Christler Family Cemetery-Beaver County, PA

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Christler Family Cemetery
Shippingport Borough
Beaver Co., PA
(Unless otherwise marked, information contributed by Larry Thompson, lt0168 AT epix DOT net)

Directions: About 500 Ft. east of where Rt 168 turn onto the bridge, turn onto Ferry Hill Rd.and go about 700 Ft. Just after you pass Allison Road turn on to a small road to the left untill you see the cemetery.

Posted:  September 25, 2007   Last Update: September 25,  2007

Surname, First Name, Birthdate, Deathdate, Other (Links/Photos)
CHRISTLER, Eprhiam Christler Died Feb. 9, 1894 aged 76 y __m, 18d.
CHRISTLER, John, d. July 13, 1873 Aged 86 yrs 8ms 2 days.
CHRISTLER, John, Dec. 11 1786 July 13 1873
FRONK, Solomon, 1816 - 1896, Father
FRONK, Rosanah, 1820 - 1916, Mother
FRONK, John C., 1848 - 1920
FRONK, Rebecca, 1850 - 1921
FRONK, Lizabeth, 1856 - 19__
MARKER, Catherine, wife of Sampson Marker Died Dec. 20, 1869 Aged 65 years
MARKER, Hester Ann, Died April 10, 1905 age 61 ys.
MARKER, Thomas, died _____1910 age 78 ys.
MARKER, William Marker died July 19 _____
SWANEY, David H., 1835 - 1893, Father
SWANEY, Izetta L., 1860 - 1870
SWANEY, Lucinda C., 1835 - 1926, Mother

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