Cneseth Israel Cemetery, Reserve Township, PA, Contributed Information

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Cneseth Israel Cemetery
a.k.a. - Kneseth Cemetery / a.k.a. - Workmans Circle Branch 932
443 Hoffman Road (near Irwin Lane out of Millvale)
Reserve Township, Allegheny County, PA

(Unless otherwise specified, contributed by Rich Boyer)

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Surname, First Name, Birthdate, Deathdate, Other (Links/Photos)
Berman, Rose, d. 22 Jan 1941, aged 44Y, Beloved Wife and Mother
Beruh, Clara R., d. 05 Nov 1925, aged 23Y, Wife & Mother
Forst, Alfred, d. 26 Oct 1954, aged 59Y, Beloved Father
Forst, Della, d. 09 Jan 1976, aged 78Y, Beloved Mother
Herscovitz, Abraham, d. 21 Oct 1954, age 82Y, Beloved Father
Herscovitz, Jennie, d. 17 Mar 1961, aged 79Y, Beloved Mother
Mazefsky, Gertrude I., d: 8 Mar 2002, Sect. Upper Row: 19 Lot: 4, (JM)
Mazefsky, Julius, 22 Jun 1919 / 20 Apr 1961, 41, Husband & Father, s/o Moshe, Sect. Upper Row: 14 Lot: 17, (JM)
Mazefsky, Martin Simon, d: 18 Sep 2000, Sect. Upper Row: 21 Lot: 3, (JM)
Mazefsky, Ruth, 25 Apr 1920 / 18 Jul 1975, 55, Wife & mother, d/o Ari Lev, Sect. Upper Row: 14 Lot: 18, (JM)
Mazefsky, William H., 14 Jul 1916 / 24 Dec 1988, 72, Husband & Father, Veteran, s/o Moshe, Sect. Upper Row: 19 Lot: 3, (JM)
Neiberg, Esther, d. 29 Sep 1937, Mother
Neiberg, Jacob, d. 25 Mar 1938, Father
Neiman, Jack, d. 22 Dec 1932, age 31Y
Neiman, Meyer H., d. 28 Aug 1935, age 43Y
Neiman, Solomon, d. 17 Sep 1931, age 71Y, Beloved Husband & Father
Strauchler, Isaac, d. 03 Jan 1922, age 47Y, Beloved Father & Husband

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