Oakdale Old German Cemetery, Oakdale, PA, Contributed Information

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Oakdale Old German Cemetery
Union Avenue
Oakdale, PA

From the contributor, Victoria Hospodar Valentine:

Located back in some woods off Union Avenue in Oakdale, PA, perhaps a half
a mile from the Oakdale Cemetery, in Allegheny County, PA

I'm not sure if this cemetery has an actual name. I have only seen
one reference to it in an obit and it was called the Old German Cemetery.

These are the only readable stones, and in fact, are almost all the visable stones
in the cemetery. There were perhaps three or four others that were too badly
weathered to be read. My thought is that there are actually more graves here
than have stones and the reason for that thought is that there are many depressions
in the earth with no headstones, and the marked burial sites are quite spread out, as
though there are others missing. The whole area is overrun with plants which are
not native to our area, such as Yucca and orange lillies and those which
are generally cultivated, such as creeping myrtle, and some roses.

Recorded & Photographed 4-24-04

(unless otherwise noted as "Source", these files were)
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Victoria Hospodar Valentine, [email protected]
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Posted May 17, 2004; Updated: May 17, 2004


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Surname, First Name, Birthdate, Deathdate, Other

CHESSNUTT, Samuel Gamble, Mar. 30, 1892-July 31, 1935, Private Co. K, 56th Engineers, Enlisted May 27, 1918, Discharged Feb. 17, 1919
HENNEMUTH, Elsie, June 29, 1897-Mar. 29, 1899
KRAMER, A. K., B. Mar. 4, 1906, D. Mar. 7, ****, no year is inscribed, this is a homemade stone
KRAMER, E. J., B. Feb. 26, 1908, D. May 9, ****, no year is inscribed on this homemade stone
KRAMER, R. A., B. Aug. 23, 1897, D. Dec. 11, ****, no year is inscribed on this homemade stone
KUHLMAN, Henry A., 1864-1934, Father, Masonic Symbol
LORENZ, Father, Mother, no given names or dates
LORENZ, John, 1879-1926
LORENZ, Sophia, 1844-1921
LORENZ, Valentine, 1844-1932
LORENZ, William, Infant Son
METZ, Jacob H., 1869-1919, Husband
METZ, Jacob Sr., 1st of 2 Jacob METZ stones, all different men, side by side. ? Father and Son? This one is unreadable except for name.
OTT, Charles, 1887, can’t read inscription, one face on same spire as Rose, this one doesn’t have a smaller stone
OTT, Father
OTT, George
OTT, George, 1899-1903, same face as William T.
OTT, John
OTT, Mother
OTT, Rosa
OTT, Rose A., 1885-1890, one face on a spire, smaller stones with just first names grouped around it
OTT, William
OTT, William T., 1883-1905, same face as George
SCHLAICH, Barbara E., 1848-1893
SCHLAICH, Frank J., 1889-1891
SCHLAICH, Plazi, 1845-1930
STEUP, written on base, in STYPE plot, top of stone on ground, face up, weathered badly
STYPE, Henry A., 1866-1901
STYPE, ?????, small stone in STYPE plot, marked HMS
STYPE, ?????, small stone in STYPE plot, marked KS
WHITE, Samuel R., 1897-1932, Father
WILHELM, Albert, 1881-1893
WILHELM, Bertha, 1839-1928, Mother
WILHELM, Charles, Co. I, 5th PA Cav., Dec. 17, 1918
WILHELM, George Alfred, Mar. 15, 1884-Oct. 18, 1886, same stone as Richard
WILHELM, Richard, Mar. 15, 1884-Oct. 19, 1886, same stone as George
WILHELM, Sophia, 1872-1881
WILHELM, Wm. 2(?P) Lt. 5 PA Vol. Ca.., Jan 11, 1923



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