St. Mary Magdalene Cemetery, Homestead, PA

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St. Mary Magdalene Cemetery
22nd and West Street
Homestead, PA 15120


Posted: January 27, 2008; Updated: August 4, 2014
SURNAME, First Name, Birthdate and/or Deathdate, Other

Ackerman, George, d. 2 Mar 1956, Section E - Lot 6 and 7, (JK)
Ackerman, Magdalena Hess, d. 18 May 1944, Section E - Lot 6 and 7, (JK)
Auche, Juozas, 1866 - 1921, Father, (EM)
Andrews, Mary, Our Darling Baby, (EM)
Baker, Bridget, (no dates), lot 155, section D, (photo), (RHB)
BLANK Edward T., 1908-1981, (CWh)
BLANK, Barbara, 1895-1906, (CWh)
BLANK, Catherine, 1871-1901 (Wife of John Blank), (CWh)
BLANK, Dorothy V., 1931-????, (CWh)
BLANK, Henry, B-9-14-1922 D.-5-12-1984, (CWh)
BLANK, Ida V., 1905-1986, (CWh)
BLANK, John, 1867-1952, (CWh)
BLANK, Joseph, B. 6-25-1921 D.-5-1-1980, (CWh)
BLANK, Margaret, B., 1922, (CWh)
BLANK, Mary M., 1885-1944, (CWh)
BLANK, Minnie, 1899-1901, (CWh)
BLANK, Peter, 1878-1959, (CWh)
BLANK, Peter, 1901-1901, (CWh)
BLANK, Rose Marie, 1892-1987 (With Cloherty), (CWh)
BLANK, Teresa F., B-5-23-1897 D.-11-23-1897, (CWh)
BLASKO, Michael, 1916-????, (CWh)
BLASKO, Ruth, 1920-1973, (CWh)
Blotzer, Harry A., 1884 - 1917, Woodmen of the World, (EM)
BODNER, David Martin, 27-Nov-1960 / 1-Nov-2009, (RM)
BODNER, Dorothy, Mar. 1927 / 24-Aug-1986,
(photo), (RM)
BODNER, Emery Henry Thomas "Hank", 23-Mar-1925 / 02-Jan-2010,
(photo), (RM)
BODNER, Linda, 1963 - 1989,
(photo), (RM)
BOST, Bernadette, d: 9/16/1916, age 17, Sec. E, Lot 13, (CW)
BOST, Edward, 20 Aug 1890-1 Feb. 1909, (CW)
BOST, Elmer A., 1892-1960, (CWh)
BOST, Elmer A., d: 2/9/1960, age 67, Sec. G, Lot 18-1/2, (CW)
BOST, Elmer, d: 9/12/1919, Sec. G, Lot 18-1/2, (CW)
BOST, Emma E. (Mrs.), d: 5/8/1920, Sec. D, Lot 99, (CW)
BOST, Filamina, B.-9-20-1863 D.-12-16-1892 (Wife of Jacob Bost), (CWh)
BOST, Flora B., 1893-1962, (CWh)
BOST, Florence June, d: 12/27/1918, Sec. D, Lot 99, (CW)
BOST, Helen, d: 6/6/1911, age 34, Sec. E, Lot 168, (CW)
BOST, Helena P., 1876-1911, (CWh)
BOST, Louis Henry, 30 May 1866 4 Mar 1904, (CW)
BOST, Ludwig C., d: 1/2/1923, age 53, Sec. E, Lot 168, (CW)
BOST, Raymond, d: 8/16/1917, Sec. E, Lot 13, (CW)
BOST, unknown, footstone, (photo), (RHB)
Boyd, Loretta, (EM)
BOYLE, Alphonsus J., 1899-1981, (CWh)
BOYLE, Annie, 1891-1893, (CWh)
BOYLE, Bernard Sr., 1860-1935, (CWh)
BOYLE, Edward J., 1884-1954, (CWh)
BOYLE, James J., 10-31-1830 D.-12-16-1890 (Born: County Donegal, Ireland), (CWh)
BOYLE, John T., 1897-1911, (CWh)
BOYLE, John, Died: 1-(12th or 17th) 1907 85 years, (CWh)
BOYLE, Joseph F., 1886-1908, (CWh)
BOYLE, Katherine A., 1912-197?, (CWh)
BOYLE, Margaret M., 1885-1903, (CWh)
BOYLE, Margaret N., 1900-1969, (CWh)
BOYLE, Mary Lyman, 1862-1931, (CWh)
BOYLE, Mary, 1859-1939, (CWh)
BOYLE, Mary, B.-10-1837 D.-6-17-1891, (CWh)
BOYLE, Matthew P., 1886-1917, (CWh)
BOYLE, R. Emmett, 1899-1975, (CWh)
BOYLE, W. Bryan, 1897-1937, (CWh)
BURGESS, Albert, 1882-1944, (CWh)
BURGESS, Anita L., B.-3-2-1917 D.-7-15-1990 (Wife of Zigmund), (CWh)
BURGESS, Ella, 1884-1972, (CWh)
BURGESS, Marie R., 1898-1946, (CWh)
BURGESS, Zigmund R. Jr., B.-11-14-1915 D.-1-1-1971, (CWh)
Burgoon, Dr. J. A., 12 Mar 1841 - 09 Sep 1919, (EM)
BURKE, Grace, D.-2-21-1897, Age 50 Years (Wife of Patrick), (CWh)
CARROLL, Thomas, 1872-1950, (CWh)
COYNE, Nora (Murray) � b 1877 d November 22, 1951 (w/o Patrick), (SC)
COYNE, Patrick Peter � b March 12, 1879 d December 7, 1951 (h/o Nora), (SC)
Cullen, Hazel Marie Bost, 14 Mar 1897 / 21 Mar 1959, Mother, w/o Lawrence T., (CW)
Cullen, Lawrence T., 19 Nov 1894 / Apr 1969, h/o Hazel Marie Bost, Father, (CW)
DAERR, Frank, 1898-1941, (CWh)
DAERR, Cecelia, 1870-1933, (CWh)
DAERR, George Orville, B.-5-8-1895 D-11-8-1958, Enlisted: 4-30-1917 Discharged: 5-14-1919, (CWh)
DAERR, Philomenia, 1898-1941, (CWh)
Davidauskas, Isabel, 1895 - 1975, Daughter, (EM)
Davidauskas, Karalius, 1852 - 1933, Father, (EM)
Davidauskas, Mary, 1902 - 1916, Daughter, (EM)
Davidauskas, Veronica, 1870 - 1940, Mother, (EM)
Dunkerton, Arthur P., 10 Mar 1887 - 01 Oct 1913, (EM)
Eastman, Elizabeth A 1894-1962, (PO)
Eastman, Thomas G 1888-1977, (PO)
FAGAN, Regis J., 1908-1966, (CWh)
FAGAN, Stella, 1914-1984, (CWh)
FEY, Anna, 1889-1918, (CWh)
FEY, George, 1885-1911, (CWh)
FLAHERTY, Ella, Sec. I, Lot 30, (CW)
FLAHERTY, Mary E., Sec. I, Lot 30, (CW)
Flynn, Sarah, 1902 - 1949, (EM)
Garrett, Mary, d. 15 Jul 1899, aged 64Y, (EM)
Gentile, Anthony, 10 Oct 1929 - ????, (EM)
Goldbaugh, Albert V., 4.17.1925- 12.26.1983, SSGT U.S. Army WW II, (photo), (RHB)
GORMAN, Bridget, 1888-1965, (CWh)
GORMAN, John J., 1888-1946, (CWh)
Heffner, Frank July 20, 1905-Feb. 14, 1998, (PO)
Heffner, Joseph 1881-1942, (PO)
Heffner, Katharina 1887-1965, (PO)
Heffner, Mary Nov. 26, 1907-Aug. 25, 2000, (PO)
Henigin, Franuska, November 22 1854-October 31, 1914, Mother, (photo), (RHB)
Henigin, Frances (Goldbaugh), 1879-1903, (RHB)
Henigin, George W., 1879-1903, Brother, (photo), (RHB)
Henigin, Wendelin, April 2 1847-1918, Father, (photo), (RHB)
Hess, Albert, d. 17 Jul 1945, Section A - Lot 12, (JK)
HESS, Ballie G. Ward, 1906-1963, (CWh)
HESS, Ella J., 1885-1961, (CWh)
Hess, Ella Jane Stumpf, d. 18 Dec 1961, Section E - Lot 43, (JK)
Hess, Florence Best, d. 7 Nov 1918, Section O - Row 11, (JK)
HESS, Joseph J., 1878-1950, (CWh)
Hess, Joseph, d. 19 Dec 1950, Section E - Lot 43, (JK)
Hess, Louise Watkins (d. 16 Jun 1943, Section A - Lot 12, (JK)
HESS, Mary J., 1861-1919 (Wife of Thomas), (CWh)
Hess, Mary J. Waldman, d. 3 Jul 1919, Section E - Lot 116, (JK)
HESS, Mary M., 1866-1928, (CWh)
Hess, Mary Ruffing, d. 20 Mar 1928, Section D - Lot 139 1/2, (JK)
Hess, Nicholas J., d. 10 Jun 1956, unmarked, Section A - Lot 12, (JK)
Hess, Nicholas, d. 30 Dec 1926, unmarked, Section A - Lot 12, (JK)
HESS, Peter F., 1864-1945, (CWh)
Hess, Peter, d. 13 May 1945, Section D - Lot 139 1/2, (JK)
HESS, Thomas, 1857-1938, (CWh)
Hess, Thomas, d. 31 May 1938, Section E - Lot 116, (JK)
Hopley, Eliza, 1887 - 1901, May She Rest in Peace, (EM)
Horner, Mary Bost, Sept 9 1880- March 15 1952, (photo), (RHB)
Houy, Josephine R., 1877 - 1919, Mother, (EM)
Houy, Peter F., 1876 - 1944, Father, (EM)
HUGHES, Margaret M., 1907-1941, (CWh)
HUGHES, Patrick J. Dr., 1902-1966, (CWh)
Husovsky, Joseph, 1875 - 1909, (EM)
JENKINS, Helen V., B.-10-21-1893 D.-4-2-1987 (Wife of John), (CWh)
JENKINS, John L., B.-6-23-1884 D.-1-2-1930, (CWh)
JENKINS, Katherine, 1892-1922, (CWh)
Keefe, Lenor Elizabeth Hess, d. 17 Jan 1940, Section F - Lot 6, (JK)
Komperda, Edward L., 1911 - 1990, TEC 3 US Army WWII, (EM)
Komperda, John, 20 Feb 1866 - Apr 1916, (EM)
Komperda, John W., 20 Feb 1892 - 16 Feb 1916, (EM)
Komperda, Minnie, 06 Jun 187? - ????, (EM)
Komperda, Wm. F., 28 Feb 1911 - 13 Dec 1911, (EM)
KRAMER, Barbara, Sec. E, Lot 125, (CW)
Kramer, George M., 1877 - 1905, (EM)
Kundrat, Anna M 1915-March 7, 2006, (PO)
Kundrat, Paul 1913-1995, (PO)
Kundrat, Paul J. 1949-June 7, 2006, (PO)
Lacey, Martin C., 02 Sep 1891 - 11 Jun 1918, 1st Co Kelly Field A.E.F., died Bordeaux, France, (EM)
Laird, Dominick W., 1851 - 1917, (RB)
Laird, Mary A., 1856 - 1922, (RB)
Laird, Minnie E., 1880 - 1948, (RB)
Lennartz, Anna R., 1900 - 1975, (RB)
Lennartz, Carl M., 31 Dec 1923 - 13 Nov 1942, US Navy WWII, (RB)
Lennartz, Henry, 1859 - 1960, Father, (RB)
Lennartz, Mary, 1862 - 1923, Mother, (RB)
Lennartz, Michael J., 1896 - 1981, (RB)
Lennartz, Ralph P., 01 Aug 1925 - 30 Dec 1971, Penna S1 USNR WWII, WWI flag marker?, (RB)
MADDEN, John, B.-6-17-1856 D.-3-19-1899 (Born in Ireland), (CWh)
MADDEN, Katherine C., 1894-1980, (CWh)
MADDEN, William A., 1893-1974, (CWh)
Manfredi, Nicholas D., 12 Feb 1915 - 03 Jan 1933, s/o Vincent & Philomena, (EM)
MCCARTHY, Denis, 1842-1912 (Born in County Cork), (CWh)
MCCARTHY, Margaret, 1848-1933, (CWh)
MCCARTHY, Thomas, 1881-190?, (CWh)
McDonough, Thomas, born in Ireland, d. Nov 1914, (EM)
McMahon, A. Ermina, 05 Sep 1867 - 06 Aug 1919, nee Leck, (EM)
McMahon, Helen, 1909 - 1910, (EM)
McMahon, Patrick J., 17 Mar 1864 - 12 Feb 1946, 2nd Lieut Co L 16th Regt PV 1, War with Spain Porto Rico 1898, (EM)
McMahon, Raymond, 1912, (EM)
Private Joseph J., born 11 Dec 1896, Killed in Action 09 Aug 1918 at Fismes, Co C 111th Inf 28th Div, (EM)
MILLER, Anna C., 1874-1951, (CWh)
MILLER, Bernadette, Sec. E, Lot 125, (CW)
MILLER, Donald, Sec. E, Lot 125, (CW)
MILLER, Donald, 1905-1913, (CWh)
MILLER, Edward, 1910-1975, (CWh)
MILLER, Emma M., 1879-1902 (Wife of Frank Miller), (CWh)
MILLER, Fred T., 1883-1937, (CWh)
MILLER, George & Bernadette, (Died in Infancy), (CWh)
MILLER, George, 1867-1948, (CWh)
MILLER, Gertrude, 1894-1962, (CWh)
MILLER, guy M., 1904-1976, (CWh)
MILLER, John F. Sr., 1925-1989, (CWh)
MILLER, John J., 1919-1978, (CWh)
MILLER, John, 1907-1925, (CWh)
MILLER, Joseph J., 1892-1965, (CWh)
MILLER, Joseph, B.-8-24-1875 D.-8-21-1914, (CWh)
MILLER, Julia M., 1896-1967, (CWh)
MILLER, Louisa, 1871-1924 (Wife of Nicholas), (CWh)
MILLER, Margaret, 1910-1989, (CWh)
MILLER, Mary E., 1886-1958, (CWh)
MILLER, Mary, 1870-1961, (CWh)
MILLER, Mary, B.-1-5-1904 D.-????, (CWh)
MILLER, Mary, B.-4-12-1876 D.-3-19-1943 (Wife of Joseph), (CWh)
MILLER, Matilda R., 1921-????, (CWh)
MILLER, Nicholas, 1860-1908, (CWh)
MILLER, Regis J., 1911-1969, (CWh)
MILLER, Richard C., 1908-1931, (CWh)
MILLER, Rose Marie, 1904-????, (CWh)
MILLER, William M., 1899-1935, (CWh)
Mitala, John, [15 May 1873 - ????], (contributed by Joyce Hampshire)
Mitala, Mary Fidmik, [ 07 Jul 1877 - ca. 1956], (contributed by Joyce Hampshire)
Mulhern, Augustine, 1898 - 1960, (EM)
Mulhern, Coleman James, 24 May 1895 - 23 Jan 1964, Pvt US Army WWI, (EM)
Mulhern, John, (EM)
Mulhern, Margaret, 1899 - 1918, (EM)
Mulhern, Marguerite, 1897 - 1986, (EM)
Mulhern, Mary, 1868 - 1912, (EM)
Mulhern, Mary, 1887 - 1902, (EM)
Mulhern, Michael, 1847 - 1912, (EM)
Mulhern, Thomas, 24 Dec 1860 - 06 Apr 1917, (EM)
Mulhern, Thomas, 17 Jul 1892 - 21 Oct 1910, (EM)
Murphy, Dennis, 1857 - 1936, Husband, (EM)
Murphy, John, 1864 - 1913, Brother, (EM)
Murphy, Jerry, 1884 - 1916, Son, (EM)
Murphy, Margaret, 1858 - 1918, Wife, (EM)
Murphy, Mary, 15 Oct 1911, aged 73Y, (EM)
Murphy, Maurice, 06 Mar 1884, Aged 19Y, (EM)
Murphy, Maurice, 1886 - 1890, Son, (EM)
Murphy, Nellie, 24 Sep 1907, aged 20Y, Daughter, (EM)
Murray, Frank D. July 5, 1908-Oct. 3, 1979, (PO)
NAU, unknown, lot marker, (no other stones), (photo), (RHB)
Noroski, Alojzy C., 1902 - 1933, (EM)
Noroski, Anna, 1875 - 1925, Mother, (EM)
Noroski, Anthony R., 1912 - 1972, (EM)
Noroski, Anthony W., 1844 - 1911, (EM)
Noroski, Charles R., 1917 - 1995, Husband, (EM)
Noroski, Elizabeth, 1914 - 1997, Wife, (EM)
Noroski, Frank, 1868 - 1922, Father, (EM)
Noroski, Helen A., 1905 - 1987, (EM)
Noroski, John L., 1870 - 1942, Father, (EM)
Noroski, Josef, April 24 1911- June 13 1915, (photo), (RHB)
Noroski, Marian B., 1915 - 1955, (EM)
Noroski, Mary, 1848 - 1927, (EM)
Noroski, Mary, 1870 - 1957, Mother, (EM)
Noroski, Stanley J., 14 Apr 1893 - 27 Jun 1953, (EM)
Noroski, Sylvester F., Reverand, 08 Feb 1914 - 27 Oct 1956, Ordained 12 Jun 1938, (EM)
Noroski, Thomas W., 1872 - 1934, Father, (EM)
Noroski, Unknown, base only, headstone missing, possibly child, (EM)
Noroski, Veronica, 14 Apr 1893 - 07 Jul 1965, (EM)
Noroski, Veronica M., 1875 - 1956, Mother, (EM)
Onofrey, John 1889-1967, (PO)
Onofrey, Mary M 1894-1989, (PO)
Passafiume, Antonino, 1901 - 1936, Brother, (EM)
REID, George W., 1868-1948, (CWh)
REID, Martha A., 1871-1968, (CWh)
Ressler, Mary Christina Hess, d. 9 Jan 1972, Section A - Lot 14, (JK)
Rushe, Christina German, b: 1817 d: 1891 - w/o John Rushe Sr., (photo), (SC)
Rushe, John Sr., b: 1818 d: July 26, 1896 - h/o Christina German Rushe, (photo), (SC)
Scarlett, George, d. 16 Jun 1959, Section A - Lot 12, (JK)
Scarlett, Magdaline Teresa Hess, d. 12 Feb 1960, Section A - Lot 12, (JK)
SCHMIDT, Charles D., d: 4/2/1920, Sec. O, (CW)
SCHMITT, Agnes L., 1881-1947, (CWh)
Schmitt, Agnes L. Given, 1881-29, Apr. 1947, (CW)
Schmitt, Catherine Cecila Bost, 9 May 1889 18 Nov 1966, (CW)
SCHMITT, Frederick J., B.-9-1-1885 D.-9-29-1947, (CWh)
Schmitt, Frederick L., 1 Sept 1885 30 Sept 1947, (CW)
SCHMITT, John F., 1853-1896, (CWh)
Schmitt, John F., 6 Sept. 1854-1 July 1896, (CW)
Schmitt, Katharina Lutz, 28 Dec. 1854-19 Aug 1928, (CW)
Schragl, John, d. 8 Dec 1938, (JK)
SCHMITT, Katherina, 1854-1928 (Wife of John), (CWh)
Schragl, Katherine Noll, d. 16 May 1934, (JK)
Semmelrogge, John, d. 21 Aug 1901, aged 17Y, (EM)
Semmelrogge, Mary, d. 21 Apr 1900, aged 52Y, (EM)
Shaffer, Elias C., 1856 - 1939, Father, (EM)
Shaffer, Mary J., 1857 - 1944, Mother, (EM)
Shaffer, Osker, s/o E.C. & M.J., 1883 - 1902, (EM)
Shamrock, Thomas Jr., August 4 1943-Dec 3 1944, (photo), (RHB)
SHERRY, Margaret (Coyne), b 1912 d October 5, 1988 (w/o Sebastian), (SC)
SHERRY, Sebastian, b 1902 d January 22, 1996 (h/o Margaret), (SC)
Shipe, Barbara, b: 1858 d: 1941 w/o Peter Shipe Sr., (photo), (SC)
Shipe, Joseph A., b: 1896 d: 1975 - h/o Julia A. Shipe, (photo), (SC)
Shipe, Julia A., b: 1895 d: 1976 - w/o Joseph A. Shipe, (photo), (SC)
Shipe, Peter Sr., b: 1853 d: 1929 - h/o Barbara Shipe, (photo), (SC)
SKORSKI, Anna M., 1907-1964, Mother, s/s Frank J., (photo), (RM)
SKORSKI, Frank J., 1908 - 1987, Father,
s/s Anna M., (photo), (RM)
SKORSKI, Frank T., 25-Oct-1933 / 13-Mar-2000, (photo), (RM)
SMITH, Catherine M., 1899-1937, (CWh)
SMITH, Charles A., B-1-10-1916 D.-5-4-1916, (CWh)
SMITH, Charles F., 1888-1939, (CWh)
SMITH, Frank P., B.-10-23-1887 D.-12-27-1963, Enlisted-9-21-1917 Discharged: 6-12-1919, (CWh)
Steimer, Mary E. Kramer Bost, 15 Oct 1866 3 Feb 1957, (CW)
Steiner, Elaine, 1927 - 2005, (EM)
Steiner, George N., 1888 - 1976, Father, (EM)
Steiner, Virginia, 1916, (EM)
Steiner, x, 1892 - 1977, Mother, (EM)
Takach, Rita D. 1919-1944, (PO)
TUROCY, James A., B.-3-31-1905 D.-3-15-1967, (CWh)
Vogt, Dorothy M., 1924 - 1964 w/o George C., (photo), (SC)
Vogt, George C., b: 11/22/1918 d: 11/29/1996 - Tec4 U.S. Army WWII - h/o Dorothy M. Vogt, (photo), (SC)
VULJANIC/WALNICK, Josephine (Cerovac) � b March 15, 1882 d March 15, 1963 (w/o Marko), (SC)
VULJANIC/WALNICK, Marko - b March 24, 1886 d June 1, 1970 (h/o Josephine), (SC)
WALNICK, John � b July 29, 1923 d March 12, 1981 (s/o Marko and Josephine), (SC)
WASIK, Joseph Bernard, 20-Dec-1921 / 22-Feb-1985, (RM)
WEBER, Anna M., 1896-1976, (CWh)
WEBER, Gertrude M., 1905-1986, (CWh)
WEBER, Honora M., B.-1-16-1863 D.-5-1-1936, (CWh)
WEBER, Jacob F., B.-1-21-1862 D.-1-26-1937, (CWh)
Winslow, Jane, 1934 - 1935, (EM)
Wodrick, Aurelia E., 1922 - 1969, (EM)
Wodrick, Leatitia M., 1929 - 1985, (EM)
Wodrick, John, 1894 - 1968, (EM)
Wodrick, Therea M., 05 Dec 1897 - 07 Sep 1961, (EM)
Zakrzewski, John, d. 15 Mar 1951, Husband, (EM)
Zakrzewski, Mary, d. 14 Mar 1981, Wife, (EM)

Bernadette Bost 22 Oct 1899 16 Sep 1916
Per The Homestead Daily Messenger:  Miss Bernadetta Bost, aged 17 years, daughter of Mrs. Mary Bost, of 123 Chalfant Street, Whitaker, died suddenly at 1 o'clock this morning.  She was taken ill on Thursday  at noon and a complication of diseases developed which was the cause of her death.  She was a member of the St. Mary Magdalene Roman Catholic church and several social organizations.  Miss Bost was of a sunny disposition and her host of friends will regret to hear of her sudden death.  She is survived by her mother, four brothers, Nicholas, Elmer, Raymond and Paul.  Also by three sisters, Mrs. Catherine Schmitt, Misses Hazel and Adeline, all of this vicinity.  Funeral services will be held at St. Mary Magdalene church at 9 o'clock next monday morning.  Internment will be made in St. Mary's cemetery.
Edward Bost 20 Aug 1890-1 Feb. 1909
Per Homestead newspaper: Edward Bost, one of the best known young men in this borough died at his home on Chalfont street on Saturday evening.  A full account of his death will be found in another column in this issue.  (none has been found).
Louis Henry Bost 30 May 1866 4 Mar 1904
Per The Homestead Daily Messenger:  LOUIS BOST DEAD Was One Of The Leading Citizens Of Whitaker.  Louis Bost, Of Whitaker, died this afternoon at his home, after a week's illness, due to pneumonia.  The deceased was well known in Whitaker and took an active interest in the recent political fight.  The Deceased widow is also confined to her home with the pneumonia and is reported to be in a serious condition.   The funeral services over the remains of the late Louis Bost, who died at his home in Whitaker, yesterday afternoon, after a week's illness will take place Sunday afternoon.  The remains will be taken to ST. Francis German Catholic church, where services will be held at 2 o'clock.  The Rev. Jordan will conduct the ceremonies.  The Whitaker Volunteer fire company, headed by the Whitaker band, will escort the remains of their late chief to the grave in St. Mary's cemetery.

Raymond Bost 3 Feb 1895-16 Aug 1917
Per The Homestead Daily Messenger August 14, 1917:  RAYMOND BOST DIED YESTERDAY: Raymond Bost aged 22 years, son of Mrs. Mary Bost, died yesterday at the home of his mother, 122 Chalfant street, Whitaker.  He was a steel worker by trade and a member of the St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church.  His sister died last September.  Funeral services will be held in the St. Mary Magdalene Church at 9 o'clock Thursday Morning.  Internment will be made in St. Mary's cemetery.
Mary E. Kramer Bost Steimer 15 Oct 1866 3 Feb 1957
Per Homestead Newspaper Monday Febe. 4, 1957: Steimer- Mrs. Mary E. (Bost), age 89 years, wife of the late William Steimer, died Sunday Feb.3, 1957.  Mother of Nicholas H. Bost, Delaware; Elmer A. Bost , Whitaker; Paul J. Bost, Pleasant Hills; Mrs. Catherine Schmitt , Midland,  Pennsylvania; Mrs. Lawrence (Hazel ) Cullen, Whitaker; also surviving are 17 grandchildren; 44 great grandchildren; and eight great great grandchildren; two brothers, Joseph Kramer, Swissvale, and Anthony Kramer, California; a sister, Mrs. Anna Serena, Swissvale.  Mrs. Steimer was born in West Mifflin and has resided here her entire life.  She was a charter member of the Royals Neighbors of Whitaker.  Friends received at the Anderson Funeral Home.  Funeral on Wednesday with Requiem High Mass in St. Mary Magdalene Church at 9 a.m. Internment St. Mary's cemetery.
Both Hazel and Lawrence Cullen are buried at St. Mary Magdalene.
Hazel Marie Bost Cullen 14 Mar 1897 died 21 Mar 1959 wife of Lawrence T. Cullen 19 Nov 1894 died Apr 1969 parents of William "Bill" Cullen (He was the host of more than a dozen shows, some of which have become icons of American popular culture, which featured ordinary people competing for wealth and prizes. Between 1953 and 1986, he was the host of "Give and Take," "The Price Is Right," "Place the Face," "Name That Tune," "$25,000 Pyramid" and "The Joker's Wild," among others. He was also a panelist on many shows, including "Who's There," "I've Got a Secret" and "To Tell the Truth."
Compliment From Groucho Marx
One of his competitors, Groucho Marx, who was the host of "You Bet Your Life," once referred to him as "the second-wittiest man in the business."
"He was a broadcaster's broadcaster," Pat Sajak, the host of "Wheel of Fortune," said yesterday in a statement.
Mark Goodson, whose company produced several of Mr. Cullen's shows, including "The Price is Right," called him "kind of a perpetual little boy," collegiate-looking in a crew cut and horn-rimmed spectacles, who "had great curiosity and was extremely adept at the rather complicated business of being the host of a game show."
He is survived by his wife, the former Ann Roemhel)

February 14, 1998
HEFFNER-Frank of Lincoln Place, on February 14, 1998; beloved husband of Mary (Oniffrey); father of Patricia O'Brien of
Florida and Katherine Bevan of Munhall; brother of Marie Murray and Mildred Findrick; grandfather of Sean and Linda O'Brien
and Bob Bevan. Friends received at the Savolskis-Wasik-Glenn Funeral Home, Inc. 3501 Main St., Munhall, MONDAY ONLY 2-4
and 7-9 PM. Funeral Mass Tuesday at 11 a.m., St. Therese Church, Munhall.

October 28, 1965
HEFFNER-Mrs. Katharina (Rothbauer) of 5021 Lougean Ave., Lincoln Place, died Thursday, Oct. 28, 1965. Mother of Mrs.
Marie Murray, Mrs. Mildred Findrick and Frank Heffner; also four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Friends
received at the Howard J Skelton Funeral Home, 1222 Muldowney Ave., Lincoln Place. Requiem mass 9:30 a.m. Tuesday at Holy
Angels Church in Hays.

August 25, 2000
HEFFNER-Mary (Oniffrey) of Lincoln Place, on Aug. 25, 2000, age 92; wife of the late Frank; mother of Patricia O'Brien of
Florida and Katherine Bevan of Munhall; sister of Anna Kundrat of Lincoln Place; grandmother of Sean and Linda O'Brien and
Bob Bevan. Freinds received Savolskis-Wasik-Glenn Funeral Home, Inc. 3501 Main St., Munhall. Visitation Mon. 2-4 and
7-9 pm. Funeral Mass Tues. 11 am, St. Therese, Munhall

March 7, 2006
KUNDRAT-Anna M. (Onofrey) of Lincoln Place, on March 7, 2006, age 90. Beloved wife of the late Paul; mother of Paul J.
and Joseph M., both of Lincoln Place; sister of the late Mary Heffner; aunt of Kathy (Ron) Bevan and Patricia (Harold)
O'Brien. Friends received Savolskis-Wasik-Glenn Funeral Home, Inc. 3501 Main St., Munhall, Thursday 2-4 & 7-9 P.M.
Funeral Liturgy Friday 9 A.M. St. John Cathedral, Munhall.

June 7, 2006
KUNDRAT-Paul J of Lincoln Place on June 7, 2006, age 56; brother of Joseph M.; son of the late Paul and Anna (Onofrey)
Kundrat; cousin of Kathy and Ron Bevan and Pat and Harold O'Briem. Friends received Savolskis-Wasik-Glenn Funeral Home,
Inc. 3501 Main St., Munhall. Visitation Fri 2-4 and 7-9 pm. funeral Liturgy Sat. St. John Cathedral 12 noon.

John F. Schmitt 6 Sept. 1854-1 July 1896
Per Homestead News: John F. Schmitt passed away peacefully after a long illness.  A well known hotel man-The celebrated Fitzsimmons Robbery Recalled- The Surviving Members of the Schmitt Family.  Died at 1:25 o'clock this morning.  Although he had been a very sick man of late, his death came unexpectedly.  Durning the past year he was afflicted with kidney trouble which superinduced a dropsical condition.  Being very large and heavy man, he found it inconvenient to move about much, and for some months, spent most of his time sitting at the window or in front of his place of business.  Up to ten o'clock last evening, he was in his chair smoking and talking to passersby.  Before retiring, his doctor paid him a visit, and promised to return again in the morning, not supposing that the end was so near at hand,  Shortly after midnight, he began to feel greatly distressed and the member of his family gave him their attention.  He recognized his brother Charles at first. but soon it was discovered that he was sinking, and while surrounded by his wife, and brothers and sisters, life departed.  Deceased was in his 43rd year.  He came to Homestead from Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania about ten years ago.  For many years he conducted the Homestead hotel.  Owing to the expiration of his lease and a desire to engage in other business, he opened out a fine jewelry store on Sixth Avenue in the room now occupied by McConegly's News depot.  One evening the store was entered and a large number of valuable watches, rings, ect. stolen.  The developments following this robbery were both sensational and tragic.  The notorious Fitzsimmons had planned and executed it.  Several persons became implicated, three of whom were women.  Through an attempt to apprehend Fitzsimmons, County Detective Murphy lost his life, and finally Fitzsimmons committed suicide.  Mr. Schmitt's financial troubles date from this occurrence.  Shortly afterwards, he obtained license and fitted up the Amity hotel upon a rather expensive plan.  Then followed the strike, and as hotels were compelled to entertain all comers under the law, many of the strangers in town opposed to the strikers made their headquarters at the Amity Hotel owing to the superior accommodations afforded:  This fact is stated to have interfered greatly with his bar patronage, and after the close of the strike, his business dropped.  About two years ago, he made an assignment to Louis Rott, and in the settlement of his affairs, he was left a poor man, although at one time he was regarded as comfortably fixed.  In order to retrieve his fortune, Mr. Schmitt again applied for and received license.  He opened up at the old stand, corner of Ann street and Sixth Avenue, his family occupying the same building which is the old family homestead, and where he breathed his last as noted above.  John F. Schmitt has a wide acquaintance and many friends during his successful period.  He always stood well with the court and obtained license whenever he asked for the privilege.  He leaves a wife and five children, the oldest being 15 years.  Surviving him also are his brothers, Joseph, a priest stationed at Ironton, Ohio; Charles, postmaster of Homestead: Frank, residing at Tacoma, Washington; Ferdinand, of Chicago and Peter, a member of the Homestead police force.  Miss Mary, living with her brother Charles, is his only sister.  The funeral will take place on Friday morning.  Requiem Mass will be held at 8:30 o'clock in the St. Mary Magdalene church.  Internment in  St. Mary's cemetery.
Katharina Lutz Schmitt 28 Dec. 1854-19 Aug 1928
Per Homestead News:  Katharina Schmitt, aged 74 years, widow of the late John F. Schmitt, and widely known in the Homestead district, died Sunday, August 19 th, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Fred Runge, 4324 Murry Avenue, Pittsburgh.  Mrs Schmitt was well known in this district having resided here during the past 40 years.  Surviving her are three sons, Charles, a Druggist of Thirteenth Avenue and McClure street, and Walter of Homestead and Fred L. of Midland,  Pennsylvania and two daughters, Mrs. Stella Gaughenbaugh, of Warren, Ohio, and Mrs. Fred Runge of Murray Avenue, Pittsburgh.  Funeral will be held from the home of her daughter, 4324 Murry Avenue, Pittsburgh.  Wednesday Morning at 8:30 o'clock.  Requiem High Mass will be held in the St. Roselia R.C. Church at 9 o'clock.  Internment will be made in the St. Mary cemetery in Homestead.
Frederick L. Schmitt  1 Sept 1885 30 Sept 1947
Per East Liverpool Review, September 30, 1947:  Frederick L. Schmitt, 63, mill worker and a member of the Midland Volunteer Fire Department died Tuesday at 10:45 p.m. in the Rochester General Hospital following an eight - week's illness.  He resided at 860 Virginia Ave. Midland.  Mr. Schmitt was born in Sharpsburg,  Pennsylvania, and lived in Midland for the past 25 years.  He was pit fireman in the Open Hearth Department of the Pittsburgh Crucible Steel Co.  He was a member of the Presentation Catholic Church.  He leaves his widow, Mrs. Catharine Schmitt; five sons, Elmer Schmitt, Frederick Schmitt Jr. and Paul Schmitt, all of East Liverpool; Charles Schmitt of Midland, and Bernard Schmitt of Vanport; three daughters, Mrs. Cecelia Eckles of Pittsburgh, Mrs. Alma Schaefer of Alliance, and Mrs. Catherine Dershimer of Beaver Falls; two brothers, Charles Schmitt and Walter Schmitt of Homestead,  Pennsylvania a sister Mrs. Stella Gaughenbaugh of Polk,  Pennsylvania, and 19 grandchildren.  Rites will be held Friday at 9 a.m. in the Presentation Catholic Church by the Rev. Fr. G.A. Baumer, the pastor.  Burial will be in St. Mary's Cemetery in Homestead.  Friends may call at the Dennis Funeral Home in Midland after 7 tonight.
Catherine Cecila Bost Schmitt 9 May 1889 18 Nov 1966
Per East Liverpool Review:  Mrs. Catherine Schmitt, 77, of Gaston Place, widow of Frederick L. Schmitt, died Friday, at 8:20 p.m. at City Hospital after a brief illness.  She was born May 9, 1889, at Whitaker,  Pennsylvania  She had resided in Midland for 38 years, moving here in 1960.  She was a member of St. Aloysius Catholic Church.  Her husband died in 1947.  She is survived by five sons, Elmer F. Schmitt, Frederick J. Schmitt, and Paul L. Schmitt all of East Liverpool Charles R. Schmitt of Midland and Bernard Schmitt of Industry; three daughters Mrs. William (Cecilia) Eckles of Monroeville,  Pennsylvania, Mrs. Harry (Alma) Schaeffer of Alliance and Mrs. Wilber (Katherine) Dershimer of Midland; two brothers Paul E. Bost of Pittsburgh and Nicholas Bost of Hollywood, Fla; 25 grandchildren and 40 great-grandchildren.
Agnes L. Given Schmitt 1881-29, Apr. 1947
Per The Dail Messenger Thursday May 1, 1947:  Agnes Given Schmitt, wife of Charles Schmitt, died Tuesday morning, April 29, 1947 at her home, 217 Lehigh Street, Munhall.  She is survived by her husband; one son John F. ; two daughters; Mrs. Eleanor Myers and Mrs. Catherin O'Brien; and one sister, Mrs. Mary Given.  Friends received at her late residence.  Funeral Friday May2, at 8:30  a.m. Requiem high mass, St Teresa's R.C. church, 9 a.m.

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