St. Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Cem., at Jacks Run Road & Kane Lane, Ross Twp., PA, Sept., 2003

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St. Alexander Nevsky Orthodox Cemetery
Jacks Run Road & Kane Lane
Ross Township, PA
(Allegheny County)

A small cemetery which is very well maintained.
Partial tombstone inscriptions recorded in 2003 by Janice Cooper, Jan82942 at

Some additional listings are available at:

Posted: November 20, 2003   Last Update: October 1, 2010
BACKO, unreadable name & date
BALABAKA, Adam, 1888-1940, Father, same stone as Julia
BALABAKA, Julia, 1888-[no death date], Mother, same stone as Adam
BAPNUIKA, ?????, 1900-1927
BELOZOR, John, 1895-1965, Father, same stone as Susan
BELOZOR, Susan, 1897-1954, Mother, same stone as John
BOSENKA, Paul, d. Nov 23, 1970, aged 85 years
BOSY, Pauline, 1886-19__ [death date unfinished], Mother
BOSY, Stephen, 1885-1940, Father
CONICK, Anna, 1860-1915
DACEY - SAPOCHAK [a monument]
DANIK, Louis, 1882-1972, Father, same stone as Margaret
DANIK, Margaret, 1886-1974, Mother, same stone as Louis
DANIK, Nellie Anastasia, Nov 25, 1909-Nov 18, 1999
GOAOHEAKO, Abonmin, 1885-1915
HAVCHIK, Mary, 1871-1953, same stone as Michael
HAVCHIK, Michael, 1870-1919, same stone as Mary
HEBADIEM(?), Martha, 1838-1841
HLOHINEC, Mary (Smith), 1925-1992, also Peter, no dates
HOBMKOB, Baha, no dates
HOLLENBACK, Edward, 1898-1968, same stone as Mary
HOLLENBACK, Mary, 1906-1980, same stone as Edward
HOSTINYAK, Andrew, 1891-1950, Husband, same stone as Anna
HOSTINYAK, Anna, 1897-1977, Wife, same stone as Andrew
HRIZ, John, 1867 / 14-Feb-1916
KOTYTI, Anekc(?), 1897-1915
KOZEMKA, Peter, d. 1938, Brother, same stone as Stephen & Susan
KOZEMKA, Stephen, d. 1932, Father, same stone as Susan & Peter
KOZEMKA, Susan, d. 1947, Mother, same stone as Stephen & Peter
KUNCA, Harry, 1888-1927, Husband
MICINKO, Andrew, 1878-1934, Father
MICINKO, Anna, Aug 1929-Jan 27, 1979, Baba
MICINKO, Anna, 1878-1945, Mother
MICINKO, Joseph R., Nov 6, 1915-Jul 10, 1975, Pap-Pap
OGORODNY, Andrew, 1884-1964, same stone as Anna
OGORODNY, Anna, 1895-1947, same stone as Andrew
POLITES, George, born in Spato, Greece 1871, died Apr 13, 1905
PRILLA, Anthony, Oct 30, 1908-Jan 23, 1937, Brother
SAPOCHAK, Anna, 1881-1933, Mother, same stone as daughter, Anna
SAPOCHAK, Anna, 1907-1929, Daughter, same stone as mother, Anna
SAPOCHAK, John, Jul 26, 1908-Jul 23, 1959, Pfc. Co. L 276th Inf., enlisted May 27, 1942, discharged Oct 19, 1945
SCANNELL, John, died Feb 23, 1929(?), age 10 years, ["Maria" next to John, unreadable, same size stone, looks like it is with John SCANNELL]
SERENYENKO, Anna, 1899-1963, Mother, same stone as Tikhon
SERENYENKO, Tikhon, 1887-1959, Father, same stone as Anna
SHERBA, Father, 1864-1948, same stone as Mother
SHERBA, Frank, 1905-1986, Cpl. US Army WW II veteran
SHERBA, Mary, no dates, Mother, same stone as Peter
SHERBA, Mother, 1871-1938, same stone as Father
SHERBA, Peter, 1912-1979, Father, same stone as Mary
STEPAHIN, Matthew, Aug 22, 1884-Jul 28, 1941
STEPAHIN, Olga, Jul 24, 1886-Mar 22, 1984
STRILKA, John, 1920-1994, Father, same stone as Mary
STRILKA, Mary, 1892-1967, Mother, same stone as Nikolai
STRILKA, Mary, no dates, Mother, same stone as John
STRILKA, Nikolai, 1878-1970, Father, same stone as Mary, born 1892
STRILKA, Ronald J., Sr., 1949-2003
TIMOCSKO, Juliana, "Lived 85 years and died July 31, 1906
VERVERKA(?), lOUIS(?), D: 31-Mar-1912, aged 44 years
WASCAK, A., Nov 24, 1913
WASILKO, Susan L., 1954-1974, Daughter
WASILKO, Andrew, 1876-1954, Father, same stone as Susan
WASILKO, Susan, 1884-1980, Mother, same stone as Andrew
WASILKO, John, 1918-2000, Father, same stone as Isabelle
WASILKO, Isabelle, 1921-1986, Mother, same stone as John
WASKO, Nicholas, Dec 15, 1891-Jul 4, 1953, Pvt. Btry. E 329th F.A. 1918-1919
YAKOVLED, Elizabeth, 1894-1980
YAKOVLED, Michael, 1886-1951, Father
YALCH, Julia, 1901-1967, Mother

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