Books about Hunterdon County

Books about Hunterdon County


Colonial & Revolutionary Bethlehem Township

Author: Charles H. Riddle
Date: 1975
Published: Bradford Press, Flemington, NJ

Facts and Fantasies of Franklin

Author: J. E. Stout
Date: 1995
Published:  Franklin Township Committee; 
Soft cover; 418 pages; Indexed
Notes: Includes the 1850 Census as an Appendix

Guide to Flemington New Jersey

Author: Barbara Clayton & Kathleen Whitley
Date: 1987
Published: Clayton & Whitley, Stanton, NJ 
Soft cover; 198 pages; Indexed

History of Frenchtown, With Interesting Sidelights on Surrounding Communities

Author: Clarence B. Fargo
Date: 1933
Published: Clarence B. Fargo, New York; Hardcover; 
218 pages; Indexed
Notes: Reprinted by Higginson Book Co, Salem, MA

History of Hunterdon & Somerset Counties

Author: James P. Snell
Date: 1881
Published: Evert & Peck, Philadelphia, PA; 
Hardcover Reprint; 864 pages

Hunterdon County Place Names

Author: Phyllis B. D'Autrechy
Date: 1992
Published: Hunterdon County Cultural and Heritage Committee, 
Flemington, NJ

Lebanon Township - 200 Years, An Historical Retrospect of Lebanon Township, NJ

Author: A compilation by several authors
Date: 1999
Published: Lebanon Township Historical Society
Hardcover; 180 pages; No Index
Marriage Records of Hunterdon County, New Jersey, 1795-1875
Author: Hiram Edmund Deats
Date: 1918
Publisher: Flemington, N.J., : H. E. Deats
Notes: Originally published in the Hunterdon County Democrat. Flemington, New Jersey, beginning November 24, 1915, ending March 6, 1918

Sketches of a River Town, A History of Frenchtown, NJ

Author: Ellen Fletcher
Date: 1997
Published: D. H. Moreau Books, Flemington;
Soft cover; 92 pages; No index

Stockton, New Jersey, 300 Years of History

Author: Iris H. Nahlor
Date: 1998
Published: Albion Printers, Stockton, NJ;
Softcover; 62 pages; Indexed

The First 275 Years of Hunterdon County

Author: Various
Date: 1989
Published: Hunterdon County Cultural & Heritage
Commission, Flemington, NJ; Softcover; 125 pages;
No index

Traditions of Hunterdon Early History and Legends of Hunterdon County, New

Author: John W. Lequear
Date: 1957
Published: D. H. Moreau, Flemington, NJ;
Softcover; 204 pages; Indexed
Notes: Originally published as a series of
articles on the Early History and Traditions of
Hunterdon County in the Hunterdon Republican in
1869-1870 under the title "Traditions of Our

Union Township Rural Recollections

Author: Union Towship Historical Society, Edited by Andrew C. Herdan
Date: April 1988
Published: Bradford Press, Flemington, NJ
Hardcover; 284 pages; No Index
Notes: Includes Bicenntennial Map of Union
Township and Map of Bellewood Park

Wandering West Amwell

Author: Betty Jane Hunt
Published: Softcover; 224 pages; Indexed

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