Dugan Cemetery Lot Maps
(Please see notes at bottom of this page.)

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The above sheets are our present layout for graves in Dugans Cemetery.

The top of Page #1 is aiming to the West direction. Starting up the hilly part.

The bottom of Page #1 joins to the top of Page#2.

The bottom of Page #2 is aiming to the East direction.


These pages are not finalized yet (but close) and they will give you an idea of what we are working from.

To help you a little bit, here are a few notes:

            1..  There are several rows of lots above the top of Page #1, but it’s hilly there.

            2….Entries like (owner only), below a name, means that he or she is the original owner but not necessarily buried there (as far as records show at this time).

            3….Some of the lots were sold as ‘half’ lots so they may have a ”W” or an “E” in their identification #.  W = Top half of lot.  E = Bottom half of lot.

            4….Several lots do not have gravestones and some lots do not have corner stone blocks.

(Submitted by Jack Skinner and Larry Smith, August 25, 2009)

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