Lebanon Church Cemetery, 1994 reading, West Mifflin, PA

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Tombstone Inscriptions from
2615 Old Elizabeth Road, West Mifflin, PA 15122

- This is a 2nd SEPARATE LISTING with Row & Stone indicators. -




The address of the cemetery is Lebanon Church Cemetery, 2800 Old Elizabeth Road, West Mifflin, PA 15122.  
The cemetery is said to be the second oldest cemetery in Allegheny County.

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To view a listing of Revolutionary Soldiers buried in Lebanon Cemetery, click HERE.

Created: June 19, 2009 Updated: June 27, 2009
Surname, First Name, Birthdate, Deathdate, Other
A.G.R., Row T-21/12
Aber, Elim, died 1848, age 20 years, Row J3
Aber, Jacob, died 1863, age 75 years, Row J1
Aber, John, son J. & K. Aber, 1847, Row N26
Aber, Josiah, 1822-1881, Row N24
Aber, Pricella, wife Josiah Aber, 1867, age 33 years, Row N22
Aber (?), Infant Son, Row N23
Alexander, John, died 1822, Revolutionary Soldier, Row V-23/7
Allison, wife of William Allison, 70 years, Row L7
Allison, William, 56 years, Row L8
Andress, Ellen P., wife Wm. F. Andress, 1817, age 25 years, Row P2
Armstrong, Thomas, 1925, abt. 85 years old, Row V-23/22
Ashley, William McLin, nephew, Wm. McDowell, 1823-1840 (no location shown, could be Row G45)
Barnett, Joseph, 1726-1808, Revolutionary Soldier, Row H12
Barr, Isabell, died 1792, age 60 years, Row T-21/11
Beam, Louy E., died 1872, 2 months, Row Z-B-29/13
Beel, Claraba H., 1884, Row L17
Biddle, R. J. Bell, 1859-1888, Row Z-A, Row 28/6
Biddle, Wm., 1791-1875, Row Z-A, Row 28/7
Blair, Adelaide, wife J.F. Blair, 1841-1873, Row M27
Blair, Caroline, 1841-1935, Row 15. stone 2
Blair, Elizabeth, died 1861, Row 15, stone 5
Blair, Esther Holmes, wife James Blair, died 1876, Row 15, stone 8
Blair, Francis, 1847, age 48 years, Row M34
Blair, George, 1888-1957, Row 15 (x)
Blair, George W., 1835-1911, Row 15, stone 1
Blair, Isabella, died 1885, Row 15, stone 6
Blair, J. Holmes, 1863-1906, Row 15, stone 3
Blair, James, 1872, age 74 years, Row 15, stone 7
Blair, John F., 1835-1916, Row M28
Blair, Margaret, wife Francis, 1794-1859, Row M35
Blair, Mary Holmes, 1830-1919, Row 15, stone 10
Blathrow, Geo. W., died 1869, age 32 years, Row V-23/20
Bowls, Eliza P., 1886, age 47 years, Row X-25/17
Boyle, Amanda Jane, wife Washington Boyle, died 1856, age 25 yrs., Row B18
Brawdy, George, died 1856, age 53 years, Row 15, stone 12
Brennerman, Susanna, wife Jacob Brennerman, 1861-94, Z-Row 18/24
Brierly, Elizabeth, 1838-1896, Row Y-26/33
Brierly, Emma L., died 1872, Row Y-26/30
Brierly, Mary Ann, died 1894, age 84 years, Row Y-26/32
Brierly, Mary Jane, Row Y-26/29
Brierly, Robert & Wife, 1749-1837, Row N2
Brierly, Thomas, died 1881, age 80 years, Row Y-26/31
Calhoon, James, 1843-82, Revolutionary Soldier, Row M21
Calhoun, Elizabeth Gardner, 1849, age 72 years, Row U-22/2
Calhoun, John, died 1853, age 78 years, Row U-22/1
Chambers, Alexandria, 1828, age 27 years, Z-Row 18/9
Chambers, Ester, 1833, age 76 years, Z-Row 18/8
Chambers, John, Revolutionary Soldier, Z-Row 18/7
Chessman, Mary, wife Chas. Chessman, 1801-1897, Z-Row 18/23
Cline, James Bell, son Margaret, John Cline, 1848-1851, Row T-21/0
Cochran, Elizabeth, died 1800, Row T-21/4
Cochran, Grizzella Neel, wife, 1788-1875, Row T-21/9
Cochran, Infant, son Samuel Cochran, 1828, Row S-20/9
Cochran, Jane, 1826, 51 years, Row S-20/6
Cochran, John S., 1874, age 84 years, Row S-20/3
Cochran, Margaret, 1856, age 67 years, Row T-21/6
Cochran, Myles, 1816-1908, Row T-21/10
Cochran, Rachel, 1807, 19 years, Row S-20/7
Cochran, Samuel, 1818, age 80 yrs, Revolutionary Soldier, Row T-21/7
Cochran, Samuel, 1785-1845, Row T-21/9
Cochran, Wm., 1859, 67 years, Row S-20/5
Cochran, Wm., died 1803, Row T-21/3
Cochran, Wm., their son, Row T-21/5
Cochran, Wm. Alvin, 1825, age 6 years, Row S-20/8
Conley, Mrs. Mary, died 1865, age 47 years, Row D26
Cothery, James, 1836-1908, Row Y-26/35
Cothery, Sarah Ann, 1838-1878, Row Y-26/34
Cowan, David, 1868, age 91 years, Row V-23/11
Cowan, Eliza Jane, consort J.I., Row B17
Cowan, Jane, died 1830, age 18 years, Row J5
Cowan, Margaret, wife D.C., 1843, age 53 years, Row V-23/11
Cowan, Noble C., Co H 62. P.A.Vol.Inf., Revolutionary Soldier (?), Nov 11, 1909, Row K32
Cowan, Robert, 1823-1850, Row V-23/13
Crawford, Harvey, son T. & L. Crawford, died 1837, Row S-20/10
Crawford, Infant Son, A. Crawford, died 1849, Row K30
Crawford, James B., age 24 years, Row S-20/11
Crawford, Margaret, 1834, age 92 years, Row V-23/10
Creatham, Jas. H., died 1847, age 21 years, Row 15, stone 13
Cunningham, Aaron M., died 1844, age 16 years, Row P7
Cunningham, David, 1837-1872, Row V-23/17
Cunningham, Eleanor, wife Sam. Cunningham, 1837, age 83 years, Row O7
Cunningham, Eliza, 1874, age 82 years, Row P3
Cunningham, Eliza L., 1833-1913, Row P1
Cunningham, Ellen, dau. J. & R. Cunningham, Row O10
Cunningham, George, died 1827, age 57 years, Row X-25/6
Cunningham, James, 1859, 71 years, Row O11
Cunningham, Jane, died 1855, Row O5
Cunningham, Jane, died 1844, age 65 years, Row X-25/7
Cunningham, Jas. Wilson, son J. & M. Cunningham, 1847, Row X-25/5
Cunningham, Jessie, 1887, 78 years, Row V-23/14
Cunningham, John, died 1840, Revolutionary Soldier, Row P4
Cunningham, Maggie L., 1870, age 32 years, Row G42
Cunningham, Margaret, died 1842-1845, Row X-25/8
Cunningham, Mary, died 1843, age 67 years, Row O6
Cunningham, Mary Ann, died 1843, age 11 years, Row P6
Cunningham, N. M., died 1872, age 40 years, Row P8
Cunningham, Rachel, 1815-1901, Row V-23/15
Cunningham, Robert, 1864-1864, Row Z-27/33
Cunningham, Sam, died 1791, Revolutionary Soldier, Row O8
Cunningham, Samie, son D. & Z. Cunningham, 1868, Row V-23/19
Cunningham, Samuel, died 1837, Revolutionary Soldier, Row O4
Cunningham, Samuel B., died 1837, age 16 years, Row P5
Cunningham, Sarah Ann, 1847-1862, Row Z-27/33
Cunningham, Sarah Lucretia, dau. J. & R. Cunningham, 1853-1876, Row V-23/16
Cunningham, T. P., died 1836, 50 years, Row O9
Cunningham, Virginia, 1869-1870, Row Z-27/33
Cunningham, Zeruish Forsythe, 1839-1924, Row V-23/18
Cunningham (?), Rachel, wife James C., 1802-1883, Row O12
Davis, Mary, 1812-1855, Row I11
Dessily, James, 1859, age 30 years, Z-Row 18/12
Douthitt, Hezekiah, died 1847, 80 yrs, Revolutionary Soldier, Row L9
Douthitt, Mary, died 1826, Row L10
Doyle, Charles Oliver, on Wm. & Silena Doyle, 1877, Row V-23/21
Dusenberry, John, 1818, age 20 years, Z-Row 18/11
Dusenberry, Kelly, Z-Row 18/10
Eckels, Anna, consort Nat. Eckels, 1841, 51 years, Row K28
Eckels, Elizabeth, dau. of N. & A. Eckels, 1851, 24 years, Row K29
Eckels, Nathan I., 1845, 61 years, Row K27
Elliott, Agnes, died 1847, age 82 years, Row J10,
Elliott, Elizabeth, 1853-1856, Row H24
Elliott, Leonidas, 1865-1867, Row H24
Elliott, Margaret, 1867-1889, Row H27
Elliott, Margaret Jane, 1828-1905, Row H25
Elliott, Sarah Agnes, 1870-1946, Row H28
Elliott, Virginia H., 1855-1943, Row H23
Elliott, Wm., 1862-1886, Row H22
Elliott, Wm., 1819-1900, Row H26
Ferree, Isaac, Row R19/13
Ferree, Isaac, son L. & J. Ferree, 1817, 11 years, Row T-21/26
Ferree, Jane, wife L. Ferree, died 1849, Row T-21/23
Ferree. Sabina, dau. L. & J. Ferree, 1812, 8 years, Row T-21/24
Finney, Andrew, died 1843, Row L2
Finney, Andrew, died 1886, age 48 years, Row V-23/1
Finney, Emma, dau. J. & M. Finney, 1831, age 6 years, Row V-23/6
Finney, James, died 1859, age 66 years, Row M1
Finney, Jane, wife Andrew Finney, 1848, 81 years, Row L3
Finney, Margaret, 1845, Row L4
Finney, Margaret, wife Thomas Finney, 1890, age 82 years, Row V-23/3
Finney, Sarah, 1834, 33 years, Row L1
Finney, Thomas, died 1866, age 66 years, Row V-23/2
Forsythe, Benjamin, 1802-1851, Row G9
Forsythe, Eliza Rankin, 1842-1867, Row F3
Forsythe, James, settled here 1775, died 1805, age 84 years, Revolutionary Soldier, Row H10
Forsythe, James Vail Means, 1851, age 11 months, Row G10
Forsythe, Jr., Joseph, 1842-1924, Row G12
Forsythe, Lillian Wallace, 1872-1934, Row F5
Forsythe, Margaret Carroll, 1810-1888, Row G8
Forsythe, Margaret V.M., wife James Forsythe 1st, died 1790, age 80 yrs, Row H11
Forsythe, Margaret Weir, 1835-1927, Row F1
Forsythe, Milo M., 1848-1863, Row G7
Forsythe, Nancy J., died 1867, 32 years, Row Z-A, Row 28/8
Forsythe, Sr., Joseph, 1804-1842, Row G11
Forsythe, Susannah K., died 1832, age 65 years, Row H9
Forsythe, Wm. Carroll, 1830-1916, Row F2
Forsythe, Wm. Rankin, 1867-1945, Row F7
Forsythe #4, James McKee, 1899-1916, Row F4
Forsythe 2nd, James, died 1850, age 94 years, Revolutionary Soldier, Row H8
Forsythe 3rd, James, 1804-1886, Row H7
Fulmer, Fannie, 1870, age 32 years, Row X-25/20
Furniss, Infant, M. & M. Furniss, Between Rows W and X
Gass, Sarah, 1802-1838, Row S-20/12
Gault, Andrew, Aug. 2, 1879, age 79 years, Row C1
Gault, Inf., son Andrew and Mary A. Gault, Row B1
Gault, Mary A., Oct. 1, 1889, age 71 years, Row C2
Gault, Son A. & M., Row B2
Gault, Wm. Henry, son A. & M. Gault, died Oct., age 6 mo, Row B3
Gibbs, ______, Row Z-27/15
Gibbs, Wm. Emmet, age 3 years, Row Z-27/25
Gibson, Martha Jane, 1846, 25 years, Row K31
Glass, Agnes Johnston, born Co. Tyrone, Ireland, died Aug. 3, 1861, age 80 years, Row H1
Glass, Elizabeth, 1734-1806, Row H4
Glass, Johnston, born Pa., Oct 2, 1777, died 1853, for many years an Elder Lebanon Church, Row H2
Glass, Samuel, 1726-1802, Revolutionary Soldier, Row H3
Graham, Margaret, died 1817, age 70 years, Row O15
Graham, Wm., died 1830, age 69 years, Revolutionary Soldier, Row O14
Hamilton, Andrew, died 1860, Rear 21/Row T30
Hamilton, Margaret, died 1868, Rear 21/Row T29
Hamilton, Rebecca B., 1837-1889, Row K33
Hamilton, Robert, 1860, age 85 years, Row O21
Hamilton, Samuel, died 1862, age 51 years, Row O22
Hapgood, Elizabeth P., 1855-1906, Row Z-27/14
Harrington, Sonny George Kirby, died 1931, Row F6
Harshberger, Jacob, 1813, age 51 yrs., Revolutionary Soldier, Row V-23/9
Hartford, Matilda, died 1891, age 80 years, Row H29
Hawkins, Annie Hampton, 1855-1875, Row Z-A, Row 28/14
Hays, Abraham, 1809-1887, Row O30
Hays, Agnes, died 1842, age 82 years, Row M18
Hays, Alexandra McClure, died 1828, son of Jacob & June Hays, Row I14
Hays, Caroline, dau. Jacob Hays, 1832-1836, Row I13
Hays, David, 1802-1847, Row M17
Hays, Flora B., 1889-1949, RowO32
Hays, Flora Packer, wife W.S.B. Hays, 1853-1890, Row O33
Hays, Jacob, 1778-1866, Row Z-27/26
Hays, Jane Scott Harden, 1780-1866, Row Z-27/27
Hays, John, died 1842, age 62 years, Row I12
Hays, Robert, died 1846, age 58 yrs, Revolutionary Soldier, Row M19
Hays, Robert, died 1867, age 72 years, Row M20
Hays, Sarah, 1807-1900, Row O31
Hays, W.S.B., 1838-1924, Row O34
Henderson, Elizabeth, 1838, age 55 years, Row E2
Henderson, Zernia, 1839, age 31 years, Row E3
Hezlep, Children J. & M. Hezlep, Row T-21/18-19-20
Hezlep, Ellen Patton, 1828-1924, Row T-21/16
Hezlep, Joseph B., 1821-1900, Row T-21/16
Hezlep, Martha Rath, 1889-66 years, Row T-21/17
Hill, Anna, Row X-25/12
Hill, Francis McClure, Between Rows W and X
Hill, Frankie, Row X-25/14
Hill, Lizziebell, dau. J. & M. Hill, 1854-1869, Row X-25/11
Hill, Maggie, 1875-1877, Row X-25/10
Hill, Margaret, wife J. B. Hill, 1826-1868, Row X-25/13
Hobson, John, 1820-1863, Row Z-B-29/6
Hoffman, Garrush, son W.J.& Margaret Hoffman, 1857, age 5 years, Row O23
Hoffman, Margaret, wife Wm. Hoffman, 1832-1870, Row O24
Hoffman, William, son W.J. & Margaret Hoffman, 1857, age 3 years, Row O23
Hoffman, William, died 1872, 47 years, Row O25
Holmes, John, 1850, Row M36
Hope, Marge, 1882-1886, Row Z-A, Row 28/5
Hope, Sarah Agnes, 1833-1861, Row Z-A, Row 28/2
Hope, Thomas, 1884-1886, Row Z-A, Row 28/4
Hughes, Sarah, 1815-1882, Row X-25/23
Hull, James C., 1845-1879, Row G4
Hull, John G., 1793-1879, Row G5
Hull, Margaret, 1839-1840, Row Gi6
Hull, Mary E., 1847-1930, Row G2
Hull, Rosannah, 1833-1900, Row G3
Hurley, James, son William Hurley, Row T-21/21
Hurley, Margaret, wife Wilson Hurley, Row T-21/23
Hurley, Wilson, Row T-21/22
Hurley, Wilson, died 1848, age 36 years, Row T-21/27
Infants, 1907, Row Y-26/10
Irwin, Eliza, 1814-1903, Row C14
Irwin, Elizabeth, dau. J. & M., 1843-1849, Row B11
Irwin, Elizabeth, Row C17
Irwin, Elizabeth H., died 1909, age 67 years, Row C15
Irwin, Harriet Schreiner, 1834-1913, Row B21
Irwin, Inf. Son John Irwin, 1843-1843, Row B14
Irwin, James K.P., son J. & M. Irwin, 1845-1849, Row B12
Irwin, Jerilda, died 1899, age 78 years, Row C19
Irwin, John, 1812-1844, Row B16
Irwin, John, 1855, age 77 years, Row C16
Irwin, John Calvin, 1841-1843, Row B13
Irwin, Joseph, died 1874, Row A7
Irwin, Josephine D., of Joseph & Mary Irwin, died 1874, age 22, Row A9
Irwin, Mary, wife Joseph, died 1860, Row A8
Irwin, Mary I., 1851-1918, Row A11
Irwin, Melissa J., died 1912, age 72 years, Row C13
Irwin, Nancy, wife Seymore, Row B19
Irwin, Preston, Row C12
Irwin, Sara J., d. of Joseph & Mary Irwin, died 1876, age 28, Row A10
Irwin, Sydney W., 1874, age 4 mo., Row B23
Irwin, Thedore, 1841-1843, Row B15
Irwin, W.M. Milton, 1839-1901, Row B20
Irwin, Wm. H., died 1886, age 72 years, Row C18
Irwin, Wm. K., 1867-1953, Row B22
Isabell, Margaret, died 1879, 1 year, Row Y-26/11
Jeffers, Moses, died 1841, age 27 years, Row J19
Jones, Charles H., 1876-1879, Row Z-B-29/4
Jones, Evan, Row Z-B-29/3
Jones, George L., 1874-1879, Row Z-B-29/5
Jones, Hannah L., died 1876, age 28 years, Row Z-B-29/2
Keenan, Sarah E., wife R.H. Keenan, died 1873, 26 years, Row L18
Kees, Cathrine W. Philip, 1777-1862, Row G16
Keibler, Ada W., 1959, Row Y-26
Keibler, Edward, Row Y-26
Kennedy, Hugh, died 1873, Row V-23/29
Kennedy, Nancy, wife H. Kennedy, died 18__, 83 years, Row V-23/30
King, Grace, 1857-1877, Row Z-27/32
Knox, John, son J.S. & L.M., 1860, age 26 days, Row E6
Large, _____ Stephens, wife T. Large, 1842, age 42 years, Row M11
Large, Amy, died 1829, age 103 years, Row M7
Large, Christina Mayo, 1837-1878, Row M24
Large, Ester, wife Jonathan Large, died 1877, age 85 years, Row M14
Large, George, son S.G.& A.A. Large, 3 months, Row L19
Large, Henry, 1798-1890, Row Z-A, Row 28/9
Large, Isaac, 1835-1878, Row L20
Large, Isaac, 1800-1879, Row R19/14
Large, James M., 1865, 19 years, Row M23
Large, Jane, 1804-1885, Row Z-A, Row 28/10
Large, John, died 1850, age 90 years, Revolutionary Soldier, Row M8
Large, John, 1826-1863, Row Z-A, Row 28/11
Large, John C., 1832-1914, Row M26
Large, Jonathan, died 1862, Row M16
Large, Little Kate, dau. H. & A. Large, Row M12
Large, Lyda Hull, 1829-1911, Row Z-B-29/11
Large, Nancy, wife John Large, died 1852, 85 years, Row M9
Large, Nancy, died Feb 16, 1846, age 25 years, Row M15
Large, Rose E., 1864-1939, Row G1
Large, Samuel, 1840-42, Row M13
Large, Thomas, 1803-1878, Row M10
Law, Abner, died 1858, age 37 years, Row D13
Law, Byron, died 1884, age 58 years, Row D17
Law, Elizabeth Ann, died 1891, age 58 years, Row D20
Law, Ellen, died 1870, age 57 years, Row D14
Law, Isaac, died 1888, age 69 years, Row D18
Law, James, died 1856, age 57 years, Row D11
Law, James, died 1884, age 61 years, Row D24
Law, Jane, died 1883, age 84 years, Row D12
Law, John, died 1895, age 65 years, Row D25
Law, Mary, died 1881, age 45 years, Row D16
Law, Miram, died 1881, age 44 years, Row D15
Law, Nancy, died 1829, age 1 year, Row D22
Law, Samuel, died 1910, age 78 years, Row D23
Law, Thomas Dixon, died 1901, age 62 years, Row D21
Law. Francis Jane, died 1890, age 55 years, Row D19
Livingston, Ann, died 1853, 6 months, Row Z-27/5
Livingston, Catharine J., 1857-1936, Row Z-B-29/1
Livingston, Elenor P., died 1855, Row Y-26/3
Livingston, Elizabeth, died 1890, Row Z-27/1
Livingston, Infant son, John & Annie Livingston, 1888, Row Z-27/2
Livingston, James, 1850-1929, Row Z-B-29/1
Livingston, Joseph, 1868, 49 years, Row Z-27/4
Livingston, Mary, 1810-1854, Row Y-26/2
Livingston, Mary, wife Wm. Livingston, died 1852, age 63 years, Row Y-26/4
Livingston, Nancy Bell, 1858, Row Z-B-29/9
Livingston, Sarah, 1832-1900, Row Z-27/3
Lowrie, Dianah, died 1863, 55 years, Row Z-B-29/8
Lowrie, Wm., 1852, Row Z-B-29/7
Lowry, Ellen Jane, died 1847, age 7 years, Row J9
Lowry, James, died 1839, age 35 years, Row J7
Lowry, Wm., died 1847, age 1 year, Row J8
Lyons, Bell, James, Eliza(?), Row L21
Lyons, Bessie, dau. J. & E. Lyons, Row L21
Martin, Agnes, died 1870, 60 years, Row N12
Martin, Samuel, died 1854, age 90 yrs, Revolutionary Soldier, Row H19
Matthews, Dorcas, 1874, 44 years, Row K26
Matthews, Joseph, died 1854, 23 years, Row K25
McBurney, George, 1859-1877, Row Z-27/34
McBurney, James, 1819-1861, Row Z-27
McBurney (?), Jane, 1826-1895, Row Z-27
McClean, Sam, son I.-D. Risher, died 1880, age 2, Row A13
McCleary, Capt. J. C., died 1862, age 36 years, Z-Row 18/1
McCleary, Robert, died 1847, age 42 years, Z-Row 18/2
McClelland, Maggie, 1854-1873, dau. of J. & F. McClelland, Row O35
McClure, ______, died Jan. 3, 1862, Row X-25/16
McClure, Agnes Topping, wife J.M. McClure, 1771-1859, Row K19
McClure, Alex. M., died 1860, Row O29
McClure, Alexander, died 1818, age 18 yrs, Revolutionary Soldier, Row K12
McClure, Andrew, 1888, Row K12A
McClure, Andrew, Revolutionary Soldier, Row U-22/4
McClure, Ann, 1792-1875, Row X-25/9
McClure, Anne, dau. Francis & Rebecca McClure, 1841, Row K14
McClure, Charles, 1850-1871, Row X-25/18
McClure, Elizabeth, died 1841, age 44 years, Row K11
McClure, Elizabeth, 1848, 54 years, Row K21
McClure, Francis, died 1843, age 103, Revolutionary Soldier, Row K8
McClure, Francis, 1802-1874, Row K16
McClure, Francis, 1864, age 71 years, Z-Row 18/22
McClure, Frank, 1867-1869, Row X-25/19
McClure, James P., died 1847, age 20 years, Row K17
McClure, Jane Wilson, wife Wm. McClure, 1868, age 71 years, Row J15
McClure, John, 1788-1833, Row K18
McClure, John, died 1854, age 29 years, Row K20
McClure, Margaret, dau. A. & S. McClure, 1833, Row J12A
McClure, Margaret, dau. A. & S. McClure, Row J17
McClure, Margaret, died 1834, age 72 years, Row K9
McClure, Margaret, wife Andrew McClure, Row U-22/5
McClure, Margaret, dau. F.R. & G.A. McClure, Row U-22/7
McClure, Maria, dau. Alex McClure, died 1862, Row J11
McClure, Martha, 1845, 17 years, Row K23
McClure, Nancy, 1847, 27 years, Row K24
McClure, Rebecca, wife Francis McClure, died 1864, Row K15
McClure, Richard, son Alex McClure, died 1840, Row J13
McClure, Richard, died 1855, age 82 years, Revolutionary Soldier, Row J16
McClure, Robert, 1859, 67 years, Row K22
McClure, Samuel, died 1866, age 79 years, Row K10
McClure, Samuel, 1811-1851, Z-Row 18/21
McClure, Samuel Frances, died 1841, Row K13
McClure, Sarah, wife Alex McClure, 1860, age 77 years, Row O29
McClure, Sarah, dau. F.R. & G.A. McClure, Row U-22/6
McClure, William L., son Alex McClure, died 1834, Revolutionary Soldier, Row J12
McClure, Wm., died 1846, age 61 years, Row J14
McCorkel, Margaret, Row R19/12
McCorkel, Mary, wife Joseph McCorkel, died 1848, 69 years, Rear 21/Row T28
McCrea, Martha, 1794-1859, Row K18
McDermott, John, died 1801, age 51, Revolutionary Soldier, Donated 5 acres land to Lebanon Church, Row V-23/23
McDowell, Archibald, son of John McDowell, 1750-1832, Row G28
McDowell, Charlotte, 1784-1817, Row G25
McDowell, Eliza H., 1833-1902, Row G32
McDowell, Hannah, 1791-1872, Row G26
McDowell, Hannah Walker, wife Wm. McDowell, 1790-1872, Row H15
McDowell, Jane, 1752-1834, Row G29
McDowell, John, 1725-1810, Revolutionary Soldier, Row G27
McDowell, Mary Jane, 1829-1888, Row G31
McDowell, Mary Jane, 1829-1888, Row H17
McDowell, Wm., 1778-1842, Row G24
McDowell, Wm., died 1842, age 62 years, Row H16
McDowell, Wm. Walker, 1823-1893, Row G30
McDowell, Wm. Walker, 1823-1893, Row H18
McElhiney, Alexander H., 1872, years, Row Z-B-29/29
McElhinney, Annabell, died 1871, Row X-25/25
McElhinney, Jane Roth, 1806-1898, Row A2
McElhinney, John, March 1-18-66, age 66, Row A1
McElhinney, Sarah Jane, died 1871, Row X-25/26
McElhinney, Wm., 1822-1896, Row X-25/27
McElhinny, Thomas, 1871, 47 years, Row Z-A, Row 28/16
McGibbney, James, died 1852, Row N17
McGibbney, James, 1873, 76 years, Row N20
McGibbney, Jane, died 1830, 26 years, Row N13
McGibbney, Margaret, died 1855, Row N15
McGibbney, Row N14
McGibbney, Sarah, wife James McGibbney, 1889, 62 years, Row N19
McGibbney, Sarah, 1876, 39 years, Row N21
McGibbney, Thadius Stevens, 1847, Row N18
McGowan, Ann McKee, consort Jas. McGowan, 1876, age 90 years, Row V-23/4
McGowan, Elizabeth, 1866-1888, Row W-24/1
McGowan, James, died 1850, age 69 years, Row V-23/5
McGowan, James E., 1834-1908, Row O1
McGowan, Joseph, 1827-1900, Row W-24/2
McGowan, Margaret, 1871, age 6 years, Row Z-B-29/12
McGowan, Sarah Elizabeth, dau. J. & S. McGowan, Row O2
McGowan, Sarah J., dau. J.M. McGowan, 1861, Row N1
McGowan, Sarah J., dau. J. & M. McGowan, Row O3
McGowan, Sarah L., his wife, 1844-1918, Row O1
McGowan, Susan, 1833-1901, Row W-24/3
McGrew, Elizabeth, wife J.F., 1885, age 83 years, Row M2
McKee, J & M, two infants, Row A5
McKee, John A., son John McKee, died 1843, age 3 years, Row A6
McKee, Mary, wife of John McKee, 1877, age 65, Row A4
McKee, Samuel, 1869, 75 years, Row Z-B-29/10
McKinley, John, 1833, age 92 yrs., Revolutionary Soldier, Row W-24/5
McKinley, wife John McKinley, 1819, 68 years, Row W-24/5
McKinney, Jas., died 1835, age 92 yrs, Revolutionary Soldier, Row I16
Means, Anna L., 1888, age 14 years, Row Y-26/20
Means, Bernard, 1848, Row B9
Means, Eliza, died 1915, Row Y-26/18
Means, Elizabeth, died May 27, 1866, Row B6
Means, Elizabeth, 1851, age 68 years, Row S-20/2
Means, James, 1823-1897, Row Z-27/20
Means, James Hill, 1892-1893, Row Z-27/22
Means, James McRoberts, died 1862, Row Y-26/22
Means, Janes, 1841, Row B8
Means, John, died Oct. 14, 1861, age __, Row B5
Means, John, Apr. 11, 1849, Row B10
Means, Margaret Guthrie, 1829-1902, Row Z-27/21
Means, Margaret L., 1932, Row Z-27/16
Means, Martha J., died 1930, Row Z-27/23
Means, Mary, died 1886, 5 years, at foot James Hill Means, Row Z-27/24
Means, Nancy E., 1936, Row Z-27
Means, Nathan, 1881, age 96 years, Row S-20/1
Means, Nathan, 1858-1917, Row Z-27/17
Means, R.S., died 1892, age 67 years, Row Y-26/18
Means, Rev. Henry Fulton, 1856-1901, Row Z-27/18
Means, Sarah E., 1871-1915, Row Y-26/17
Means, Thomas, 1842, Row B7
Megogney, James, 1838, Row G13
Megogney, James, 1810-1862, Co. A, 102 Regl. P.V., Row G17
Megogney, John, died 1849, age 103 years, Row G15
Megogney, Mary, died July 27, 1838, age 75 years, Row G14
Megogney, Mrs. Catharine, 1813-1899, Row U-22/11
Megogney, Wm., died 1877, age 29 years, Row U-22/10
Miller, Bertha, 1871-1903, Row Z-B-29/15
Miller, J. Milton, 1839-1933, Row Z-B-29/17
Miller, Lide A., 1847-1878, Row Z-B-29/14
Miller, Mabel E., 1877-1958, Row Z-B-29/18
Miller, Margaret, 1886-1906, Row Z-B-29/16
Miller, Martha, 1852-1940, Row Z-B-29/18
Monier, Rosalie, 1873-1888, Row X-25/24
Moore, Daughter of J. H. Moore, died Sept. 21, 1838, Row A12
Morrison, James, died 1811, Row K5
Morrison, June, died 1826, age 75 years, Row K6
Morrison, Mary, Row K7
Morton, Barbra, 1855, age 55 years, Row G44
Morton, Hamilton G., 1889, age 87 years, Row G43
Morton, Hetty, 1819-1891, Row G39
Morton, Inf. Son Hetty Morton, Row G38
Morton, Margaret L., 1838-1870, Row G40
Morton, Wm. G., 1861-1884, Row G41
Neel, Archibald, Row M3
Neel, Borgas Grizzella, dau. Sam. & Mary Neel, 1845, Row N6
Neel, Elizabeth, wife James Neel, 1793-1832, Z-Row 18/13
Neel, Ella, daughter Sam, 1871, Row N9
Neel, Hiram, 1799-1860, Z-Row 18/20
Neel, James, died 1801, age 88 years, Z-Row 18/16
Neel, James H., 1795-1884, Z-Row 18/14
Neel, John, died 1801, age 55 yrs, Revolutionary Soldier, Row N4
Neel, John, Row N10
Neel, John F., 1778-1809, Z-Row 18/15
Neel, Jordan Stewart, son J.S. & C.E. Neel, Row M6
Neel, Mary, consort Archibald Neel, Row M4
Neel, Mary, consort Samuel Neel, died 1848, Row N7
Neel, Rachel, wife James Neel, Z-Row 18/18
Neel, Robert McE., 1882, Row N11
Neel, Samuel, died 1856, Row N8
Neel, Sarah Cochran, wife Thomas Neel, 1869, Row L17
Neel, Sarah E., wife Wm. Neel, Row O13
Neel, Sarah G., died 1847, age 57 years, Row O17
Neel, Susan K., wife J. F. Neel, died 1857, age 23 years, Row H6
Nicholson, Andrew, died 1872, age 72 years, Row H20
Nicholson, Jane Hartford, wife Andew Nicholson, died 1890, age 86 yrs, Row H21
Nicholson, Silas, died 1883, age 36 years, Row H21
O’Neil, Charles, Denny, 1869-1870, sons of S. & M. O’Neil, Row O18
O’Neil, Hilda May, 1882-1882, Row X-25/22
O’Neil, John, died 1857, age 80 years, Row O20
O’Neil, Samuel, 1871-1880, Row O19
O’Neil, Sarah, wife John, died 1842, age 62 years, Row O20
O’Neill, Martha Jane, consort, 1839, Row L12
Oswald, Anna V. Large, 1867-1939, Row M23
Packer, Wilson, 1895-1895, Z-Row 18/25
Painter, Almirah, died 1861, age 24 years, Row O29
Parkin, Lida W., 1878-1942, Row Z-B-29/25
Patterson, Catherine Livingston, 1828, age 39 years, Row R19/8
Patterson, Col. James, 1847, age 79 years, Row R19/7
Patterson, Cornelius Barrah, 1821-1849, Row R19/5
Patterson, Elinor, W.D.R.J.E. Wilson, Row R19/2
Patterson, Eliza, 1819-1849, Row R19/6
Patterson, Elizabeth Bell, 1813, age 81 years, Row R19/9
Patterson, Emma J., 1856-1946, -Row 18/5
Patterson, J.P.B., 1856-1930, Z-Row 18/4
Patterson, James Tempelton, 1813-1886, Row R19/4
Patterson, Livingston Bell, 1815-1887, Z-Row 18/3
Patterson, Mary, 1817-1897, Row R19/3
Patterson, Nathaniel, 1795, age 66 yrs., Revolutionary Soldier, Row R19/10
Patterson, Robert, 1884-1945, Row R19/1
Payne, Allie S., 1868-1926, Row Z-27/6
Payne, Charles B., 1860-1908, Row Z-27/7
Payne, D. Theresa, 1826-1911, Row Z-27/9
Payne, Eliza, died 1851, age 19 years, Row Y-26/5
Payne, Hannah H., died 1874, age 74 years, Row Y-26/6
Payne, James, died 1882, age 70 years, Row Y-26/7
Payne, James, 1887, Row Z-27/11
Payne, Joseph, 1825-1892, Row Z-27/9
Payne, Jr., James, 1900, Row Z-27
Payne, Samuel O., 1867-1898, Row Z-27
Payne, Sarah Lowrie, died 1897, 66 years, Row Z-27
Payne, Susan, died 1821-1895, Row Y-26/8
Payne, Wm., 18__, 28 years, Row Z-27/10
Payne, Wm. W., 1862-1918, Row Z-27/8
Pierce, Sarah, wife James Pierce, died 1868, Row O27
Ralston, Elizabeth, wife Jos. Ralston, Row V-23/23
Ralston, James, died 1836, age 76 years, Revolutionary Soldier, Row E1
Ralston, Joseph, died 1871, 72 years, Row V-23/24
Rath, James, 1818-1904, Rear 21/Row T32
Rath, Rachel, 1821-1894, Rear 21/Row T32
Rath, Rachel, dau. J. & R. Rath, 1879, age 18 years, Rear 21/Row T33
Rath, Sarah E., 1863-1940, Rear 21/Row T31
Reed, Annie Mea, Row U-22/17
Reed, Jennie G., 1881, age 25 years, Row U-22/16
Reed, Sarah, died 1880, age 70 years, Row U-22/21
Reed, Sarah T., died 1879, age 27 years, Row U-22/19
Reed, Walker, died 1886, age 78 years, Row U-22/20
Reed, Wm. R., died 1879, age 19 years, Row U-22/18
Risher, Charles R., son I.-D. Risher, died 1875, age 7, Row A18
Risher, Cora P., dau. I.-D. Risher, died 1885, age 5, Row A20
Risher, Daniel, 1792-1880, Row Z-A, Row 28/12
Risher, Emily Munson, dau. I.-D. Risher, died 1880, age 4, Row A14
Risher, George, son I.-D. Risher, died 1882, age 1, Row A16
Risher, Harry P., son I.-D. Risher, died 1875, age 3, Row A17
Risher, Ida, 1885, 23 years, Row Z-A, Row 28/15
Risher, John C., son I.-D. Risher, died 1882, age 2, Row A15
Risher, Mary L., dau. I.-D. Risher, died 1875, age 1, Row A19
Risher, Sarah, 1791-1875, Row Z-A, Row 28/13
Roades, _____, wife of Sam Roades, Row G37
Roades, Frederick, 1869, age 68 years, Row G35
Roades, Jane, 1877, age 83 years, Row G36
Roades, Virginia C., wife Alex Roades, 1863, age 24 years, Row H5
Robinson, Daniel, 14th Pa. Cav., Row R19/15
Row W-24
Sandstone, W. P., Row Z-A, Row 28/1
Scott, Carrie L. & Minnie M., 1872, age 7 months, Row E5
Scott, D.S., 1860-1898, Row N25
Scott, David M., died 1871, age 5 years, Row D2
Scott, James, died 1862, Row D6
Scott, James, died 1843, Row E12
Scott, James I., died 1849, Row E11
Scott, Lucinda, 1823-1862, Row D4
Scott, Margaret M., 1845-1941, Row D1
Scott, Nancy J., wife James Scott, died 1883, age 96 years, Row D5
Scott, Thomas, 1813-1902, Row D3
Scott, Thomas W., 1861-1863, Row E9
Scott, Thomas W., died 1872, age 2 years, Row E10
Scott, William, son J. S. & I.M. Scott, 1869, age 2 years, Row E4
Shaffer, Dorcas, died 1876, age 84 years, Row U-22/15
Shaplor, James, 1802-1866, Row Y-26/2
Sheperd, Hannah, age 1 yr 5 months, Row J18
Sherer, Mary, 1805 (?1815), age 51 years, Row T-21/8
Shields, John, 1749-1815, Revolutionary Soldier, Row L13
Shields, Martha, Row L16
Sickman, Mary, wife Isaac Sickman, 1821-1844, Row V-23/12
Smith, Andrew Florance, son G.A. & C. J. Smith, 1871, Row B4
Snodgrass, Alexander, 1833, age 75 years, Revolutionary Soldier, Row G20
Snodgrass, James, 1813, age 75 years, Revolutionary Soldier, Row G22
Snodgrass, John, died 1839, age 70, Revolutionary Soldier, Row E13
Snodgrass, Letitia, died 1860, age 50 years, Row E14
Snodgrass, Margaret, 1851, age 84 years, Row E14
Snodgrass, Mary, 1803, age 65 years, Row G23
Snodgrass, Rachel King, consort Alex Snodgrass, died 1834, age 80 years, Row G19
Snodgrass, Thomas, 1839, age 75, Revolutionary Soldier, Row E15
Stansbury, Clifton H., 1878-1915, Row Y-26/9
Steele, Mary, wife Richard Steele, 1859, age 41 years, Row G21
Strauser, Mrs.Wm., Row M39
Swope, Lorenzo Watson, 1862-1939, Row I10
Swope, Sarah V., 1862-1951, Row I10
Thompson, Alice, died 1880, Row H30
Thompson, Isaiah, died 1883, age 54 years, Row H31
Thompson, Margaret, died 1901, age 74 years, Row X-25/4
Thompson, Margaret, 1882, 50 years, Row Z-B-29/28
Thompson, Mary, Row Z-B-29/27
Thompson, Mrs. Ann, 1795-1860, Row S-20/4
Thompson, Robert, died 1885, age 51 years, Row H30
Thompson, Wm., died 1875, Row Z-B-29/26
Thorpe, Betty, wife Wm. Thorpe, 1860, 64 years, Row L22
Thorpe, Wm., 1872, 75 years, Row L23
Torrence, Albert G., G.A.R., 1825-1871, Row W-24/11
Torrence, Carrie, 1856-1856, Row W-24
Torrence, David, 1792-1864, Row W-24
Torrence, David D., 1860-1923, Row W-24/10
Torrence, Emeline Mackey, 1820-1899, Row W-24
Torrence, James, 1810, Revolutionary Soldier, Capt. Penna. Militia, 4th Co., 3 Batt. West Co.,
Torrence, Jane, nee McElheny, 1786-1839, Row W-24
Torrence, Wm. M., 1844-1872, G.A.R. Co. G. 101st Reg. Pa. Vol., Row W-24/9
Walker, Guinthlin, Dau. Wm. & Mary Walker, Row W-24/5
Walker, Jane, died 1851, age 57 years, Row X-25/2
Walker, Jonathan, 1849, age 52 years, Row X-25/3
Walker, Mary, wife Wm. Walker, 1827, age 72 years, Row W-24/7
Walker, Wm., died 1822, age 75 years, Revolutionary Soldier, Row W-24/6
Walker, Wm., died 1906, age 83 years, Row X-25/1
Wallace, Elizabeth, dau. J.J. Wallace, died 1842, Row U-22/9
Wallace, J. E., 1876-1948, Row A21
Wallace, Jennie, 1878-1900, Row B26
Wallace, Margaret E., 1848-1925, Row B25
Wallace, Naoma(?), 1876, age 1 yr., Row B27
Wallace, Samuel, 1840-1920, Row B24
Wallace (?), John, 1870, Row B28
Walmer, Catharine, 1866, Row G34
Watson, Siddie Irene, 1875-1877, Row X-25-28
Webb, Catharine, 1856, age 56 years, Row G33
West, Annie McG., 1850-1870, Row I9
West, Elizabeth H., 1799-1826, Row I5
West, Jacob H., 1821-1847, Row I6
West, Joseph L., 1841-1849, Row I7
West, Mary G., 1813-1870, Row I4
West, Mary L., 1857-1859, Row I7
West, Mary Lowry, 1760-1820, Row I1
West, Mary Lowry, 1823-1871, Row I2
West, Matthew H., 1799-1872, Row I3
Whitaker, Dorcas N., wife Isaac W., 1853, age 53 years, Row T-21/2
Whitaker, Elizabeth B., died 1857, 30 years, Row L11
Whitaker, Infant dau. I. & D.N. Whitaker, Row T-21/1
Wiggand, Grazzella J., wife James Wiggand, 1824-1861, Row N5
Wightman, Abt. Walker, 1874, age 24 years, Row T-21/15
Wightman, Frank, died 1870, Row T-21/14
Wightman, Mary, died 1843, age 74 years, Row H13
Wightman, Olivia Carroll, 1874, age 70 years, wife Wm. Wightman, Row T-21/13
Wightman, Wm., died 1839, age 94 years, Revolutionary Soldier, He was ordained to the office of Eldership at the organization of Lebanon Church and continued to the end of his days and honored and was a member of the Session, Row H14
Willak, Alex, May 8, 1836, age 60, Row A3
Williams, Peninah, wife Henry Williams, 1868, age 34 years, Row W-24/8
Williams, Rachel, died 1849, age 32 years, Row Y-26/1
Willock, Agnes S., 1851-1921, Row Z-B-29/21
Willock, Eliza Leech, 1815-1885, wife John Willock, Row D10
Willock, J. Perry, 1850-1928, Row Z-B-29/20
Willock, Jane Moore, wife John Willock, 1812-1854
Willock, Jessie M., 1886-1937, Row Z-B-29/24
Willock, John, 1812-1892, Row D9
Willock, Margaret, 1883-1948, Row Z-B-29/19
Willock, Mary, wife Alex. Willock, 1827, age 49 years, Row R19/11
Willock, Mary E., nee McRoberts, 1844-1925, Row Z-27/29
Willock, Mary V., 1889-1911, Row Z-B-29/22
Willock, Sarah J., 1958, Row Z-B-29/19
Willock, Seward P., 1876-1948, Row Z-27/18
Willock, Willie Nolin, 1881, 3 years, Row Z-27/31
Willock, Wm. A., 1839-1904, Row Z-27/30
Willock, Wm. S., 1881-1922, Row Z-B-29/23
Wilson, ______, 1818-1852, Row W-24/15
Wilson, Alex G., 1854-1923, Row Y-26/16
Wilson, Alex McG., 1846-1897, Row V-23/30
Wilson, Alice, 1883-1929, Row Y-26/15
Wilson, Alice H., 1930, Row Y-26/17
Wilson, Babe, 1892, Row Y-26/14
Wilson, Elenor, wife Sam Wilson, 1848, age 38 years, Row K4
Wilson, Eliza, 1828-1908, Row W-26/27
Wilson, Eliza Martha, 1824-1870, Row C3
Wilson, George, Row Y-26/13
Wilson, Infant, son S. & M. Wilson, Row Y-26/24
Wilson, Isabella Hamilton, wife of John Wilson, 1881, Row W-24/14
Wilson, James, died 1879, age 84 years, Row V-23/26
Wilson, James H., M.D., 1860-1929, Row U-22/14
Wilson, Jane, wife of Joseph Wilson, 1786-1859, Row C7
Wilson, Jane, wife Sam. Wilson, 1812-42 (?), age 77 years, Row K2
Wilson, Jane, 1832-1899, Row U-2/13
Wilson, John, 1818-1861, Row W-24/13
Wilson, John C., 1846, age 36 years, Z-Row 18/6
Wilson, John Shields, 1813-1847, Row C5
Wilson, Margaret, wife Sam. Wilson, 1864, age 49 years, Row K3
Wilson, Margaret, died 1874, 91 years, Row V-23/28
Wilson, Margaret, 1833-1920, Row Y-26/25
Wilson, Mary, 1803-1869, Row Y-26/29
Wilson, Milo, 1827-1848, Row C4
Wilson, Morgie J., 1842-1872, Row W-24/12
Wilson, Nancy, died 1872, age 82 years, Row V-23/25
Wilson, Nancy, died 1898, 70 years, Row V-23/27
Wilson, Samuel, 1797-1868, Row Y-26/28
Wilson, Samuel A., 1810-1888, Row U-22/12
Wilson, Sarah Blair, 1837-1918, Row 15, stone 9
Wilson, Sr., Samuel, died 1848, age 89 yrs, Revolutionary Soldier, Row K1
Wilson, Susan, 1803-1890, Row V-23/8
Wilson, Wm., 1838-1919, Row Y-26/26
Wilson, Wm. Payne, 1886, 1 year, Row Y-26/12
Work, A.M., age 76 years, Row I24
Work, Mary, age 79 years, Row I23
Work, Our Baby Dau., A.M. & M. Work, 1852, Row I21
Work, Our Son, A.M. & M. Work, 1866, Row I22
______, age 7 months, 1859, Row J6
______, Agnes, Row E9 (same location as Thomas W. Scott 1861-1863)
______, Esther Olivia, dau., died 1875, Row 15, stone 4
______, Hannah, died 1869, Row Z-27/13
______, Infant, 1862, Row Y-26/23
______, Infant & Richard, 1870 and 1869, Row X-25/21
______, Inft son, 1884, Row G41
______, Isabella, 1832-1864, Row M32
______, James, 1811, age 7 years, Row I19
______, Jane H., 1829-1908, Row M37
______, Louisa P., Row E8
______, Maggie, 1867-1867, RowM30
______, Margaret, Row O16
______, Margaretta, 1838-1857, Row M33
______, Margina, 1827-1914, Row M31
______, Mary, Row I17
______, Mary Irene, Died 1889, Row E7
______, Rachel, Row I18
______, Robert, 1856, Row I20
______, Sarah Ann, Row Z-27/11
______, Sarah M., dau., Row O28
______, Susan E., died 1859, 2 years, Row Z-27/12
______, Susan Ella, died 1873, age 8 years, Row Y-26/21
______, William C., Row G41 (same location as Wm. G. Morton)
_______R.S., Row G18
Field Stone, E. H., Row W-24/4
Fieldstone, ______M. S., 1790, Row L6
Fieldstone, A. W. G., Row U-22/3
Fieldstone, S. T., 1814, Row N3

(NL) = Nancy Long, [email protected]

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