07St. George Cemetery, Bridgeville, PA

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                   St. George Cemetery Entrance, 2007                                                Shrine of St. George


St. George Cemetery Entrance, March, 2012
(They took down the arch with the name St. George because
they are building a new church and the construction trucks were too tall. -- MB)

St. George Cemetery
Washington Pike, Bridgeville, PA
(South Fayette Twp.)

Unless otherwise noted, Contributed & Copyrighted by
Victoria Hospodar Valentine, vvalentine4@com-nospam-cast.net

Contributors Note:
This cemetery is associated with St. George Church in Bridgeville, and is mostly Syrian.  I'm told that those buried here were all members of St. George, but that the congregation is made up of people from all around the Pittsburgh area, not just people from Bridgeville.

Posted: May 21, 2007  Last Update: October 13, 2013

Surname, First Name, Birthdate, Deathdate, Other (Links/Photos)
ABOOD, George S., 12-3-1916 / 9-24-2010, US ARMY AIR CORPS, WORLD WAR II, same stone as Louise A. Abood, (from obituary, MB)
ABOOD, Joseph, 1902-1976
ABOOD, Louise A., Jan. 8, 1922-Apr. 17, 2006, Star pitcher 1939 World�s Fair, same stone as George
ABOOD, Miriam, 1903-2000
ABRAHAM, David P., Dec. 10, 1951-May 20, 1952, Son
ABRAHAM, George, Apr. 11, 1918-Feb. 16, 1993, M SGT US Army WW II, Korea
ABRAHAM, James R., 1956-1978
ABRAHAM, James, Jan 22, 1928-July 8, 2005
ABRAHAM, Jennie, 1895-1982, same stone as Tony
ABRAHAM, John, 1907-1984, same stone as Minerva
ABRAHAM, Joseph Anthony, Jan 26, 1913-Oct. 27, 1963, M SGT. 34 Engr B & S Regt, WW II
ABRAHAM, Mary Louise, 5-4-1925 / 2-11-2007, "A time to weep and a time to laugh", (MB)
ABRAHAM, Minerva T., 1912-2001, same stone as John
ABRAHAM, Philip family, no names or dates
ABRAHAM, Tony, 1882-1961, same stone as Jennie, photo on stone
ABRAHMS, Alex, 1882-1944, same stone as Rahmi
ABRAHMS, Jewell, 1911-1983
ABRAHMS, John W., 1922-1999, Vet WW II
ABRAHMS, Josephine, 1916-2002
ABRAHMS, Mary, 1906-1993
ABRAHMS, Michael M., 1904-1971
ABRAHMS, Rahmi, 1888-1969, same stone as Alex
ABRAMS, Harry (Rube), 1915-1979, Beloved Father
ABRAMS, HARRY, 1915-1979, Pvt. US Marine Corp WW II
ABRAMS, Lillie M., no dates, same stone as Lou
ABRAMS, Lou, 1912-1994, same stone as Lillie
AHWESH, John, 1938-1940
ALBERT, Edward, 1924-1998, same stone as Marian, photo on stone
ALBERT, Marian, no dates, same stone as Edward, photo on stone
ALLEN, Anna D., Jan. 9, 1914-Aug. 19, 1996, same stone as Anthony
ALLEN, Anthony A., Apr. 9, 1914-Sept. 16, 1979, same stone as Ann
ANTION, David Roger, Oct. 30, 1944-Nov. 23, 2002, same stone as Lois E.
ANTION, Edna, April 15, 1886-April 6, 1972
ANTION, Ethel, Jan. 9, 1909-Aug. 2, 1999
ANTION, Lois E. HUNTER, no dates, same stone as David
ANTION, Sam & Ruth, 1923
ANTON, Scandra, 1885-1957, photo on stone
ATHAS, Anthony, 1909-1983, same stone as Helen
ATHAS, Helen, 1909-1999, same stone as Anthony
AYOUB, Edmund Sr., no dates, same stone as Judith�Ann
AYOUB, Judith-Ann, June 14, 1934-Apr. 2, 2006, same stone as Edmund
BRIGGS, Millie, 1916 / 1995, (metal funeral home marker), (MB)
BRYAN, Abraham, 1907-1981, same stone as Samera
BRYAN, Anthony, 1877-1959, Father, same stone as Sadie
BRYAN, Louis, 1913-1995, Sgt. US Army WW II, same stone as Stella
BRYAN, no names or dates, two stones at the foot of the stone
BRYAN, Richard G., 1928-1983, at the foot of the large stone
BRYAN, Robert M. Sr., June 6, 1932-Aug. 28, 1995, Cpl. US Army Korea
BRYAN, Sadie, 1879-1976, same stone as Anthony
BRYAN, Samera, 1907-1993, same stone as Abraham
BRYAN, Stella, no dates, same stone as Louis
BRYAN, Virginia, no dates, at the foot of the large stone
BYERS, Nora BRYAN, 1904-1996, Mother
CHARLES, Dias D., Sept. 8, 1911-Feb. 29, 1996, same stone as Rose
CHARLES, Freda R. 1912-1977
CHARLES, Jennie, 1890-1975, same stone as Michael
CHARLES, Michael, 1881-1949, same stone as Jennie
CHARLES, Rose Z., 6-6-1920 / 10-8-2007, same stone as Dias D. Charles, (MB)
CONNOLLY, William E., July 8, 1904-Dec. 22, 1956, PFC ERC AUS, Enlisted Sept. 10, 1942, Discharged Jan 16, 1945.
COREY, Albert, 6-10-1901 / 2-8-1976, "TRAI-AHH YA-BAY-EE", (MB)
COREY, Arnold J., 7-16-1931 / 9-25-2008, Married 8-13-1955, same stone as Dolores Corey, (MB)
COREY, Dolores, (no dates), Married 8-13-1955, same stone as Arnold J. Corey, (MB)
COREY, Frances, no dates, same stone as Norman Sr.
COREY, George, 1889-1958, Father
COREY, Mary, 1893-1945, Mother
COREY, Mary, 2-14-1903 / 9-8-1980, "MA-A-SLG-ME IM'-MA" (as close as I could get it, had some foreign letter), (MB)
COREY, Norma, 1926-1947, daughter
COREY, Norman Sr., 1926-2004, same stone as Frances
CROSS, Louis E., 1921-1989, same stone as Mary D.
CROSS, Louis E., July 23, 1921-Jan. 31, 1989, PFC US Army, WW II
CROSS, Mary D., 1921 / 2008, same stone as Louis E. Cross, (MB)
CROSS, Mary, March 10, 1900-Sept. 1, 1988, Mother, same stone as Samuel
CROSS, Samuel E., 7-2-1892 / 7-1-1951, PFC BTRY D 65TH F A, ENLISTED 6-10-1917 DISCHARGED 1-13-1919, (MB)
CROSS, Samuel E., July 2, 1892-July 1, 1951, Father , same stone as Mary
DAGAR, Michael A., 1910-1986, same stone as Symaria
DAGAR, Symaria S., 1917 / 2013, same stone as Michael
DAN, Annie, 1893-1953, same stone as Philip
DAN, Charles P., Apr. 9, 1912-June 28, 1983, TEC 5, US Army WWII
DAN, David M., Feb. 4, 1910-Jan. 9, 1985, PVT US Army WW II
DAN, Norbert, 1924-1936
DAN, Philip, 1886-1956, same stone as Annie
DAN, Sam, Aug. 14, 1911-Dec. 2, 1972, TEC 4 US Army WW II
DAVID, Albert, 1881-1952
DAVID, Archpriest Samuel, Nov. 19, 1927-May 8, 1999, same stone as Janet
DAVID, Carol A., Jan. 7, 1947-April 5, 2003
DAVID, Cpl. David, 1917-1972, 380th Bomb G. P. WW II
DAVID, Dr. Campbell G., 1908-1998, same stone as Olive
DAVID, Edward George, 1918-2001, same stone as Louise Frances
DAVID, George "Money", 1912 / 1997, US NAVY, WW 2, same stone as Louise David, (MB)
David, George Philip, Feb. 10, 1950 / September 3, 2010, s/o George �Money� David and Louise Abraham David, (PN)
DAVID, Helen SATOOT, 1890-1962, same stone as Joseph
DAVID, Helen, 1887-1943, Mother, same stone as John
DAVID, Janet M., no dates, same stone as Archpriest Samuel
DAVID, John A., Feb. 6, 1944-Nov. 26, 1981, US Army
DAVID, John, 1887-1950, Father, same stone as Helen
DAVID, Joseph, 1880-1973, same stone as Helen
DAVID, Louise Frances, 1922-1976, same stone as Edward George
DAVID, Louise, 1918-2004, same stone as George
DAVID, Mary, Feb. 26, 1922
DAVID, Mary (no dates) "In loving memory of", (MB)
DAVID, Olive, 1917 / 2007, same stone as Dr. Campbell G. David, (MB)
DAVID, Peter John, Dec. 23, 1969-Sept. 8, 1992
DAVID, Ruth E., Aug. 16, 1925-Nov. 13, 1990
DAVID, Sarah, 1887-1968
DAVID, Sue, Mar. 28, 1915-Feb. 15, 2005
DEACON, Alexander 1926-2001, same stone as Minnie
DEACON, Alexander, 1926-2001, Pvt. US Army WW II
DEACON, Alexis, 1951-1952
DEACON, Louis, May 25, 1891-Nov. 19, 1958, same stone as Mary
DEACON, Mary, May 5, 1892-Jan. 26, 1960, same stone as Louis
DEACON, Minnie, no dates, same stone as Alexander
DEACON, Samuel Jr., 1929-1957, same stone as Samuel & Sarah
DEACON, Samuel L. Jr., July 13, 1929-Dec. 11, 1957, S/Sgt. 97th Wing 342nd Bomb Sq., Enlisted Sept. 29, 1950, Discharged Oct. 21, 1953
DEACON, Samuel, 1909-1973, same stone as Sarah & Samuel Jr.
DEACON, Sarah, 1909-1985, same stone as Samuel & Samuel Jr.
DEBBIS, James A., 1915-1965
DEBBIS, John A., 1893 / 1946, same stone as Zalpha Debbis, (MB)
DEBBIS, Zalpha, 1893 / 1976, same stone as John A. Debbis, (MB)
DEEB, Alex Eassa, 1888-1955
DEEB, Elizabeth, 1889-1939
DEEB, Paul H. Jr., Mar. 18, 1953-Nov. 9, 1985
DEEB, Paul H., June 2, 1917-Mar 2, 1974, Capt. US Army, WW II
DEEP, Arlene, no dates, same stone as George B. Sr.
DEEP, Avigail J. (no dates), same mausoleum as Flora and Sarah Jane Deep, (MB)
DEEP, Elizabeth, 1904-2002, Mother, same stone as Thomas
DEEP, Flora (no dates), same mausoleum as Avigail J. and Sarah Jane Deep, (MB)
DEEP, George B. Sr., Oct. 14, 1928-Feb. 13, 1994, same stone as Arlene
DEEP, Harold J., 1946-1999, Beloved Father
DEEP, Harold J., Oct. 4, 1946-May 13, 1999, SGT US Army Vietnam
DEEP, John T. Sr., 1943-2000, US Army
DEEP, Mike, Jan. 25, 1898-Oct. 31, 1968, same stone as Sarah
DEEP, no names no dates, the front has an inset where it appears something should have been, but never was put in or was removed.
DEEP, Sarah, Jan 18, 1909-aug. 16, 1996, same stone as Mike
DEEP, Sarah Jane (no dates), same mausoleum as Flora and Avigail J. Deep, (MB)
DEEP, Thomas A., 1890-1968, Father, same stone as Elizabeth
DEEP, Thomas Murray, 1957, Son
ELIAS, Grace E., 1922-2001, Amazing Grace (Gracie), Queen of Rustproofing
ELIAS, John or Joe?, Died 11-26-1955 (homemade cement stone, could not find on SSDI to verify), (MB)
ELIAS, John, died Nov. 26, 1955, homemade stone
ELIAS, Louis J., 1916-1990, Mr. Undercoat Himself, King of Rustproofing
ELIAS, Thelma, Died 10-17-1943 (homemade cement stone, could not find on SSDI to verify), (MB)
ELIAS, Zug, 1888-1944
FADDEL, Jacob, died April 29, 1946
FARAH, George Hassan, 11-15-1992 / 12-8-2007, photo etched into stone, (MB)
FARAH, Helen, 1895-1979, photo on stone
FARAH, Namy G., 1892-1965, photo on stone
FERRIS, Abe John, May 10, 1882-Aug. 29, 1956, Father
FERRIS, Anne, 1908 / 2001, "Beloved wife and mother", (MB)
FERRIS, George, 1909-1990, same stone as Sarah
FERRIS, Helen, 8-14-1922 / 6-3-2009, (MB)
FERRIS, Joseph, 1907-1994, Beloved Husband and Father
FERRIS, Sarah, 1911-2002, same stone as George
FOSTER, Adrienne, 1920-1997, same stone as Herb
FOSTER, Herb, 1920-1986, same stone as Adrienne
GEORGE, Catherine DAVID, 1924 / 1997, CPL US WOMEN'S MARINE CORPS 1944 / 1946, "In loving memory", (MB)
GRANT, Alexis V., July 26, 1958-July 14, 2004, photo on tomb
HADDAD, Amin, Feb. 10, 1893-Sept. 1, 1970
HADDAD, David G., 1923-1979, PFC US Army WW II
HADDAD, David G., 1923-1979, PFC US Army, WW II
HADDAD, George M., May 26, 1903-July 9, 1973
HADDAD, James Najeeb, Aug. 16, 1888-Dec. 21, 1958
HADDAD, Lottie SIMON, July 24, 1900-Sept. 15, 1956
HANNA, Alfred J., 1923 / 2007, same stone as Dorothy A. Hanna, (WW 2 flag holder), (MB)
HANNA, Ann, May 25, 1914-Jan. 25, 1996
HANNA, Carmen J., 1956-1991, Son
HANNA, Dorothy A., 1930 / 2008, same stone as Alfred J. Hanna, (MB)
HANNA, Elizabeth, 1885-1964, Mother, same stone as Phillip
HANNA, Evelyn V., July 26, 1919-Jan. 5, 2003, same stone as George
HANNA, George M., 1892-1964, same stone as Rose
HANNA, George P., 2-28-1915 / 11-1-2000
, same stone as Evelyn, (MB)
HANNA, James, 1924-1983
HANNA, Phillip, 1885-1965, Father, same stone as Elizabeth
HANNA, Rose M., 1897-1968, same stone as George
HARBIN, Walter S., Jr., June 1, 1923-April 6, 1983
HAYNES, Bradford C., May 7, 1952-July 14, 1981
HAYNES, Clifford E., Jr., (age 19), 8-29-1949 / KIA 5-26-1969, PENNSYLVANIA, PFC US MARINE CORPS, VIETNAM, PURPLE HEART, (MB)
HAYNES, Clifford E., Sr., 1926 / 1985, same stone as Helen M. Haynes, (MB)
HAYNES, Helen M., no dates, same stone as Clifford Sr.
HECK, Laraine ABRAMS, 8-31-1948 / 5-28-1983, (MB)
HERMAN, Charles W., (died) 6-13-2009, same stone as Christine Herman, (SSDI 9-26-1914 / 6-13-2009), (MB)
HERMAN, Christine, (died) 6-15-2000, same stone as Charles W. Herman, (SSDI 6-22-1923 / 6-15-2000), (MB)
HOFFMAN, Eloise A. ELIAS, 1941-1994
HORNEY, Daniel J., Aug. 22, 1905-Oct. 10, 1975, Col. US Army, WW II, Korea, Vietnam
HORNEY, Josephine BRYAN, June 10, 1912-Dec. 17, 1989
ISAAC, Afifi, 1900-1991, same stone as Mikhail
ISAAC, Mikhail, 1902-1987, same stone as Afifi
JAMIL, Rifka HADDAD, Mar. 20, 1900-Dec. 11, 1961
JOHN, Louis, Dec. 15, 1897-June 12, 1965
JOSEPH, Annie, Mar. 12, 1911-Mar. 31, 2000
JOSEPH, Dolores M., 1926 / 2008, same stone as Michael S. Joseph, (MB)
JOSEPH, Eugene A. Sr., 1938-2002
JOSEPH, Joe S. �Shady�, 1917-1989, PFC US Army WW II
JOSEPH, Joseph P., 1916 / 1985, same stone as Nellie M. Joseph, (MB)
JOSEPH, Katherine, 1889 / 1957, same stone as Shady Joseph, photo on stone, (MB)
JOSEPH, Michael S., 1920-2002, US Army WW II, same stone as Dolores
JOSEPH, Nellie, 1917-1982, same stone as Joseph
JOSEPH, Richard S., 1930 / 1979, (MB)
JOSEPH, Shady, 1890 / 1971, same stone as Katherine Joseph, (MB)
KASHEY, John, 1850 / 1938, Grandfather, (MB)
KATREN, Lobbad, 1915-1998
KENNEDY, Nina SHADY, Oct. 1, 1909-Apr. 17, 1958
KHALIL, Agnes, July 29, 1929-Sept. 15, 2003, photo on stone
KHALIL, Angelica, July 25, 2004, daughter of Ziad & Nisreen
KHALIL, Babies Helen & Mariam, Aug. 5, 1994, parents Jamil & Odeese KHALIL
KHALIL, Baby Michael and Elias, May 20, 1961
KHALIL, Charles E., June 16, 1913-March 7, 1982
KHALIL, Edith J., 1915-1995, same stone as John
KHALIL, Elias, Apr. 1885-Sept. 1936, photo on stone
KHALIL, Elias, 4-15-1931 / 10-1-2007, photo on stone, (MB)
KHALIL, Elma H., Feb. 22, 1918-Oct. 19, 2001, photo on stone
KHALIL, Helani, Jan. 1, 1907-Apr. 1, 1997, photo on stone
KHALIL, Jabour, May 15, 1895-Aug. 30, 1965, photo on stone
KHALIL, John E., 1910-1997, same stone as Edith
KHALIL, Joseph, May 31, 1938-Jan. 21, 2001, US Army, Oct. 24, 1961-Oct. 23, 1963, Photo on stone
KHALIL, Makhaber, Jan. 1, 1901-May 4, 1978, photo on stone
KHALIL, Mary, Mar. 15, 1890-Jan. 5, 1970, photo on stone
KHALIL, Rahmy, 1885-July 27, 1941, photo on stone
KHALIL, William, Dec. 5, 1929-Nov. 26, 1972, photo on stone
KHALIL, Zareefee, July 20, 1905-Apr. 12, 1955, photo on stone
KHOURY, Nicholas, 1895-1941
KHOURY, Saud, 3-25-1940 / 8-23-2009, (MB)
LANGER, John T. Sr., 1914-1976, PFC US Army WW II
LANGER, John T., 1914-1976, same stone as Sally
LANGER, Sally H., no dates, same stone as John
LEWELLYN, Alma TONEY, 1927 / 2007, same stone as Donald Dean Lewellyn, (MB)
LEWELLYN, Donald Dean, 1930-1994, same stone as Alma
LYONS, Mason Joseph, 2005-2006
LYTTLE, scratched in cement
LYTTLE, Thelma SAM, 3-23-1919 / 5-20-2006, "In loving memory", (MB)
MAIOLIE, Gloria S., no dates, same stone as Melo, photo on stone
MAIOLIE, Melo Jr., 1925-1999, US Navy, WW II, same stone as Gloria, photo on stone
MANSOUR, Linda, Oct. 1, 1912-Mar. 24, 1999, photo on stone
MARTIN, Josephine, 1919 / 1974, (MB)
MCALLISTER, Frank E., 1948-2003, same stone as Prudence
MCCALLISTER, Prudence, no dates, same stone as Frank
MELILLO, Jean SHADY, Feb. 27, 1913-Aug. 19, 2004
MENCOR, George, 1883 / 1976, Father, (MB)
MIKE, Joseph, 1895-1961, same stone as Sophia, photo on stone
MIKE, Sophia, 1905-1994, same stone as Joseph, photo on stone
MIKEL, John, 1889-1974, same stone as Rose
MIKEL, Rose, 1896-1977, same stone as John
MIKUS, Donald, 1944 / 2010, "Entered Heaven. This day you will be with me in Paradise.", (MB)
MIKUS, Kristin, 1968-1983
MONSOUR, Abraham, 1888-1968, Father, photo on stone
MONSOUR, Annesi, 1894-1961, Mother, photo on stone
MONSOUR, George, 1893-1963, photo on stone
NACKOUL, Alexandria, 1888-1937, Mother, same stone as Tony
NACKOUL, Anthony, 1912-1974, WW II Veteran
NACKOUL, David, Oct. 8, 1923-Apr. 18, 2006, US Army, WW II, same stone as Sally
NACKOUL, Lulubelle, 1917-1993, same stone as Michael
NACKOUL, Michael, 1916-1981, same stone as Lulubelle
NACKOUL, Sally F., 2-17-1925 / 2-18-2013, same stone as David Nackoul
NACKOUL, Tony, 1885-1950, Father, same stone as Alexandria
NAKOUL, Albert, 5-21-1919 / 1-17-2008, US ARMY, WW 2, same stone as Lena Nakoul, (MB)
NAKOUL, Lena (no dates), same stone as Albert Nakoul, (MB)
NAMEN, Leo, Mar. 2, 1915-Feb. 22, 1982, same stone as Minerva.
NAMEN, Minerva DAVID, July 24, 1908-Sept. 4, 1987, same stone as Leo
NAMY, Asmma JACOB, 1887-1936, same stone as Thomas
NAMY, Doris R., 1922-1977, same stone at Mitchell
NAMY, Hannah COREY, 1888 / 1970, same stone as Sam A. Namy, (MB)
NAMY, Mitchell, August 1, 1912 / February 1, 2013, same stone as Doris, (PN)
NAMY, Philip A., 1881-1938, Father, same stone as Tamra
NAMY, Sam A., 1893 / 1968, same stone as Hannah Corey Namy, (MB)
NAMY, Tamra MOSES, 1883-1931, same stone as Philip
NAMY, Thomas Abraham, 1882-1972, same stone as Asmma
NASSAR, Albert Gabriel, 1927-1994
NASSAR, Josephine B., 1915-1971, same stone as Naman
NASSAR, Naman E., 1900-1984, same stone as Josephine
NEUMAN, Dolores KHALIL, Oct. 31, 1932-May 19, 1987, photo on stone
NUGENT, Joseph W. & Mercedes J., no dates
PERLINGER, Selma MICKEL, "Sally", 12-16-1927 / 5-8-2007, (MB)
PHILIPS, John, 1915-1999, same stone as Pauline, photo on stone
PHILIPS, Pauline, 1920-2003, same stone as John, photo on stone
PRUNCHAK, Margaret Charles Sullivan, 1918 / 1985, "Absent in body but present in spirit", (MB)
RODGERS, Lucy COFFMAN, 1900-1993, Mother
ROMAH, Alex N., no dates same stone as Muna
ROMAH, Muna K., July 25, 1942-July 22, 2002, same stone as Alex.
SABA, Elias M., Dec. 21, 1921-Aug. 3, 1989
SABA, Wajiha, Sept. 12, 1923-Feb. 22, 1975, Loving mother
SALEM, Ann V., 8-15-1915 / 2-7-2006, photo on stone, (MB)
SALEM, Charles Tracy, May 8, 1943-May 9, 1959, YMCA
SALEM, John H., Sr., Feb. 12, 1912-July 1, 1973, YMCA, photo on stone
SALEM, Naif, Jan. 17, 1892-Feb. 29, 1968
SALEM, Sophie, Sept. 2, 1925-Nov. 15, 1996, same stone as William J. Salem, (nee Khalil)
SALEM, Susan, Oct. 10, 1896-Sept. 27, 1973
SALEM, William J., 2-26-1921 / 10-2-2013, same stone as Sophie Khalil Salem
SAM, Clara, 1892-1967, same stone as Joseph
SAM, Frederick Deacon, May 12, 1924-Aug. 7, 1974, Gidu, same stone as Margaret
SAM, Frederick Deacon, May 12, 1924-Aug. 7, 1974, Pvt. US Army World War II
SAM, Joseph, 1887-1970, same stone as Clara
SAM, Julia, 1919 / 2008, Mom, same stone as Michael J. Sam, (MB)
SAM, Margaret Mafrica, Dec. 8, 1913-Nov. 28, 1997, Nanna, same stone as Frederick
SAM, Michael J., 1919-1985, same stone as Julia
SAM, Sadie ABOOD, Sept. 10, 1894-April 12, 1960, photo on stone
SAM, Sarah J., 1911-1977, same stone as Tony
SAM, Tony, 1883-1971, same stone as Sarah
SAMNE, Archimandrite Gabriel Ameen, Born Damascus, Syria, July 15, 1907, died New Castle PA, May 11, 1977
SAMS, Charles, 1880-1966, Father, same stone as Elizabeth
SAMS, Curtis W., 1911-2001, same stone as Edna
SAMS, Edith A., no dates, same stone as Shady
SAMS, Edna, 1914-1998, same stone as Curtis
SAMS, Elizabeth, 1889-1969, Mother, same stone as Charles
SAMS, Judy YOUNG, no dates, same stone as Ronald
SAMS, Lawrence, Feb. 12, 1915-Jan. 23, 1977, US Army, WWW II
SAMS, La Mese "Lum", 2-12-1924 / 12-25-1970, (MB)
SAMS, Michael, 1-27-1920�7-22-1999, Son
SAMS, Ronald F. Sr., June 17, 1926-Oct. 5, 2001, same stone as Judy
SAMS, Shady R., 1916-2003, same stone as Edith
SCHICKEL, Clem A., May 3, 1898-July 1, 1963, US Navy WW II, same stone as Emily And Shelley and Sherry YUSTAK
SCHICKEL, Emily, May 16, 1913-April 15, 1998, same stone as Clem and Shelley & Sherry YUSTAK
SCHULZENDORF, Albert, June 26, 1904-March 23, 1940, Husband
SHADY, Charles, June 20, 1907-Nov. 5, 1969, photo on stone
SHADY, George J., 10-25-1921 / 11-28-2006, T SGT US ARMY AIR FORCES, WW 2, AIR MEDAL, (MB)
SHADY, Helen, July 8, 1914-Aug. 25, 1988
SHADY, Joseph, died 1937, photo on stone
SHADY, Margaret �Peg�, May 3, 1919-May 29, 1978
SHADY, Mary A., April 19, 1916-Oct. 31, 2005, photo on stone
SHADY, Sara, May 22, 1893-Jan. 7, 1960
SHAFFER, Anthony Brian, 4-13-1972, Grandson (childlike design on stone), (MB)
SHAFFER, Marian, May 22, 1924-April 23, 1959, Wife-Mother
SHIMKUS, Selma DEACON, July 8, 1911-Oct. 5, 1987
SIMAAN, Adib Y., 1907-1988
SIYUFY, Fred Michael, (died) 9-7-2008, "Our love eternal", same stone as Mary Rita Siyufy, (SSDI 2-14-1914 / 9-7-2008), (MB)
SIYUFY, Mary Rita, (died) 6-3-1980, "Our love eternal", same stone as Fred Michael Siyufy, (SSDI 10-17-1909 / 6-3-1980), (MB)
SMITH, Charles R., Oct. 10, 1972, same stone as Rose
SMITH, Rose H., 1907-2001, same stone as Charles R.
SNYDER, Charles Edward, Jan. 6, 1938-Mar. 26, 1978, same stone as Delores
SNYDER, Delores CHARLES, no dates, same stone as Charles
THOMAS, David, 1876-1954
TONEY, Amy HAJAL, June 17, 1936-Oct. 9, 2002, same stone as Donald, married June 27, 1958
TONEY, Charles, 1926-1948, photo on stone
TONEY, Donald George, no dates, same stone as Amy
TONEY, Mary, 1905-1976, same stone as Mike, photo on stone
TONEY, Mike, 1892-1968, same stone as Mary, photo on stone
TONEY, Murray, 1880-1991, Father, same stone as Nassima
TONEY, Nassima, 1913-1988, Mother, same stone as Murray
TONEY, Samuel, Nov. 18, 1904-Jan. 5, 1998
TONEY, Selma E., October 1, 1910-March 31, 1989
TONY, Richard A., 6-1-1930 / 11-8-2008, (MB)
TONY, Richard A., 6-1-1930 / 11-8-2008, SSGT US AIR FORCE, KOREA, (separate military marker), (MB)
UNKNOWN, Alex, 1882-1954
UNKNOWN, Mary, 1885-1948
URBANIC, Frank, 1913-1981, same stone as Nedra
URBANIC, Nedra, 1915-1975, same stone as Frank
VON HEDEMANN, Lorraine SHIMKUS, Feb. 9, 1943-Dec. 26, 1993
YUSTAK, Shelley, no dates, daughter of Pete & Ann, same stone as Sherry and Clem & Emily SCHICKEL
YUSTAK, Sherry, no dates, daughter of Ted & Arleen, same stone as Shelley and Clem & Emily SCHICKEL

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