Swearingen Cemetery, Beaver County, PA

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Swearingen Road (off of Hardens Run Road)
Hanover Township, Beaver Co., PA
(Contributed by Liane Freedman, [email protected])


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Swearingen Private Cemetery is located on Swearingen Road (off of Hardens Run Road) in Hanover Township, Beaver Co. The cemetery is over 200 years old and was originally located on the Swearingen farm, established in 1785 by Samuel V. Swearingen. The farm -- originally 393 acres -- was sold off over the years and now no longer exists. The cemetery is located between 2 houses. All the stones are on the ground in 2 rows. Around 30 years ago the stones were standing upright.  Samuel and Catherine Swearingen's only daughter is buried there with her 4 month old child. Mary Swearingen Colvin and her infant were victims of the last Indian murder in Beaver County. They were scalped and killed by two Indians near where they rest in the later part of March 1790.  There is an historical marker (pictured above) along the road adjacent to the cemetery.

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Surname Given Name Birthdate DeathDate Deathplace Age Inscription Notes
Colvin Infant 1789 Mar 1790 Hanover Township, PA 4months No Stone Child of Mary and Jacob Colvin. Infant and mother were killed by Indians
Colvin Mary Swearington 1749 Mar 1790 Hanover Township, PA
No Stone Wife of Jacob Colvin. She and her infant were killed by Indians
Massey Caroline Adams 1809 22 Feb 1855
45 yr, 7 m, 9 d

Patterson Linda ?? 6 Apr 1810

Swearingen Catherine Condell abt1741 1786

w/o Samuel Swearingen
Swearingen David Ellsworth 1862 1872
s/o Zachariah & Rachel Swearingen; He was the last to be buried at this cemetery. His remains were later removed to Mill Creek Hill Cemetery
Swearingen Hugh F 1856 18 Oct 1860
4 y, 7 m, 9 d
s/o Hugh & Rebecca Swearingen
Swearingen John F 1839 18 May 1840
1 yr
s/o Hugh & Rebecca Swearingen
Swearingen John V 1772 14 Aug 1846
74 y, 7 m, 4 d
Husband of Martha Swearingen
Swearingen Martha 1779 4 Jan 1861
81 y, 1 m
Wife of John V Swearingen
Swearingen Mary J 1840 29 Dec 1860
20 y, 4 d
d/o Hugh & Rebecca Swearingen
Swearingen Ruth 1792 13 Jun 1830
38 y
Wife of Zacariah Swearingen
Swearingen Samuel Van 1732 1824

Husband of Catherine Swearingen According to family tradition he is buried here
Swearingen Samuel V 1777 11 Dec 1807

s/o Samuel & Catherine
Swearingen Zacariah 1783 31 May 1864
81 y
Husband of Ruth Swearingen
Will-Coxen Elizabeth Swearingen ?? 17 Feb 1841

Consort of John Will-Coxen
Will-Coxen John 1754 25 Dec 1832
78 y, 3 m, 16 d
Husband of Elizabeth Will-Coxen
Swearingen Unknown

Stone is buried backwards in ground


Caroline Adams Massey

Elizabeth Swearingen

Hugh F. Swearingen

John F. Swearingen

John V. Swearingen

Martha Swearingen

Mary J. Swearingen

Ruth Swearingen

Samuel V. Swearingen

Zacariah Swearingen

Linda Patterson / 1
(stone in 2 pieces)

Note: There are 2 stones lying in the ground -- one reads "...Patterson ... (sic) baried in this life aprile the 6th 1810 ... aged ... and the 2nd stone reads: "L.P....thus you (sic)se .... remember me ...a ...when i ....


Linda Patterson / 2
(stone in 2 pieces)

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