Beth Abraham Cemetery, Pittsburgh, PA, Contributed Information

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Beth Abraham Cemetery
800 Stewart Avenue (off Saw Mill Run Blvd/Rte. 51)
Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, PA

(Unless otherwise specified, contributed by Rich Boyer)

Posted: May 16, 2008   Last Update: Aug. 8, 2011

Surname, First Name, Birthdate, Deathdate, Other (Links/Photos)
Applebaum, Sarah, d. 27 Oct 1943, age 58Y, Our Beloved Mother
Blistein, Leah, d. 15 Nov 1934, Our Beloved Mother
Boyer, Bertha, 31 Mar 1904 - 02 Aug 1953, Mother
Boyer, Julius, 16 Apr 1897 - 25 Oct 1953, Father
Kleinman, Harry, d. 26 Dec 1943, age 73Y
Lehman, Katie Sophie, d. 13 Jun 1913, aged 50Y
Lifshitz, Rachel, d. 08 Feb 1927, age 75Y
Loscher, Leonard, 02 Sep 1905 - 05 Feb 1949, PFC 90 QM Railhead Co., WWII
Mazefsky, Beatrice, abt 1923 / 11 Jun 1924, 6 mos., Sec. 4 Row 11 Lot 67, (JM)
Pechersky, Abraham, (view 2), Dec 1876 - 08 Mar 1946, Our Beloved Father
Pechersky, Bessie, d. 11 May 1932, age 78Y, Mother
Pechersky, Leah, d. 04 Apr 1933, age 77Y, Mother
Ratner, Elliot Allen, 25 Jul 1928 - 07 May 2004
Schwartz, Morris, 13 Mar 1935
Smolovitz, Abraham, d. 17 Jul 1922, age 66Y, Husband and Father
Snyder, Abraham, d. 07 Jan 1925, age 66Y
Snyder, Harry, d. 25 Dec 1955, age 72Y, Father
Snyder, Rebecca, d. 24 Jun 1943, age 63Y, Mother
Snyder, Rachel, d. 30 Apr 1949, age 75Y
Stein, Esther Dena, 25 Jul 1892 - 25 Mar 1966
Stein, Paul, 25 May 1887 - 22 May 1961
Stein, Solomon, d. 04 Dec 1932, age 73Y
Wander, David, (view 2), 10 Jan 1916 - 18 Jan 2002
Wander, Shirley Colker, (view 2), 01 Nov 1921 - 16 Nov 1997
Wasser, Dora, d. 02 Dec 1922, age 73Y
Wasser, Joseph, d. 12 May 1934, age 63Y

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