs McCLURE 2ndly married Margaret (CARMICHAEL) widow of
John PANGBURN Harvey McCLURE died 30 Dec 1892

Noah Hill PANGBURN was the son of Isaac and Susan (HILL) PANGBURN He was 12 Feb 1840 and died 7 Oct 1908

Infant dau of James PANGBURN (son of Isaac and Susan (HILL) PANGBURN and Martha dau of Joseph and Eleanor (CANON) FINDLEY
of Pittsburgh PA

Stephen was the son of Isaac and Susan (HILL) PANGBURN Sarah was born 29 Nov 1847 and died 9 Dec 1949 She was the dau of

A Rebecca PANGBURN dau of Isaac and Susan (HILL) PANGBURN was born 26 Sep 1834 and died 13 Feb 1854 unmarried

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