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Recorded/Contributed by Janice Cooper, Jan82942 AT aol.com
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Posted: August 27, 2004
Updated: May 25, 2011
Surname, First Name, Birthdate, Deathdate, Other
BARR, Emma E., died Apr 5, 1893, aged 43 yrs., same stone as John
BARR, John, 1835-1912, same stone as Emma E.
BARR, Margaret E., 1832-1908, Sister [next to John & Emma]
BELL, Mary E., 1858-1944
CONLEY, unreadable, died Nov 29, 18__(?), age unreadable [could be a child]
CRAWFORD, Blanche, nee SIBLEY, 1882-1958
CRAWFORD, Charles W., 1851-1926
CRAWFORD, Eliza, nee MAHAN, 1820-1899, Wife of Robert F. CRAWFORD, same stone as Robert F.
CRAWFORD, Ira B., 1863-1946, same stone as Mary
CRAWFORD, James S., Oct 25, 1813-Sep 14, 1877, same stone as Mary J.
CRAWFORD, Jennie, Oct 28, 1858-Feb 17, 1906, Wife of C.W. CRAWFORD
CRAWFORD, Lyde E., 1852-1940 [next to James S., Mary J., Blanche, Chas. W., and Jennie CRAWFORD]
CRAWFORD, Mary J., May 17, 1817-Jul 18, 1886, same stone as James S.
CRAWFORD, Mary, 1877-1964, same stone as Ira B.
CRAWFORD, Melissa, died April 6, 18__(?), aged 21 yrs, 2 mos. & 3 days, Wife of (?) [husband's name is unreadable], [next to Sarah, Robert F. & Eliza]
CRAWFORD, Robert F., 1820-1899, same stone as Eliza MAHAN CRAWFORD, his wife
CRAWFORD, Sarah, died Aug 18, 1888, aged 36 yrs. [beside Robert F. & Eliza M.]
GILLELAND, Angeline, 1841-1902
GILLELAND, John, died May 9, 1909, in his 78th year, same stone as Mary
GILLELAND, Mary, died Dec 8, 1892, in her 58th year, same stone as John
GILLELAND, Matilda C., 1868-1953, same stone as Orrie D.
GILLELAND, Orrie D., 1869-1947, same stone as Matilda C.
GILLELAND, William, Died Feb 13, 1890, age 53 yrs.[next to Angeline]
HAYS, Everette, 1858-1920
HAYS, Joseph, 1819-1892
HILL, Maggie E., died Mar 4, 1894, in her 26th year, Wife of Frank HILL
HOFFMAN, Charley A., 1863-1907
JACKSON, Sarah, 1876-1943
JESSUP, Margaret, 1886-1923, Mother
KENNEDY, (Branden?), died Apr 7, 1877, in the 47th year of his age [next to Ann & Thomas KENNEDY]
KENNEDY, Ann(?), born 1798, died Feb 13(?), 1889(?), Wife of Thomas KENNEDY
KENNEDY, Daisy M., 1898-1990, same stone as S. J. Dean KENNEDY
KENNEDY, J. Dean, Sep 16, 1898-Feb 19, 1977, Pvt. US Army, WWI [bronze]
KENNEDY, Lulu E., 1861-1930, Wife of T. Calvin KENNEDY, same stone as T. Calvin
KENNEDY, Margaret A., Jun 1, 1829-Feb 16, 1907, same stone as S.A. KENNEDY
KENNEDY, S.A., Aug 12, 1826-May 17, 1896, same stone as Margaret A.
KENNEDY, S.J. Dean, 1898-1977, same stone as Daisy M.
KENNEDY, T. Calvin, 1859-1935, same stone as his wife, Lulu E.
KENNEDY, Thomas, born Co. Derry Ireland 1788, died June 11, 1878
MAGEE, "Infant Son" of J.D. and Sadie U. MAGEE, no dates
MAGEE, Bertha B., 1879-1905, Daughter of J.D. & Lizzie J. MAGEE
MAGEE, Elizabeth U., died Feb 4, 1884, aged 29 yrs., 8 mos. & 3 days, Mother, and Wife of J.D. MAGEE
MAGEE, James D., 1855-1931
MAGEE, Sadie U., 1858-1921
McMARLIN, Grant, Jun 23, 1868-Feb 28, 1869, aged 8 mos. & 5 days, Son of J.A. & E. McMARLIN
PEACO, Albert, Father, no dates, same stone as children Pearl, William & George
PEACO, George, Son, no dates, same stone as Albert, Pearl & William
PEACO, Pearl, Daughter, no dates, same stone as Albert, Wm. & George
PEACO, William, Son, no dates, same stone as Albert, Pearl & George
PLUMMER, Susan, 1837-1916
PURVIS(?), born Aug 1802(?), died Oct. 1887(?), worn, by PURVIS stones
PURVIS, Nancy, died 1904, same stone as William [dd 1895]
PURVIS, Nancy, died Dec 26, 1869(?) [age unreadable]
PURVIS, William N., 1852-1923
PURVIS, William, 1809-1895, same stone as Nancy [dd 1904]
ROSS, John, 1828-1893, same stone as Margaret
ROSS, Margaret, 1837-1916, same stone as John
SIBLEY, Blanche [see CRAWFORD]
SMITH, David, 1854-1932, same stone as his wife, Rosie
SMITH, John C., Dec 29, 1882-Feb 9, 1953, [next to Nancy C. SMITH]
SMITH, Nancy C., Aug 10, 1826-May 19, 1870, Mother, and Wife of Wm. SMITH
SMITH, Rosie, 1862-1898, Wife of David, same stone as David
SPROULL, "Infant Son", no dates, same stone as Annie A. SPROULL
SPROULL, Annie A., Feb 16, 1854-Feb 6, 1885, Wife of Walter SPROULL "Also their Infant Son"
SPROULL, Mary E., 1851-1919 [next to Annie & infant son]
TOFFALORI, Guido D., 1895-1943
WOODS, Susan J., Wife of G.L. Woods, died March 1869(?), aged 22 yrs. & 6 mo. [dd could possibly read 1889]



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