Millerstown Methodist Cemetery, Tarentum, PA

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Millerstown Methodist Cemetery
  Millerstown/Bull Creek Rds.
Tarentum, PA 15084


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Unless otherwise indicated, this listing was contributed by
Tarentum Genealogical Society (TGS), February 7, 2008 ([email protected])

Posted: February 7, 2008
Updated: November 1, 2010

Last name First name d.o.birth d.o.death Other markings

ALLENBERG Alice b.1909 d.1910 dau of G. & S.E. Allenberg
ALLENBERG Frank b.1881 d.1895 Son
ALLENBERG George b.1888

ALLENBERG Sarah b.1888 d.1955
ALLENBERG Wilhelm b.1851 d.1932
ALLENBERG Wilhelmina b.1852 d.1914
ALTER Sarah Luella b.Aug 12, 1861 d.Jan 21, 1864 dau of S.R. & H.B. Alter
b.Feb 15, 1863 d.Feb 15, 1863 Three (Un-named) sisters, dau. Of S.R. & H.B. Alter
BECKWITH Eliza b.Sept 7, 1846 d.Sept 23, 1879 wife of John
BLACKSTOCK Elizabeth Jane
d.Apr 3, 1873 aged 29y 7m 1d, wife of J.M. Blackstock
BLACKSTOCK James b.1833 d.1923 G.A.R.
d.June 11, 1890 aged 25y 2m 20d, oldest son of J.M. & E.J.B.
BLACKSTOCK Sarah R. b.1847 d.19--
BLACKSTOCK William b.1876 d.1929
CALLEN Alice b.1914 d.1925 dau of E.M. & E. Callen
CALLEN Edward M. b.1888 d.1945 Father
CALLEN Emma M. b.1887 d.1933
CALLEN James G. b.1874 d.1930
CALLEN Michael b.1844 d.1903 Father, Co.D. 14 Reg. PA Vol. G.A.R.
d.Mar 4, 1885 aged 69y 4m, wife of William Callen
Emma J.
b. 1882
d. 1959
age 77  -  married to Harry Carouthers, (CKS)
DAVID Margaret E. b.1833 d.1912

no dates on stone: William, Jane, Mary, Robert, Rev. Ralph H., Jane, Sue,,

cont'd Belle, John, Kate, James, Ralph Serg. Co.E., 105 PA. Inf. Sept 4, 1918
DAWSON John b.Sept 2, 1810 d.Mar 25, 1889 My Husband
DAWSON John H. b.1862 d.1922
d.Mar 8, 1893 aged 68y 6m 2d, Our Mother
DAWSON Myrtle B. b.1890 d.1899
DAWSON Nancy Ann b.1866

DAWSON Rev. Ralph H., D.D. b.1844 d.19-- homemade marker: Was a soldier 1861-65; member 63 & 105 Reg.PA Vol, Army Patomac, wounded 3 times. Lived in all the states & Canada, Japan, China, Hawaii, Phillipines, & Cuba. Best of all is saved through the merit of Christ. Erected by himself.
DICKSON Colville
d.Jan 14, 1872 56y
d.Dec 27, 1888 aged 18y 1m
d.Sept 16, 1898 aged 86y 6m 22d, wife of Colville
DICKSON Nancy A. b.Jan 19, 1846 d.Dec 20, 1928 wife of Wm.
DICKSON Robert J. b.May 10, 1856

d.Aug 25, 1879 aged 25y
DICKSON Thomas A. b.July 27, 1848 d.Oct 30, 1926
d.June 19, 1892 aged 23y 9m 8d
d.Aug 23, 1882 aged 38y 8m 19d, My Husband

aged 2 mos.
DILLENBAUGH Margaret M. b.1892 d.1896
DILLENBAUGH Nancy J. b.Feb 3, 1862 d.Jan 24, 1919
DILLENBAUGH Rosella Mae 1921

DILLENBAUGH Samuel b.1843 d.1908 Gone Home
DOVERSPIKE Adessa J. b.1867 d.1948
DOVERSPIKE James I. b.1867 d.1938
FERREE Alvie A. b.1870 d.1917
FERREE Jeanette b.1872 d.1942
FERRIE S. Bella b.1861 d.1929
FERRIE William N. b.1849 d.1915
FERRIE Zorah M. W. b.1848 d.1888
d.Nov 17, 1841 aged 4y 5m 26d, sacred to the memory of Jane, who departed this life
FURRER Elizabeth
d.Apr 30, 1894 aged 89y
GAMBLE Bernice J.


GAMBLE Lawrence L.
GIBSON Eleanor Ann b.1859 d.1933 Mother
GIBSON Eliza Jane
d.Dec 3, 1878 aged 8y 2m 5d, dau of George & Mary
GIBSON George S. b.1815 d.1883
d.July 3, 183? aged 11y
GIBSON John E. b.Aug 26, 1871 d.Feb 6, 1874 son of R.M. & S.J. Gibson
GIBSON Lizzie M.
d.Apr 1885 aged 1m 3d, dau of R.F. & E.A.
GIBSON Margaret
d.Mar 14, 1903 78y 9m 10d, Mother
GIBSON Mary E. b.1827 d.1909
GIBSON Robert Free b.1855 d.1932 Father
GOLDINGER Anna M. b.1875

GOLDINGER Catherine L. b.1848 d.1907 dau. Of S.W. Hicks
GOLDINGER Conrad b.Aug 12, 1801 d.Apr 12, 1888 Father
GOLDINGER Daniel S. b.1849 d.1914
GOLDINGER Edward S. b.1873 d.1959
GOLDINGER Emma W. b.1861 d.19--
GOLDINGER Harry Sylvester
d.Apr 14, 18?? aged 2m 2d; son of A & J Goldinger
GOLDINGER Jane b.Feb 27, 1832
HANEY J. Oliver b.1882 d.1943
HANEY Margaret b.1885 d.19--
Edward Henry

d. Jan. 3, 1929
unmarked, h/o Helen Irene, (PJ)
HAZLETT Helen Irene b.1894 d.1928 w/o Edward Henry, (PJ)
HENDERSON Jennie D. b.1847 d.1923
HOWE Abigail
d.May 12, 1848 aged 55y 6m 11d; wife of Daniel Howe
HOWE Daniel
d.Apr 13, 1862 aged 68y 3m 2d
HOWE Daniel
d.Apr 8, 1865 aged 22y 8m 5d; G.A.R. marker
HOWE James b.Mar 30, 1807 d.Jan 14, 1885 Father
HOWE Sarah P. b.Apr 1, 1818 d.Mar 23, 1906 wife of James Howe
JONES Annie L. b.1890 d.1956 Mother
JONES Joseph A. b.1887
d.Oct 5, 1895 aged 67y, Co. A, 6 Heavy Art, PA Vol, G.A.R.
LARGE Mary A. b.1859 d.1929
LARGE Stephen D. b.1850 d.1926
LEYLAND Harry T. b.Aug 30, 1868 d.June 1, 1933 Pvt. Co.D, 16th PA Inf.; Enl. July 20, 1898, Disch. Dec 29, 1898 Spanish War marker
LINDERMAN John b.Mar 11, 1878 d.Oct 14, 1942
LINDERMAN May b.May 27, 1894

LUTY Charles D. b.1876

d.July 21, 1871 aged 1y 2m 12d; dau of J.A. & S.A. Marshall
MARTS Mary K. b.1868 d.1949
MARTS William H. b.1867 d.1952
MASON Cloyd b.Feb 18, 1894 d.Aug 11, 1895
MASON James b.1858 d.1941
MASON John Miller b.May 30, 1865 d.May 13, 1929
MASON Lida J. b.1857 d.1922
MAUL Mary Jane
d.Mar 5, 1865 aged 15y; dau. Of David Maul
McBEE Hursey D. b.1887 d.1942
McDOWELL Elizabeth b.Dec 22, 1824 d.Nov 14, 1894 Our Mother, wife of J.A. McDowell
McDOWELL Jas. A. b.May 1, 1826 d.Apr 16, 1886 My Husband
McDOWELL R. b.1864 d.1932
McDOWELL William S. b.Aug 31, 1858 d.Apr 25, 1921
METZ Albert L.
d.May 9, 1892 aged 23y
METZ Caroline C.
d.Feb 3, 1882 aged 17y
METZ Maggie M. b.1873 d.1936
METZ Mary A.
d.Nov 8, 1909 aged 76y
METZ Peter
d.Sept 2, 1909 aged 79y
METZ Samuel O. b.1866 d.1936
MILLS Charlotte
d.Mar 6, 1897 aged 86y, Mother, wife of Joseph
MILLS Emily b.Jan 5, 1845 d.July 2, 1879
MILLS Joseph
d.Oct 26, 1895 aged 80y, Father
d.July 28, 1877 wife of Benjamin (remainder of stone below ground)
PAINTER George W. b.May 2, 1840 d.Dec 5, 1899 Father; Co. M, 139 R.V.I.; G.A.R. marker
PAINTER Martha b.Mar 29, 1841 d.Apr 21, 1920 Mother
PARKINSON Margaret b.1872 d.1906 Mother
PARKINSON Samuel J. b.1866 d.1937 Father
PECK Ettie F. b.1898 b.1955 Mother
d.May 16, 1874 aged 14y 11m 21d; son of J & H. Phillips
d.Oct 30, 1873 aged 20y 2m 7d; G.A.R. marker
PHILLIPS Margaret J.
d.Jan 24, 1863 2y 9m 18d; dau. Of J. & H. Phillips
PORTER Anna Jane b.1833 d.1904
PORTER Charles L. B.1871 d.1881
PORTER George B.

Children of Patterson & Margaret (no dates)
d.Nov 21, 1888 aged 61y; Co. B, 63 PA.Vol.
PORTER Jessie L.

Children of Patterson & Margaret (no dates)
PORTER John C. b.1869 d.1901
PORTER Lucinda b.1867 d.1871
PORTER Margaret b.1845 d.1897 His wife (of Patterson)
PORTER Margaret b.1875
His wife (of John C.)

Children of Patterson & Margaret (no dates)
d.Oct 10, 1869 aged 63y ; G.A.R.
PORTER Patterson b.1841 d.1913
PORTER Richard S. b.May 29, 1830
aged 54y 7m, Co. A, 6 H.Art.,PA Vol., G.A.R.
d. Feb 11, 1858 aged 27y
PORTER Russell H.

Children of Patterson & Margaret (no dates)
PORTER William b.1894 d.1922 W.W.1
PORTER William B.

Children of Patterson & Margaret (no dates)
PUGH Kezia b.July 13, 1838 d.Apr 10, 1907 wife of E.J., G.A.R. marker
REITH Joseph b.Feb 22, 1883 d.Mar 1, 1920
SAVAGE Rose Roberts b.1892 d.1942
SAVAGE Walter b.1891 d.1918
SMITH Anna B. b.Apr 8, 1808 d.Jan 1, 1886 Wife of Wm. Smith
SMITH Sarah b.1845 d.1926
SMITH Wm. b.Aug 13, 1790 d.Mar 1, 1872 Our Father
STARK Ella M. b.1873 d.1935
STARK Mary E. b.1895 d.1918 dau. Of V. & M.E. Stark
STARK Sarah E. b.1861 d.1938
STARK Valentine b.1858 d.1935
STARK W. Henry b.1858 d.1937

Co.G., 193 N.Y. Inf, G.A.R. marker
THOMPSON Margaret b.1851 d.1945 His wife (of William)
THOMPSON William b.1848 d.1914
TIEMAN Catherine S. b.Apr 17, 1898 d.Aug 17, 1898
TIEMAN Fred W. b.1866 d.1958
TIEMAN Freddie H. b.Jan 12, 1895 d.Nov 19, 1900
TIEMAN Gertrude P. b.Aug 29, 1900 d.July 12, 1915
TIEMAN Katie A. b.1870 d.19--
TIEMAN Martha B. b.Aug 25, 1899 d.July 12, 1917
TURNER John b.1872 d.19--

Co.F, 6 PA Vol, G.A.R., Sept 6, 1919
TURNER John b.1838 d.1919
TURNER Leahline b.1884 d.1948
TURNER Martha J. b.1845 d.1926
TURNER Mary I. b.Apr 24, 1887 d.Jan 22, 1892 dau of J. & M.J. Turner
WALTERS John L. b.1869 d.1950 Dad
WALTERS Perina M. b.1885 d.1906
WALTERS Susan A. b.1856 d.1937 Mother
WALTERS William D. b.1856 d.1924 Father
WATSON Emma J. b.Feb 25, 1859 d.Aug.21, 1946 Mother
WATSON James L. b.Feb 23, 1855 d.Apr.22, 1922 Father
WEIGEL Fred A. b.1888 d.1934 Father
WHITE Thomas
d.Mar 18, 1873 aged 73y 2m 26d

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(TGS) = (Tarentum Genealogical Society,
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