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Joseph Street & Custer Avenue
Baldwin Borough (originally Baldwin Twp.)
Pittsburgh, PA

(Allegheny County)


(Photo courtesty of Bill Bodkin)

Unless otherwise noted, this listing was contributed by Jacquelyn Felix ([email protected]), daughter of Betty Felix (1924-1997). Betty Felix read the cemetery and published this list in 1992-1993. The cemetery was originally read by Clara B. Harmening in 1988.

This cemetery is the burial place of the well known Civil War �French Mary� Mary Tepe Leonard, where a gravestone was erected and dedicated in 1988.

The following introduction was written by Betty Felix:

St. Paul�s Lutheran Cemetery is located on Joseph Street and Custer Avenue, Baldwin Borough, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. This section of the borough was originally part of Baldwin Township.

According to the original deed, the property was purchased by the Evangelical Lutheran St. Paul�s Congregation of Baldwin Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania on January 18th, 1879 from the executors of James H. Hayes. The original agreement for the purchase was dated September 18th, 1874. The property is two acres and fifty one perches and the purchase price was $1,327.17.

The present caretaker of the cemetery, Harold Kirschman, 1213 Brownsville Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15210, states that there is not now or never was a St. Paul�s Lutheran Church. A number of families got together and decided to build a church on the property, but the plans never materialized. The original families were the Harmenings, Watermans, Kirschmanns, Bachmans, Mesings and the Wolfs.

According to Clara B. Harmening, the Harmenings were late 1870-80 settlers in the area. There was a Harmening farm, and there is a Harmening Avenue in the Baldwin Area. These families intermarried, the first Albert Kirschman and Harmenings were cousins. All of the mentioned names are well known, and many of the descendants still live in the area. Many of the families did and still do attend the Stewart Avenue Lutheran Church, 2810 Brownsville Road.

The entrance of the cemetery on Joseph Street is marked by two large pillars with the date of 1896 an each. Possibly that is the date of the first burial in the cemetery.�

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Posted: December 31, 2007   Last Update: June 7,  2013


Alton, Anna C., 1893, 1975, D-2
Alton, William H., 1886, 1963, D-2
AMEY, Ellen, d: 1926, RS, (unmarked), (EKG)
Amey, George W., 1886, 1959, I-3
Amey, John W., 1882, 1943, Father, RS-1
AMEY, John, 1856-1908, MM, (unmarked), (EKG)
AMEY, Lillian, d: 1947, RS, (unmarked), (EKG)
Amey, Louise L., 1883, 1979, Mother, RS-2
Amey, Viola M., 1894, 1973, I-3
AMEY, William, 1912-1912, MM, (unmarked), (EKG)
Ansell, Martha, 1873, 1928, "Nee Werner, Mother", GG-1
BACHMAN, Auguste, d: 1881, O, (unmarked), (EKG)
Bachman, Emma L., 1886, 1973, P-3
Bachman, Henrietta, 1886, 19??, O-5
Bachman, Henry, 04 Jul 1840, 17-Jun-1912, Father, P-5
Bachman, John, 1868, 1945, P-4
BACHMAN, Louisa, d: 1886, O, (unmarked), (EKG)
Bachman, Martha C., 10 Jul 1844, 23-Dec-1936, Mother, P-5
BACHMAN, Wilhelm, d: 1883, O, (unmarked), (EKG)
BALASH, Cornelius, d: 1926, GG, (unmarked), (EKG)
BALASH, Tekla, d: 1935, GG, (unmarked), (EKG)
BARROWMAN, Grace, 1927-2008, OO, (EKG)
BARROWMAN, Harold, 1927-1996, OO, (EKG)
BATES, Frank, d: 1941, NN, (unmarked), (EKG)
Baumiller, Charles R., 25 Aug 1899, 24-Sep-1974, J-4
Baumiller, Clare L., 4-Mar-1904, 1992, J-4
BEERMAN, William Jr., 1945-2001, C, (EKG)
Beisner, Albert A., 1873, 1954, BB-6
Beisner, Anna M., 1797, 1867, CC-10
Beisner, Anna, 1864, 1865, CC-10
Beisner, Anna, 1873, 1947, BB-5
Beisner, Fred W., 1876, 1947, Father, CC-7
Beisner, Fred W., 1908, 1927, Son, CC-6
Beisner, Lillie E., 1900, 1906, CC-14
Beisner, Sophia, 1839, 1902, CC-13
Beisner, Sophia, 1868, 1870, CC-10
Beisner, Susan, 1889, 1953, Mother, CC-8
Beisner, William F., 1866, 1896, CC-11
Beisner, William, 1835, 1899, Soldier - Civil War GAR Marker, CC-12
BERND, Elizabeth, d: 1927, Z, (unmarked), (EKG)
BERND, Fredrick, d: 1928, Z, (unmarked), (EKG)
Bernd, Harry C., 1905, 1974, Beloved Father, AA-1
BERND, Walter, d: 1922, Z, (unmarked), (EKG)
Berwick, Fordoff Jos Wolf, 1892, 1919, Gone but not forgotten, W-1
Berwick, Hugh D., 22-Oct-1918, 1-Jul-1984, PFC - US ARMY World War II, NN-1
BETTERS, Martin III, 1977-2009, K, (unmarked), (EKG)
Blackstock, Michelle,, "Baby, same stone as Evelyn Glick", JJ-8
Bode, Augusta K., 1844, 1927, Mother (next to the Taylor lot), T-4
Bode, Fred C., 1833, 1911, Father, T-5
BODE, Heinrick, 1833-1911, T, (unmarked), (EKG)
BODE, Karoline, 1874-1877, T, (unmarked), (EKG)
Boeltz, Arthur F., 5-Mar-1916, 6-Dec-1946, CPL US ARMY Enlisted June 8 1942 Discharged June 19 1945, RAA-1
Boeltz, Barbara, 1851, 1933, Mother, Q-3
Boeltz, Caroline a., 1893, 1970, RZ-1
Boeltz, Charles P., 6-Dec-1918, 31-Aug-1987, SGT U.S.A., RCC-3
Boeltz, Clarence A., 6-Apr-1916, 16-Apr-1948, AV MM 1ST C UT SQ 4 FAD U.S.N. Enlisted April 25 1938 Died in Service April 16 1943, RCC-2
Boeltz, Edward Fred, 1903, 1968, Son, RBB-2
Boeltz, Emma M., 1884, 1957, Mother, L-9
Boeltz, Frederick G., 8-Oct-1913, 4-Oct-1974, PFC - US ARMY Enlisted Aug 6 1942 Discharged Dec 11 1945, RZ-2
Boeltz, Frederick J., 1885, 1963, RZ-1
Boeltz, George Gustav, 1905, 1923, Son, RCC-1
Boeltz, George, 1880, 1949, Father, RBB-1
Boeltz, Helen Emma, 1925, 1989, RCC-4
BOELTZ, Joan, d: 1976, K, (unmarked), (EKG)
Boeltz, John, 1883, 1946, Father, L-9, (photo)
Boeltz, Lena, 1882, 1948, Nee Pfieffer Mother, RBB-1
Boeltz, Roy J., 7-Jun-1918, 5-Sep-1961, CPL - AUS Enlisted Jan 12 1943 Discharged Nov 9 1945, RAA-2
Boeltz, Ruth H., 1915, 1922, Our Baby, R-3
Boeltz, Stephen, 1845, 1927, Father, Q-3
BOLTZHOUSER, Emma, 1897-1965, AA, (unmarked), (EKG)
Boone, Martha C., 18-Feb-1908, 14-Nov-1911, RN-1
Borden, Grace B., 1899, 1955, Mother, JJ-2
Borden, Raymond A., 1897, 1971, Father, JJ-2
BRADLEY, Harold, 1910-1997, M, (unmarked), (EKG)
BRADLEY, Vera, 1903-2007, M, (unmarked), (EKG)
BROSITZ, John, d: 1919, MM, (unmarked), (EKG)
Burns, Joseph, 1909, 1987, OO-3
Burns, Marion A., 1910, 1985, OO-3
CARLISLE, Edna, 1929-1992, RH, (unmarked), (EKG)
CARLISLE, James H., 1957-1996, RG, (unmarked), (EKG)
CARLISLE, James, 1929-2008, RH, (unmarked), (EKG)
CARLISLE, Thomas, d: 1943, N, (EKG)
CHIVINO, Howard, 1929-2004, J, (unmarked), (EKG)
Christ, Carolina, 1873, 1954, W-2, (photo)
Christ, Jacob, 1870, 1928, W-2, (photo)
COCHRAN, Mary Viola, d: 1923, ?, (unmarked), (EKG)
COLEMAN, Elizabeth Ellen, d: 1958, ?, (unmarked), (EKG)
Conway, Elizabeth B., 1916, 1985, Sister, OO-1
COOK, Henry, 1870-1898, P, (unmarked), (EKG)
DAKAR, Robert, 1887-1964, KK, (unmarked), (EKG)
DALL, Albert, ????-????, MM, (unmarked), (EKG)
DAMPF, Joanne, 1949-2001, C, (EKG)
DATZ, Naomi Dorothy, 1910-1910, MM, (unmarked), (EKG)
DEGENHARDT, Catherine, d: 1924, W, (unmarked), (EKG)
Degenhardt, Christ A., 1879, 1951, X-3
DEGENHARDT, Howard, d: 1915, W, (unmarked), (EKG)
Degenhardt, Jacob A., 1853, 1910, Father, X-5
DEGENHARDT, John H., d: 1943, W, (unmarked), (EKG)
Degenhardt, Justina, 1854, 1936, Mother, X-4
Degenhardt, Katherine, 1876, 1954, X-3
DEGENHARDT, Ralph J., d: 1913, W, (unmarked), (EKG)
DEGENHARDT, Sophia, 1883-1960, X, (unmarked), (EKG)
Desantis, Dominic, 1910, 1987, Father, MM-4
Desantis, Martha M., 1922, Mother, MM-4
Dimeglio, Matthew A., 1930, 1992, SA1 US Navy, OO-4
DROSTE, Erwin, 1911-1996, D, (unmarked), (EKG)
Droste, Hilda, 1884, 1974, Mother, K-4
DROSTE, Stella, 1919-2004, D, (unmarked), (EKG)
Droste, William, 1883, 1947, Father, K-4
Dryer, Bernice A., 2-Feb-1930, Mother, RFF-2
Dryer, Doretta F., 1900, 1992, Mother, RFF-1
Dryer, Jacob E., 1896, 1981, Father World War I 80th Division, RFF-1
Dryer, Robert E., 17-May-1924, 19-May-1965, Father, RFF-2
EISAMAN, Linda S. (Porada), 1964, 2013, O. (EKG)
EISENBARTH, Anna, d: 1943, U, (unmarked), (EKG)
EISENBARTH, Baby, d: 1922, U, (unmarked), (EKG)
EISENBARTH, Peter, 1873-1905, U, (unmarked), (EKG)
ELDER, Harry, 1943-2000, E, (EKG)
ELICKER, Fredrick, d: 1909, EE, (unmarked), (EKG)
ELICKER, Henry, d: 1926, EE, (unmarked), (EKG)
ELICKER, Raymond, d: 1938, EE, (unmarked), (EKG)
Elicker,, Family name on marker only, EE-6
Esmiol, Dena, 1875, 1878, Sister, U-4
Esmiol, J. Oliver, 1882, 1903, Brother, U-3
ESMOIL, Edward, d: 1936, V, (unmarked), (EKG)
ESMOIL, Gus, d: 1945, K, (unmarked), (EKG)
ESMOIL, James Alfred, 1882-1903, U, (unmarked), (EKG)
ESMOIL, Lillian, 1887-1966, K, (unmarked), (EKG)
ESMOIL, Peter, d: 1918, V, (unmarked), (EKG)
ESMOIL, Richard, d: 1944, V, (unmarked), (EKG)
ESMOIL, Wm. Andrew, 1906-1907, V, (unmarked), (EKG)
Fanzo, Helen, 1922, Wife, JJ-9
FANZO, Samuel, 1911-1997, Husband, JJ-9, (EKG)
FARMER, Margaret, 1842-1908, BB, (unmarked), (EKG)
Fidorra, Henry w., 13-Jan-1922, 11-Aug-1978, US Army WWII, NN-3
Fidorra, Jeanette, 1931,, NN-3
FINLEY, Joanna, 1950-2010, (R) O, (unmarked), (EKG)
Fischer, Edward N., 31 Jul 1894, 1-Jan-1968, RHH-1
Fischer, Lilla M., 18 Mar 1899, 12-Jun-1989, RHH-1
FOWKES, Annie (Peach), 1862-1907, T, (unmarked), (EKG)
FOWKES, William T., 1883-1905, T, (unmarked), (EKG)
Gatehouse, Edna, 1908, 1974, Mother, RG-1
Gatehouse, Herbert G., 1901, 1972, Father, RG-1
Gatehouse, Herbert W., 2-Dec-1934, 12-Mar-1973, Son, RG-2
GAWARECKI, Frank, 1945-1972, NN, (unmarked), (EKG)
Gilbert, Ellen, 22 Jun 1821, 07 Jan 1899, Mother, S-2
Glasser, Jacob, 1874, 1932, Father, EE-5
Glasser, Minnie, 1879, 1945, Mother, EE-5
Glick, Evelyn E., 1894, 1964, Same stone as Baby Michelle Blackstock, JJ-8
Gordon, Willliam O., 1880, 1944, Only small vase holder, NN-7
GRATZER, Harry, 1908-1997, II, (EKG)
GRATZER, Phyllis, 1908-1992, II, (EKG)
GUSKY, Raymond Russell, d: 1922- NN, (unmarked), (EKG)
HAGAMAN, Augusta, 1889-1957, CC, (unmarked), (EKG)
HAGAMAN, John Henry, 1915-1960, CC, (unmarked), (EKG)
HAGAMAN, John, d: 1925, CC, (unmarked), (EKG)
HAHN, Genevieve, 1922-2000, EE, (unmarked), (EKG)
Hahn, Harry, 1912, 1983, Father, EE-8
Harmening, Anna, 1885, 1950, Mother, P-2
Harmening, August, 1886, 1959, Father, P-1
HARMENING, Bbay Elaine, d: 1945, Z, (unmarked), (EKG)
Harmening, Caroline, 11 Nov 1841, 7-Nov-1907, Mother, O-2, (photo)
Harmening, Charles, 27 Apr 1883, 28-Jun-1903, O-4, (photo)
HARMENING, Dale, 1953-1994, RJ, (EKG)
Harmening, Deborah, 28-Jul-1960, 20-Apr-1962, Our Angel, RJ-2
Harmening, Earl R., 5-May-1925, 11-Jan-1974, Pennsylvania MM3 USNR WORLD WAR II, AA-2
Harmening, Ernest, 01 Apr 1866, 26-May-1903, O-3
Harmening, F., , Z-1
HARMENING, Fred, d: 1950, Z, (unmarked), (EKG)
Harmening, Gottlieb, 28 Feb 1842, 1-Sep-1914, Father, O-1
HARMENING, Lillian R., 1900-1911, AA, (unmarked), (EKG)
HARMENING, Margaret, 1928-1995, AA, (unmarked), (EKG)
HARMENING, Margaret, d: 1944, Z, (unmarked), (EKG)
Harmening, Raymond L., 23-Oct-1929, 12-Dec-1985, Father, RJ-1
HARTMAN, Phyllis, 1936-2012, K, (EKG)
HARTUNG, Charles Edward, 1915-2000, K, (EKG)
Haselow, Frederika J., Geb 30 Jun 1824, Gest 12 Aug 1900, DD-2
HASELOW, G., d: 1914, DD, (unmarked), (EKG)
Haselow, Johann C.P., Geb 24 Nov 1824, Gest 06 Jan 1897, DD-2
HAST, Donna, 1931-2000, RF, (EKG)
Hayes, Erma V., 24-Sep-1906, 6-Nov-1989, Wooden cross, RF-1
HEINECKE, Bernice, d: 2008, F, (unmarked), (EKG)
HEINECKE, Frank, d: 2011, F, (unmarked), (EKG)
HEINECKE, Harry, 1918-2011, OO, (EKG)
Heinecke, Helen E., 1907, 1986, Mother, E-1
HEINECKE, Mary Margaret, 1920-1996, OO, (EKG)
Heinecke, Otto W., 1902, 1967, Father, E-1
HEINECKE, Ronald, 1936-1994, E, (EKG)
HEINECKE, William, 1931-1998, F, (EKG)
Hess, Adolph A., 1870, 1930, Father, RW-2
Hess, Daniel J., 1898, 1947, KK-1
Hess, Daniel, 1851, 1923, Father, RW-1
Hess, Elizabeth, 1853, 1929, Mother, RW-1
Hess, Erna E., 1910, 1978, J-3
Hess, George, 1905, 1981, J-3
Hess, Lade, 1873, 1955, Nee McGibbney Mother, RW-3
Hess, Theresa, 1931, 1983, Nee Loy Mother, NN-2
Hickman, Donald C., 1928, 1948, Son, BB-4
Hickman, George M., 1901, 1956, Father, BB-3
Hickman, Gurtrude, 1904, 1980, (unmarked), OC-2
Holden, Augusta, 1872, 1967, S-6
Holden, Frank, 1866, 1931, S-6
Hullermeier, Margaret, 1898, 1981, Nee Knepel, LL-4
Hullermeier, William L., 1907, 1977, US Navy World War II, LL-3
IGO, Ardrelle, 1919-1988, H-2, (EKG)
Igo, Margaret K., 1928, 1953, Mother, H-1
IMLING, Anthony, 1909-1996, I, (EKG)
IMLING, Clara, 1911-2009, I, (EKG)
Janiec, John, 17-Dec-1912, 3-Mar-1992, JJ-3
JANSEN, Martha, 1912-1997, RQ, (unmarked), (EKG)
John, Anna E., 26 Oct 1887, 11-Apr-1981, II-5
John, Annie M., 1868, 1950, Mohter, HH-10
John, Ferdinand, 1842, 1921, Father, HH-9
John, Gustav, 1859, 1927, Father, HH-10
John, Louisa, 1830, 1906, Mother, HH-8
John, Walter G., 1894, 1941, American Legion Marker, L-6
JONES, Alphonso, 1922-2010, (R) HH, (EKG)
JONES, Doris, 1929-2011, (R) HH, (EKG)
Judge, Charles L., 1871, 1973, U-2
Julian, Dorothy M., 1926, DD, (EKG)
Julian, Edward J., 1899, 1967, Father, DD-1
Julian, Rose D., 1902, 1979, Mother, DD-1
Julian, Rose, 1930, DD, (EKG)
Kastroll, Helen C., 1896, 1976, JJ-7
Kastroll, Herman C. Sr., 1895, 1963, JJ-6
KAUFMAN, Freda (Uedcker), 1809-1994, CC, (unmarked), (EKG)
Keefe, Charles P., 11-Jan-1906, 8-Nov-1970, Pennsylvania Pvt 379 Ord Mtr Maint Co World War II, MM-6
KEEFE, Hazel, 1913-2000, MM, (EKG)
KEHR, Bella, 1893-1990, FF, (EKG)
KEHR, Emil, d: 1932, FF, (EKG)
KEHR, Marie, 1918-2008, LL, (unmarked), (EKG)
Kern, Albert H., 1898, 1960, Husband, G-2
Kern, Dollie, 1907, 1990, Wife, G-1
Keyes, Alvina A., 1907, 1966, Mother, L-8
KIGGINS, Michael, d: 1951, R, (unmarked), (EKG)
KIRSCHMAN, Agnes L., 1924-1998, G, (EKG)
Kirschman, Albert E., 1890, 1968, Father, G-7
KIRSCHMAN, Anna, 1917-2006, G, (EKG)
Kirschman, Carl H., 1925, 1979, Father, E-4
Kirschman, Carl W., 1901, 1977, Father, F-6
KIRSCHMAN, Donald, 1938-2012, E, (unmarked), (EKG)
Kirschman, Ernest W., 1910, 1986, G-6
Kirschman, Ferdinand, 11 Aug 1882, 15-Mar-1905, Q-5
KIRSCHMAN, Harold C., 1920-1994, G, (EKG)
KIRSCHMAN, Marsha J., 1951-2000, G, (EKG)
Kirschman, Martha L., 1894, 1985, Mother, G-7
Kirschman, Paul W., 12-Aug-1928, 13-Apr-1952, PFC CO M 223RD INF 40th Div Enlisted Feb 28 1951 Killed in Action April 13 1952, F-7
Kirschman, Rose B., 1879, 1918, Mother, Q-4
Kirschman, Ruth H., 1917, 1918, Our Baby, RR-1
Kirschman, Sophia C., 30 Oct 1879, 12-Jul-1953, RQ-2
Kirschman, Sophia E., 1902, 1981, Mother, F-6
KIRSCHMAN, Walter, 1905-1992, J-5, (EKG)
Kirschman, William F., 01 Apr 1874, 23-Apr-1943, RQ-1
Kirschmann, Carolina, 1872, 1963, Mother, J-10
Kirschmann, Charles F., 1902, 1966, Son American Legion Marker, J-7
Kirschmann, Charles, 1872, 1946, Father, J-10
Kirschmann, Ferdinand W., 1903, 1947, Soldier American Legioin Marker, J-9
Kirschmann, Gustina, 1844, 1918, His Wife, Q-6
Kirschmann, Karl, 1845, 1919, Q-6
Kirschmann, Sophia C., 1907, 1967, Daughter, J-6
KISH, Elsie, 1914-1995, K, (unmarked), (EKG)
KISH, Frank, 1913-1995, K, (unmarked), (EKG)
KITZMAN, Anna, d: 1885, MM, (unmarked), (EKG)
KITZMAN, John, d: 1919, MM, (unmarked), (EKG)
KITZMAN, Wilhelmina, d: 1907, MM, (unmarked), (EKG)
Knabe, Ada H., 1873, 1951, Sister, L-7
Knabe, Adam L., 27 May 1850, 26-Dec-1910, "Father - 8 names on obelisk: Adam, Sarah, Justus, Anna M., Mary M. Christ, Charles Caroline Babe", P-6
Knabe, Andrew M., 1886, 1948, Brother, L-7
Knabe, Anna M., 22 Jun 1825, 10 Mar 1891, "8 names on obelisk: Adam, Sarah, Justus, Anna M., Mary M. Christ, Charles Caroline Babe", P-8
KNABE, Jesse, d: 1948, P, (unmarked), (EKG)
Knabe, Justus, 26 Jul 1823, 10 Oct 1892, "8 names on obelisk: Adam, Sarah, Justus, Anna M., Mary M. Christ, Charles Caroline Babe", P-9
Knabe, Sarah A., 04 Nov 1852, 11 Dec 1894, "Mother - 8 names on obelisk: Adam, Sarah, Justus, Anna M., Mary M. Christ, Charles Caroline Babe", P-7
KNABLE, William, d: 1918, NN, (EKG)
Knechtel, Shirley B., 11-Aug-1924, 2-Apr-1925, Daughter of William & Wilma C. Knechtel, S-5
Knepel, Bertha, 25 Jan 1859, 5-Mar-1918, Mother, NN-8
Knepel, Henry, 23 Oct 1859, 8-Nov-1901, Father, NN-9
Knepel, William L., 1899, 1946, Father, LL-5
KNEPLE, William L., d: 1995, LL, (EKG)
Koehnlein, Carrie, 1876, 1968, Mother, C-2
Koehnlein, James F., 5-Mar-1915, 8-Feb-1985, Father, C-1
Koehnlein, Mildred O., 25-May-1917, Mother, C-1
Koenlein, Irwin W., 11-Sep-1917, 15-Nov-1987, Brother, RII-1
Koenlein, Mildred A., 7-Jan-1903, 14-May-1983, Sister, RII-1
KORBE, Hazel, 1910-1964, AA, (unmarked), (EKG)
KORBE, Katherine, 1875-1958, AA, (unmarked), (EKG)
Korbe, Lillian, , "Stone partially buried, unreadable", AA-3
Kording, Ernest, 1852, 1926, Z-6
Kording, Herman F., 21 Feb 1891, 17-Mar-1932, PVT MED DET 110TH INF Enlisted July 26 1918 Discharged May 23 1919, Z-5
Kording, Louis A., 07 May 1889, 20-Feb-1963, PVT MED DET 110TH INF Enlisted July 26 1918 Discharged May 23 1919, Z-4
Kording, Wilhelmina, 1852, 1936, Z-6
KRAMER, Alice, 1910-1994, LL, (EKG)
Kramer, Anthony, 1875, 1954, X-8
Kramer, Carrie, 30 Nov 1894, 26-Jan-1983, In God's Hands, MM-2
Kramer, Dorothy, 1889, 1971, Mother, LL-1
Kramer, Edna, 1897, 1975, Beloved Sister, AA-5
Kramer, Elizabeth C., 27 Sep 1884, 12-Jun-1954, Daugher, Z-3
Kramer, Ferdinand H., 1852, 1927, Father, RV-1
Kramer, Ferdinand K., 1892, 1976, Beloved Brother, AA-4
KRAMER, Ferdinand, 1870-1917, X, (unmarked), (EKG)
KRAMER, Florence, 1928-2002, J, (EKG)
Kramer, George, 28 Aug 1890, 12-Apr-1953, Farrier 314th FLD RMT SQQMC Enlisted Feb 24 1918 Discharged Nov 12 1919, Z-2
KRAMER, Gustav A., 1878-1906, X, (unmarked), (EKG)
KRAMER, Henry, 1855-1902, V, (unmarked), (EKG)
Kramer, Herbert S., 26-May-1932, 2-Nov-1970, CPL US ARMY KOREA PENNA, I-1
Kramer, Herman C. Sr., 1877, 1914, Brother, RV-2
Kramer, Irene H., 1899, 1989, J-1
Kramer, Karl H., 20 Sep 1886, 16-Sep-1960, PFC CO I 7TH INF Enlisted Oct 4 1917 Discharged Jan 22 1919, AA-6
Kramer, Louise s., 1852, 1939, RV-1
Kramer, Minnie, 1880, 1923, X-8
Kramer, Sophia W., 1842, 1922, Mother, U-5
Kramer, William F., 1904, 1984, 1984, J-1
Kramer, William R., 1880, 1961, Father, LL-1
KREMER, Carl, 1921-1998, N, (EKG)
KREMER, Helen, 1915-1991, N, (EKG)
KREMER, Richard, 1959-2004, N, (EKG)
KREMER, Robert C., 1952-1956, N, (EKG)
Kroemer, Ernst Frederick, Geb 31 Dec 1837, Gest 26 Feb 1885, U-6
Kroll, Catherine A., 1888, 1926, Mother, N-4
Kroll, Harry W., 1922, 1973, Son, N-5
Kroll, Martin H., 1884, 1928, Father, N-3
Kromer, Henry, 31 Mar 1855, 8-Jun-1902, Father, V-7
Larkin, Emma E., 1900, 1939, Mother, HH-7
LARKIN, Infant Son, d: 1939, HH-7, (EKG)
Larkin, Mary Ann Nolan, 1863, 1935, s/s Richard, Unk., (photo)
Larkin, Richard, 1925, 1927, Son-s/s Mary Ann, Unk., (photo)
Larkin, Sylvester, 1899, 1988, HH-7
Lehner, Joseph J., 16 Jan 1894, 19-Feb-1975, US Army WW1, JJ-1
LEHNER, Lena H., 1902-1986, JJ, (unmarked), (EKG)
LEONARD, Anne E., 1924-2009, RR-1, (EKG)
LEONARD, Benjamin F., d: 1950, ?, (unmarked), (EKG)
Leonard, Freda E., 1903, 1971, E-5
Leonard, Harry A., 1899, 1975, E-5
LEONARD, Julia, 1928-1997, F, (unmarked), (EKG)
LEONARD, Kenneth, 1926-1997, F, (unmarked), (EKG)
Leonard, Marie,, "Nee Tepe ""French Mary"" 114th Pa Vol Inf 1861-1865", MM-7
Leshen, Ida K., 1896, 1918, Mother, HH-2
Leshen, Nickolas J., 1887, 1948, Father, HH-2
MAERS, David, d: 1930, GG, (EKG)
MAERS, Ella, d: 1939, GG, (EKG)
MAERS, Elmer, 1887-1963, H, (unmarked), (EKG)
MAERS, Harry, 1914-1992, G-3, (unmarked), (EKG)
MAERS, Harry, d: 1934, GG, (unmarked), (EKG)
MAERS, Harvey, 1888-1973, C, (unmarked), (EKG)
Maers, Katheryn L., 1987, Wife, G-3
MAERS, Lelia, 1890-1962, C, (unmarked), (EKG)
MAERS, Selma (Baby), 1948-1948, H, (unmarked), (EKG)
Maers,, Husband, G-3
Mahnert, Maria, 1864, 1947, Nee Wilhelm, G-5
MARSTELLER, Wilford, 1907-1990, MM, (unmarked), (EKG)
McCune, Harry E., 1902, 1965, Father Lead Kinkdly Light, NN-5
McCune, Harry Paul, 1966, no marker, NN-6
McDine, Bertha A., 1917, 1979, Wife & Mother, HH-1
McDine, James E., 1914, 1976, Husband & Father, HH-1
McDine, James E., 1938, 1982, MM-1
McDine, Sandra H., 1940,, MM-1
McELROY, George K., 1912-1959, Q, (unmarked), (EKG)
McElroy, George W., 1862, 1940, Q-2
McElroy, Lena R., 1885, 1959, Q-1
McELROY, Raymond, d: 1920, R, (unmarked), (EKG)
McELROY, Susan, d: 1944, R, (unmarked), (EKG)
McELROY, William, d: 1949, R, (unmarked), (EKG)
Mears, Charles, 1872, 1966, M-8
MEARS, Charles, d: 1920, M, (unmarked), (EKG)
Mears, Chauncey, 1905, 1974, US ARMY WW1, M-7
MEARS, Harry, 1914-1992, G-3, (unmarked), (EKG)
MEARS, Henry Jr., (no dates), N, (unmarked), (EKG)
MEARS, Henry Sr., (no dates), N, (unmarked), (EKG)
MEARS, Mollie, 1872-1963, M, (unmarked), (EKG)
MEARS, Sophia, 1830-1904, N, (unmarked), (EKG)
MEARS, William, (no dates), N, (unmarked), (EKG)
MEHRENBERG, William, 1921-1993, AA, (unmarked), (EKG)
MEIERS, Alli Ailene, 1905-1906, U, (unmarked), (EKG)
Meilwes, Amanda, 1894, 1943, Mother, II-1
MEILWES, Charles, d: 1954, II, (unmarked), (EKG)
MESING, Anna, d: 1909, U, (unmarked), (EKG)
Mesing, Ferdinand C., 1875, 1946, Father, T-2
Mesing, Gustave, 1879, 1959, Husband, JJ-4
MESING, Henry, d: 1913, U, (unmarked), (EKG)
Mesing, Karl, 1840, 1901, Father, T-3
MESING, Lena, d: 1916, U, (unmarked), (EKG)
Mesing, Mary, 1878, 1919, Mother, T-2
Mesing, Vera, 1916, 1917, S-3
Mesing, Wilhelmina, 1845, 1932, Mother, T-3
METZGER, Baby, d: 1925- BB-1, (unmarked), (EKG)
METZGER, Freda M., 1922, X, (unmarked), (EKG)
METZGER, Frederick, d: 1923, BB-1, (unmarked), (EKG)
Metzger, Frederick,, BB-1
Metzger, George R., 27-Feb-1923, 20-Apr-1985, TEC 5 U.S. Army World War II, X-1
Metzger, George, 1880, 1953, X-2
METZGER, Harry H., d: 1957, CC, (unmarked), (EKG)
Metzger, Margaret, 1895, 1968, X-3
METZGER, Sophia, d: 1934, BB-1, (unmarked), (EKG)
Metzger, Sophia,, BB-1
Miller, Anna C., 4-Sep-1920, 29-Mar-1988, Mother Gucky, C-5
MILLER, Douglas, 1953-1995, JJ, (unmarked), (EKG)
Miller, Edward V., 18-Jul-1918, 4-Mar-1967, TEC 5 371 ST STATION HOSPITAL AUS Enlisted April 8 1942 Discharged November 21 1945, LL-2
Miller, Edward, 17 Mar 1891, 18-Apr-1976, Father Pup-puy, C-4
MILLER, Glenn, (nodates), ?, (unmarked), (EKG)
Miller, Irene J., 1939, 1964, EE-7
MILLER, John, d: 1955, ?, (unmarked), (EKG)
Miller, Mazie, 04 Apr 1895, 30-Aug-1982, Mother Mum-mum, C-4
Miller, Roy C., 28-Nov-1917, 2001, Father Pap-pap, C-5
MORGAN, David, 1898-1902, MM, (unmarked), (EKG)
MORGAN, Harry, d: 1935, NN, (unmarked), (EKG)
MORGAN, Louise, d: 1927, NN, (unmarked), (EKG)
Nagel, August, 1882, 1955, Father, D-3
Nagel, Johanna, 1885, 1937, Mother, D-3
Nolan, Mary Ann, 1863, 1935, HH-7
Nolan, Richard, 1925, 1927, Son, HH-7
NORT, John, 1925-2011, (L) KK, (EKG)
O'Shell, Lyda M., 1903, 1987, JJ-5
O'Shell, Porter J. Sr., 1904, 1969, JJ-5
OBERT, Lucille, 1919-1995, D, (EKG)
Ogilvy, Grace C., 1904, 1991, Sister, OO-2
Oliver, Veronica C., 1912, 1974, Mother, MM-5
OLIVER, William J., 1911-1995, Father, MM-5, (EKG)
Osselborn, Dorothy, 1917, 1985, G-6
PEACH, Blanche, d: 1916, DD, (unmarked), (EKG)
PEACH, Charles, d: 1945, EE, (unmarked), (EKG)
PEACH, Edna, 1907-1915, DD, (unmarked), (EKG)
Peach, Elizabeth, 1850, 1905, U-1, (photo), (NW)
PEACH, John P., 1876-1924, DD, (unmarked), (EKG)
Peach, John, 1868, 1870, V-1, (photo)
, (NW) PEACH, Lena, 1880-1910, DD, (unmarked), (EKG)
Peach, Martha A., Infant, V-2, (photo)
, (NW) Peach, Mary J., Infant, V-2, (photo), (NW) Peach, Rachel A., 1832, 1917, Mother, V-4, (photo), (NW) Peach, Robert L., 1861, 1916, Brother, V-3, (photo), (NW) Peach, Robert, 1843, 1901, U-1, (photo), (NW) PEACH, Robert, 1869-1925, U, (unmarked), (EKG)
Peach, William C., 30 Sep 1864, 22-May-1900, Our Son, S-1, (photo)
, (NW) Peach, William, 1837, 1876, Father GAR marker, V-5, (photo), (NW) PELLEGRINI, Silvio, 1889-1957, OO, (unmarked), (EKG)
Peters, William R., 9-Sep-1900, 22-Jan-1952, Pvt 162nd AAF BU Enlisted Sept 4 1942 Discharged 1944, T-1
Pfister, Louis H., 1906, 1967, RDD-2
Pfister, Marie M., , RDD-2
PIETRZAK, Stanley F., 1913-1988, OO, (unmarked), (EKG)
PIFSTER, Jane, (no dates), ?, (unmarked), (EKG)
Porada, Emma, 1905, 1981, Mother, C-3
Porada, Frank, 1904, 1976, Father, C-3
Quinn, James S., 6-May-1921 / Jan. 30, 2005, s/s Marie T., S, (photo), (BB)
Quinn, Marie T., "Nov. 4, 1918", ne, s/s James S., S, (photo), (BB)
QUINN, Robert, 1933-2010, (R) V, (EKG)
Rankin, James E., 1929, 1970, Small Wooden cross and cast Virgin Mary, NN-4
RAUBACK, Herman, d: 1913, MM, (unmarked), (EKG)
REID, Albert, 1901-1963, Q, (unmarked), (EKG)
Reid, Alexander, 1870, 1924, Z-8
Reid, Alice J., 1907, 1907, AA-8
Reid, Anna, 1875, 1918, Z-7
REID, Anna, 1877-1961, Q, (unmarked), (EKG)
REID, Ellsworth, 1906-1978, Q, (unmarked), (EKG)
Reid, Emma L., 1901, 1907, AA-10
Reid, John, 1871, 1923, Father, R-1
Reid, Our Baby, 1909, 1909, AA-9
Reid, Our Baby, 1911, 1911, AA-7
REID, Robert C., 1910-1910, R, (unmarked), (EKG)
REID, Robert C., d: 1912, Q, (unmarked), (EKG)
Reid, Wilhelmina, 1872, 1905, Mother, R-2
REID, William Mesing, 1905-1906, R, (unmarked), (EKG)
REILAND, Katherine C., 1896-1977, REE, (unmarked), (EKG)
REILAND, Matthew, 1891-1967, REE, (unmarked), (EKG)
Reisinger, Frank, 01 Mar 1899, 21-Jul-1968, D-4
REISINGER, Franz J., 1926-1969, D-4, (unmarked), (EKG)
Reisinger, Martha, 05 Dec 1894, 2-Aug-1962, D-4
RENZI, Victoria T. (Tkiesuk), 1931-1990, FF, (EKG)
Ringeisen, Alfred F., 1910, 1984, Father, L-1
Ringeisen, Alma M., 1913, Mother, L-1
RINGEISEN, Donald, 1935-1994, L, (unmarked), (EKG)
Ringeisen, Harriet L., 1899, 1978, Mother, K-2
Ringeisen, Ida M., 1930, 1984, Mother, K-1
Ringeisen, Magdalene, 1874, 1941, L-3
Ringeisen, Ormand a., 1899, 1981, Father, L-2
Ringeisen, Russell F., 27-Aug-1924, 7-Jan-1979, "Pvt US Army World War II also small stone ""Russ-God Bless 1924-1979", MM-4
Ringeisen, William J., 1894, 1978, Father, K-2
Ringeisen, William, 1870, 1952, L-3
RINGEISER, Wilson W. Jr., 1950-2009, K, (unmarked), (EKG)
Roberts, Emma L. Kirshman, 1909, 1993, Wife, I-4 (AK)
Roberts, James T., 1913, 1977, Husband, I-4
ROEBKE, Clara, (no dates), M-6, (unmarked), (EKG)
ROEBKE, F. W., d: 1908, M-6, (unmarked), (EKG)
ROEBKE, Henry, d: 1915, M-6, (unmarked), (EKG)
ROEBKE, Henry, d: 1915, M-6, (unmarked), (EKG)
Roebke, Maria, 1816, 1887, CC-9
Roellinger, Frederick, 1896, 1964, RDD-1
Roellinger, Mildred M., 1906, 1988, RDD-1
ROSSMAN, Virginia, 1919-2001, EE, (unmarked), (EKG)
Rowlands, Arnold R., 1891, 1973, Father, K-3
Rowlands, Clara, 1895, 1991, Mother, K-3
RUBER, Alma, 1910-1992, I, (unmarked), (EKG)
RUBER, Frank S., d: 1999, I, (unmarked), (EKG)
SCHIFFHAUER, Judith Ann, 1944-1994, KK, (unmarked), (EKG)
SCHILLO, Minnie C., 1913, 1979, Mother, HH-3, (EKG)
Schillo, Frank W., 1907, 1964, Father, HH-3
Schmidt, Ferdinand, 1858, 1916, RO-1
Schmidt, Marie K., 1858, 1922, RO-2
Schneider, Amanda, 1861, 1937, Mother, M-9
Schneider, Andrew, 1886, 1955, Father, D-1
Schneider, Carolyn, 1890, 1959, Daughter, M-10
Schneider, Christian, 1852, 1892, Father, M-9
SCHNEIDER, Christina, 1878-1929, M-11, (unmarked), (EKG)
Schneider, Marie, 1889, 1962, Mother, D-1
SCHRODER, Theodore, 1825-1911, RU, (unmarked), (EKG)
Schultz, Albert C., 1896, 1969, Father, II-4
Schultz, Anna, 1881, 1920, Mother, RO-3
Schultz, Dorothea C.F., 1839, 1915, Mutter, BB-2
Schultz, Earl A., 1909, 1911, Bronze vase holder only, CC-4
Schultz, Elsie A., 1904, 1977, Mother, II-4
Schultz, Frederick A., 1879, 1972, Father, HH-4
Schultz, Friedrich C.F., 1833, 1916, Vater, BB-2
SCHULTZ, Harry R., 1910-1991, II, (unmarked), (EKG)
Schultz, Henry A., 24 May 1883, 13-May-1970, II-2
SCHULTZ, Katherine, 1887-1979, HH-4, (EKG)
Schultz, Lawrence F., 1898, 1966, Father, HH-5
Schultz, Louis H., 1905, 1986, Thy will be done, II-3
Schultz, Magdalena, 1874, 1951, Mother, HH-6
Schultz, Margaret M., 1903, 1977, Mother, HH-5
SCHULTZ, Mildred M., 1919-1996, Mother, II-3, (EKG)
Schultz, Robert F., 1869, 1939, Father, HH-6
Schultz, Robert F., 1894, 1895, Bronze vase holder only, CC-5
SCHWEITZER, George, 1924-1994, F, (EKG)
Sheehan, Anna E. Kirschmann, Aug. 19, 1926 / Feb. 26, 1997, Loving Mother, F, (photo), (BB)
SHEMENDIAK, Peter, 1939-2004, D, (EKG)
Smith, Anna F., 1875, 1951, Mother, FF-3
SMITH, Charles, 1838-1912, GG, (unmarked), (EKG)
SMITH, Elmer, d: 1911, FF, (unmarked), (EKG)
SMITH, Howard James, 1905-1907, FF, (unmarked), (EKG)
SMITH, Louisa, 1881-1907, GG, (unmarked), (EKG)
Smith, Richard C., 1871, 1958, Father, FF-3
Smith, Susan, 1897, 1934, Nee Walker, EE-2
SNYDER, Adam, (no dates), RO, (unmarked), (EKG)
SOBIERALSKI, Philip, 1956-1996, L, (unmarked), (EKG)
SPARROW, Ellen, d: 1947, ?, (unmarked), (EKG)
Steiner, Minnie, 1904, 1987, Nee Reid Mother, V-6
Steiner, Nicholas, 1900, 1938, Father, V-6
STILLEY, Elizabeth, 1879-1971, EE-6, (unmarked), (EKG)
STILLEY, Elizabeth, 1879-1971, EE-6, (unmarked), (EKG)
STILLEY, Jerry, 1878-1961, EE-6, (unmarked), (EKG)
STILLEY, Jerry, 1878-1961, EE-6, (unmarked), (EKG)
Stilley,, Family name on marker only, EE-6
TAYLOR, Aranetta, d: 1932, S-4, (names worn off stone), (unmarked), (EKG)
TAYLOR, George, d: 1976, S-4, (names worn off stone), (unmarked), (EKG)
TAYLOR, William H., d: 1949, S-4, (unmarked), (EKG)
Taylor, Lot marked Taylor; name worn off stone, S-4
Thompson, Colin, 1871, 1947, Father, RL-1
Thompson, Daniel P., 14-Sep-1905, 11-Feb-1969, SGT 738th Bomb Squad US Army Enlisted March 4 1942 Discharged Sept 6 1945 Marker: Turtle Creek Fire Dept., RL-2
THOMPSON, Dewey, 1931-2002, G, (unmarked), (EKG)
Thompson, Marie, 1871, 1957, Mother, RL-1
Tkicsuk, Helen E., 1894, 1959, FF-2
TKICSUK, Helen, 1919-2003, L, (Peters wife), (EKG)
Tkicsuk, Peter, 1896, 1971, Father, FF-1
Tkicsuk, Victoria, 1918, 1926, FF-2
TOROK, Louis, d: 1953, NN, (unmarked), (EKG)
TRISKA, Elizabeth, 1899-1945, RH, (EKG)
Triska, Vincent F., 05 Apr 1899, 24-Feb-1979, Pvt US Army WWII, RH-1
Uecker, Bernhard, Geb 1 Jul 1874, Gest 14 April 1899, DD-3
Uecker, Christian, 1811, 1889, Vater, CC-2
Uecker, Emilie, Geb 30 Oct 1889, Gest 14 Aug 1895, DD-3
Uecker, Friederick, 22 Jun 1851, 2-Oct-1914, Nee Haselow Mother, EE-4
Uecker, Lillian M., 1885, 1952, Mother, CC-1
Uecker, Robert, 05 Dec 1850, 23-Nov-1931, Father, EE-3
Uecker, Robert, Gest 25 Sept 1894, Alter 1 mo., DD-3
Uecker, Sophia, 1820, 1885, Nee Frohling Mutter, CC-3
Uecker, William E., 1876, 1957, Father, CC-1
Vaupel, Alwine, 1890, 1961, Mother, J-2
Vaupel, Henry, 1889, 1952, Father, J-2
Wallenberg, Carl W., 1890, 1970, F-1
Wallenberg, Lillian M., 1888, 1970, F-1
Walters, Mary A., 7-Sep-1919, 7-Mar-1970, EE-1
Walters, Robert E., 5-Oct-1939, 31-Dec-1981, EE-1
Warren, Forest, 1891, 1960, RU-1
Warren, Louise L., 1892, 1966, RU-1
WATERMAN, Arthur, 1921-2007, M, (EKG)
WATERMAN, Arthur, 1946-2012, Q, (EKG)
Waterman, Caroline, 1853, 1934, M-4
Waterman, Charles E., 29-Jun-1901, 20-May-1987, Pvt US Army WW II, M-1
WATERMAN, Charles F., d: 1949, M, (unmarked), (EKG)
WATERMAN, Delores, d: 2012, E, (EKG)
Waterman, Elizabeth, 1874, 1962, Mother, M-2, (photo), (BB)
Waterman, Ferdinand N., 1869, 1943, Father, M-2
Waterman, Fred C., 1905, 1960, Father, N-2
Waterman, Karl E., 1848, 1907, M-3
Waterman, Mildred M., 1900, 1968, Mother, E-2
WATERMAN, Rose, 1909-1999, N, (EKG)
Waterman, Sarah, 1878, 1920, M-5
Waterman, Sophia, 1877, 1958, Sister, J-8
WATERMAN, Walter Edward, 1909-1910, M, (EKG)
WATERMAN, William C., d: 1998, E, (EKG)
Waterman, William J., 1898, 1967, Father, E-2
Watermann, Carolina, Geb 1 Feb 1840, Gest 25 June 1897, X-7
Watermann, Ferdinand, Geb 30 Sept 1837, Gest 5 Apr 1880, X-6
Werner, A. Mary, 1831, 1903, Mother, GG-3
Werner, Albert, 1831, 1910, Father, GG-4
Werner, Carrie C., 1870, 1936, Sister, FF-4
Werner, Clara, 1863, 1926, Nee Ritter Mother, FF-5
WERNER, Nelson, d: 1938, FF, (unmarked), (EKG)
Werner, S. Elizabeth, 1867, 1917, Sister, GG-2
Werner, William J., 1862, 1930, Father, FF-6
WHEWELL, Dora, 1925-2001, G, (EKG)
Wilhelm, Bertha A., 1903, 1988, Father, F-5
Wilhelm, Donald A., 25-Dec-1930, 17-Apr-1967, "PFC 3RD RCN CO. 3RD INF. Enlisted March 11, 1952 Discharged August 12 1954", E-3
Wilhelm, Emma G., 1908, 1950, F-4
Wilhelm, Flora E., 1905, 1975, Married 1924, G-4
Wilhelm, Henry G., 1904, 1983, Married 1924, G-4
Wilhelm, Joseph H. Jr., 1926, 1982, MOMM3-USN World War II, F-3
Wilhelm, Joseph H. Sr., 1902, 1984, F-5
WILLIAMS, Edward, 1920-1999, C, (EKG)
WINOWICH, Harry, 1923-2003, JJ, (EKG)
WINOWICH, John, d: 2012, (R) II, (EKG)
WINOWICH, Rose Marie, 1927-2003, JJ, (EKG)
Wolff, Christina, 24 Jun 1820, 20 Sep 1892, Mother, P-10
Wolff, F. Otto, 1854, 1913, Uncle, R-2
Wolff, J. Christian, 05 Jul 1819, 24 Feb 1896, Father, P-11
WOLFF, Johannes (John), 1887-1907, P, (unmarked), (EKG)
WOLFF, Margaret, d: 1907, P, (unmarked), (EKG)
WOLFF, Margaret, d: 1938, P, (unmarked), (EKG)
WOLFF, Mathilda M., 1880-1907, P, (unmarked), (EKG)
Wolff, Otto G., 19 Jul 1883, 21-Oct-1950, F-2
WOLFF, Robert Adam, 1895-1896, R, (unmarked), (EKG)
WOLFF, Robert, 1858-1903, R, (unmarked), (EKG)
WOLFF, William C., (no dates), P, (unmarked), (EKG)
WOLFF, William T., 1846-1905, P, (unmarked), (EKG)
YAGO, Ella H., d: 1913, FF, (unmarked), (EKG)
YAGO, Henry, 1889-1911, FF, (unmarked), (EKG)
ZEILER, Emilie, d: 1930, W, (unmarked), (EKG)
ZEILER, Henry F., d: 1914, W, (unmarked), (EKG)
ZEILER, Henry W., d: 1947, W, (unmarked), (EKG)
ZEILER, K., d: 1946, W, (unmarked), (EKG)
ZEILING, Harvey, d: 1916, MM, (unmarked), (EKG)
Zeismer, Alma W., 1885, 1961, Mother, I-2
ZEISMER, Erwin, 1924-2011, I, (EKG)
Zeismer, Hattie, 1893, 1943, L-4
Zeismer, Karl E., 1882, 1967, Father, I-2
Zeismer, Phyllis A., 1914, 1982, Mother, L-5
Zeismer, Richard E., 1888, 1966, L-4
Zeismer, Richard, 1912, Father, L-5
Zeismer, Wanda, 12 Aug 1892, 28-Feb-1988, D-6
ZIESMER, Donna, 1922-1993, I, (unmarked), (EKG)

Additional Contributors:
(AK) = Alfred Kirschman, [email protected]
(BB) = Bill Bodkin, [email protected]
(EKG) = Edith (Kirschman) Gruber, St. Paul's Cemetery Committee
(NW) = Nancy Watson, [email protected]

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