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Ingomar United Methodist Cemetery
Franklin Park
Pittsburgh, PA 15229
(412) 231-1211


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Unless otherwise noted, this information was submitted by
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Recorded: August, 2004; Posted: November 15, 2004; Updated: October 26, 2009
Surname, First Name, Birthdate, Deathdate, Other
ADDIE, David, 1857-1946, Father
ADDIE, Fannie K., 1862-1938, Mother
BARTHELMEH, Josie H., 1881-1977, Mother, same stone as Peter J.
BARTHELMEH, Peter J., 1883-1949, Father, same stone as Josie H.
BROWN, George W., 1843-1923, Father
BROWN, Mary E., 1845-1925, Mother
COLLINS, Helen S., 1899-1995 [on SHAFFER monument]
COLLINS, John F., Jr., 1895-1971 [on SHAFFER monument]
CREES, May E. [see WRIGHT]
DORNBUSH, C. Morgan, Jun 26, 1904-Jun 14, 1961
DORNBUSH, Charles Christian, 1875-1942, same stone as Edith Morgan
DORNBUSH, Edith Morgan, 1878-1959, same stone as Charles Christian Dornbush
DORNBUSH, Herbert William, 1917-2004, same stone as Olive Barthelmeh Dornbush
DORNBUSH, Olive BARTHELMEH, 1917-2001, same stone as Herbert Wm. Dornbush
FISHER, Andrew, 1854-1933, Father
FISHER, Harold B., 1912-1917
FISHER, Luella, 1857-1921, Mother
GEORGE, Minnie SKILES, 1862-1956
GOOHS, Dorothy E., 1904-1997, same stone as Otto J.
GOOHS, Otto J., 1899-1982, same stone as Dorothy E.
HAMILTON, Alexander, 1871-1956, same stone as Pearl Young
HAMILTON, Kate B., 1857-1919 [with WRIGHT, next to Isaac & Annie Wright]
HAMILTON, Pearl YOUNG, 1879-1953, Wife of Alexander, same stone as Alexander
HORST, Charles J., Mar 20, 1895-Mar 3, 1955
McEVOY, Edwin J., 1920-1922
McEVOY, Stella M., 1893-1975, Mother
McEVOY, Wilda I., 1915-1916
McEVOY, William E., 1889-1947
MEGAHAN, Benjamin F., 1909-Sept 19, 1972, h/o Elva Stevens Megahan Shur, (photo), (RH)
MEGAHAN, “Billy”, June 21, 1945-Oct 17, 1945, s/o Benjamin F. & Elva Stevens Megahan Shur, (photo), (RH)
PRICE, Lyda Wright Horst, Mar 14, 1896-Apr 2, 1976
ROBERTSON, Anna S., 1903-1980, Mother, same stone as Leslie C.
ROBERTSON, Leslie C., 1893-1962, Father, same stone as Anna S.
ROBERTSON, Marie L., Sep 15, 1921-Aug 23, 1939, Daughter [next to Leslie C. & Anna S.]
SCHELLMAN, Agnes K., 24 May 1919-Jan 27, 2001, same stone as Howard Ray Schellman
SCHELLMAN, Howard R., Sep 21, 1916-Oct 30, 2002, same stone as Agnes Kallcich Schellman
SHAFFER(?), George Julian, 1872-1939, [same stone as Albert Clark Shaffer & Amelia Van Horn]
SHAFFER(?), Tom Ames, 1902-1919 [on SHAFFER monument]
SHAFFER, Albert Clark, 1835-1925, Co. D. 123 Pa. Vol. Co. E2, N.J. Cav. Vol., Tyler's Battery Pa. Vol. [same stone as Amelia Van Horn, George Julian, Tom Ames, John F. Collins, Jr. and Helen S. Collins]
SHAFFER, Amelia Van Horn, 1848-1928 [same stone as Albert Clark SHAFFER, George Julian, Tom Ames, John F. Collins, Jr. and Helen S. Collins]
SHAFFER, Elva M., 1891-1922, Wife of C.L. UHLENBURG [note: a small stone next to Elva reads " Elmer Dale, 1920-1921". I assume this is her child to C.L. UHLENBERG (??)]
SHAFFER, Frank W., 1881-1946, (Masonic symbol on stone), same stone as Mossie A.
SHAFFER, Mossie A., 1882-1957
SKILES, Dorothy K., 1908-1933 [next to Lottie & Price]
SKILES, Henry, 1834-1929, same stone as Kate
SKILES, Henry, no dates, Co. L 14th Regt. P.V. Cav.
SKILES, Kate, 1832-1922, Wife of Henry, same stone as Henry
SKILES, Lottie S., 1883-1970
SKILES, Minnie [see GEORGE]
SKILES, Price H., 1874-1961
SKILES, William J., 1860-1932, Brother
STEVENS, Charles Walter, Aug 19, 1868-Dec 4, 1922, h/o Minnie W., s/o Sarah & Robert, (photo), (RH)
STEVENS, Grace L., Apr 17, 1902- Feb 8, 1916, incorrect death year on headstone, d/o Robert L. & Ida L., (photo), (RH)
STEVENS, Ida L. Raumchissel, Jun 4, 1874-Jan 15, 1948, w/o Robert L., (photo), (RH)
STEVENS, Mamie P. “Mabel”, Mar 1898-Feb 11, 1932, d/o Charles Walter and Minnie W., (photo), (RH)
STEVENS, Minnie W., Mar 15, 1869-Mar 5, 1955, h/o Charles Walter, d/o William H. & Henrietta Gass, (photo), (RH)
STEVENS, Robert L., 1873-1950, h/o Ida L., s/o Sarah & Robert, b/o Charles Walter, (photo), (RH)
STEVENS, Ruth, Oct 4, 1918-Aug 3, 1935, d/o Walter C. & Della May Unks, (photo), (RH)
STEVENS, Sarah Wright, Nov 27, 1844-Dec 19, 1910, m/o Charles Walter & Robert L., w/o Robert a.k.a. Stephens, (photo), (RH)
TAYLOR, Mary E., 1838-1927, Mother
TERBUSH, Edna W., 1881-1956
TERBUSH, George W., 1851-1938
TERBUSH, Lucille C., 1896-1991
TERBUSH, Sarah E., 1861-1936
UHLENBURG(?), Elmer Dale, 1920-1921 [note: Elmer Dales small stone was next to Elva M. Shaffer UHLENBURG. I am assuming it belongs to the UHLENBURG family.]
UHLENBURG, Elva M. Shaffer [see SHAFFER]
WRIGHT - HORST, no dates or given names, a large stone
WRIGHT, Agnes D., nee YOUNG, 1890-1968, Wife of Ralph C. WRIGHT
WRIGHT, Anna M., 1864-1946
WRIGHT, Annie E., 1875-1925
WRIGHT, Clarence W., 1907-1991, same stone as Sybil M.
WRIGHT, Dorothy P., 1922-June 30, 1942, d/o Elma S. & John M., (photo), (RH)
WRIGHT, Elma S., 1899-Oct 6, 1951, w/o John M., d/o Robert L. & Ida L. Stevens, (photo), (RH)
WRIGHT, Herbert C., Nov 11, 1917-May 4, 1966, s/o Elma S. & John M., (photo), (RH)
WRIGHT, Ida Downing, August 29, 1871-Oct 21, 1967
WRIGHT, Isaac, 1873-1964 [next to Annie E.]
WRIGHT, Jessie H., Apr 18, 1866-Sep 29, 1944
WRIGHT, John M., Jan 17, 1898-Oct 4, 1959, h/o Elma S., (photo), (RH)
WRIGHT, May E., nee CREES, 1888-1912, Wife of Ralph C. WRIGHT
WRIGHT, Ralph C., 1877-1971
WRIGHT, Sybil M., 1908-1996, same stone as Clarence W.
WRIGHT, Thomas H., Apr 22, 1904, Son of Thos. M. and Anna M.
WRIGHT, Thomas M., 1862-1917
YOUNG, Agnes D. [see WRIGHT]
YOUNG, Pearl [see Alex. Hamilton]


Additional Contributors:
(RH) = Robert Heinsch, [email protected]


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