North Park Burial Grounds, McCandless Twp., PA, 2009

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North Park (Guyton Family) Burial Grounds
(within North Park)

McCandless Twp., PA
(Allegheny County)


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A reference in the WPGS 2003 Cemetery Directory indicates this gravesite as "Not located".  A notation from the 1935 Veterans' Grave Registration Survey lists the Sexton as Mrs. Anna W. Guyton. 

In my attempt to find this location, I requested information from Allegheny County Department of Parks, which allowed me to track down this family burial ground within North Park, Allegheny County, PA.  It is shown on a older, undated "plot map" (not shown) as belonging to A. M. Guyton - Area 181.944 Acres -- and is in a seldom-travelled area of the park, nearby the (public restricted) "Leaf Compost Area" shown on the map above.

Directions: (for the adventurous only!)
Within North Park, take Lake Shore Drive to a right turn toward Superior Grove. Continue on road to FRAZER Grove. Park. Go into the Frazer Grove shelter building and out the back entrance (you'll see concrete steps there).  Looking up the steep hillside directly ahead, start climbing the hill angling very slightly to your left. Keep working your way upward until you come to a walking/riding trail with trees marked by a green square and a white dot inside. Follow that trail "upward". You'll cross over a 2nd trail marked by green squares only. Stay on the original trail, green square/white dot. As you reach the crest of the hill, the climb becomes easier, and you'll see the Leaf Compost Area. Continue on the trail and on your right you will find the monument for the Guyton family burials as shown in the photo above. The plot is surrounded by a decaying wire fence about a foot high. Immediately to the left are remnants of a previously existing building, a likely spot for an exciting archeological dig.

Posted: July 24, 2009   Last Update: July 25, 2009

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