Hunterdon County New Jersey Query Index and Surname Registry

Hunterdon County Query Index and Surname Registry

Surnames beginning with S 

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EMail Address
SatchwellTeresa Morton[email protected]
SatchwillMaryann Diederich [email protected]
SaumsRobert J. Musel [email protected]
SavidgeRick Novak[email protected]
Saxton (Sexton)Richard Brandstetter[email protected]
SayreKathi Roff[email protected]
SchampBill Mills [email protected]
Schamp (Schomp)Rick Novak[email protected]
ScharpenstineRick Novak[email protected]
SchenckDale Gillis [email protected]
SchenckBill Morrow[email protected]
SchenkSusan Lynch[email protected]
SchermardonJanet Bornhoeft [email protected]
SchiebelB. Channey[email protected]
Schmidt (Smith)Sandy Smith [email protected]
SchneiderLinda Muessig[email protected]
ScholfieldKris Battaile[email protected]
SchompJennifer Peterson[email protected]
SchompTom Johnston[email protected]
Schomp (Schamp)Sandi[email protected]
Schuster (Shuster/Shaister)Yvonne  Davenport Tims [email protected]
SchuylerBrad Walton[email protected]
SchuylerKaren Cheney[email protected]
SchweitzerJohn D. Sweitzer [email protected]
ScordoShirley Brewer[email protected]
ScottBarbara Higgins Meyer[email protected]
ScottErin M. Nagy[email protected]
ScottRichard Oakley[email protected]
Scott Roberta Gentry[email protected]
SealsDiane D'Alessandro[email protected]
SealsDiane D'Alessandro[email protected]
SealsDoris Lane [email protected]
SealsElsie Allen[email protected]
SealsCindy M. Smith[email protected]
SeamanMillie[email protected]
SeamanLisa Bowker Malkin[email protected]
SearchBarbara Nocchi[email protected]
Seaton (Sutton)Joan Hise Bancroft[email protected]
SeboldPaula Radwanski[email protected]
See (Zeh) Richard Brandstetter[email protected]
ServisBarbara Higgins Meyer[email protected]
ServisBette R Hook [email protected]
ServisWilliam Malkin[email protected]
SevernsVern Dickeson[email protected]
SextonDoris A. Palmer[email protected]
ShampElaine May [email protected]
SharpBob Newey[email protected]
SharpChris Hankins [email protected]
ShawRenie[email protected]
SheatsPaul Cronce[email protected]
Sheehan (Shean)Judy Wendt [email protected]
SheetsJody Weaver [email protected]
SheetzArt Cole[email protected]
SheltsDebbie Orner[email protected]
Shepard (Sheppard)Peggy Pitcher[email protected]
ShepherdNorma Shepherd[email protected]
SheppardJim Larue [email protected]
ShermanLarry Rush[email protected]
ShieldsJohn L. Cowan [email protected]
ShieldsJudy Arnold[email protected]
ShipleyRichard Oakley[email protected]
ShipmanWerner Stanley [email protected]
ShipmanCatherine Dipietro [email protected]
ShirtsCatherine Dipietro [email protected]
ShotwellJill Jessen Hernandez[email protected]
ShurtsRick Novak[email protected]
ShuttsMarcie Van Deren[email protected]
Sibbitt (Sibbet/Sibbet/Sibbit/Sibet) [email protected]
SilversRobert D. Sullivan [email protected]
SilverthornCarolyn Dumond Laird[email protected]
SilverthornLorretta Sinclair[email protected]
SimcockGail Watkin[email protected]
SimcockKay Walton[email protected]
SimpsonDavid Kaiser [email protected]
SimpsonLois Jordan[email protected]
SimsDiane Kinsman[email protected]
SinclairLorretta Sinclair[email protected]
SinclairLorretta Sinclair[email protected]
SinclairAl Sinclair[email protected]
SinclairSheri Melnick [email protected]
Sine(S)Peter Fresnics[email protected]
SingerBob Newey[email protected]
SipesRoberta DeMott-Friberg[email protected]
SippJody Weaver [email protected]
SkillmanAndrew F. Dannemann [email protected]
SkillmanJ. Armstrong [email protected]
Skillman Jerry Gray [email protected]
SkinnerJan Sing[email protected]
SkinnerMac Blair [email protected]
Slacht (Slack)David J. O'Connor[email protected]
SlackElsie Allen[email protected]
SlaterCindy M. Smith[email protected]
SlaughtRuth Patrignani [email protected]
SleightWendy[email protected]
SlikerDoris Lane [email protected]
SloatLorrie Dilley Crompton[email protected]
SmalleyKathi Roff[email protected]
SmalleyWalt Disbrow[email protected]
Smalley (Smally)Tom Smalley[email protected]
SmithAnn Wallace Cook Brown[email protected]
SmithGlenn Van Vliet [email protected]
SmithDenise Trued[email protected]
SmithBradford L. Walton[email protected]
SmithNorma Shepherd[email protected]
Smith [email protected]
SmithCarly Henderson[email protected]
SmithJudy Cassidy[email protected]
SmithBecky Brown Prince[email protected]
SmithJoan Hise Bancroft[email protected]
SmithJudy Arthur[email protected]
SmithJames Stevenson[email protected]
Smith [email protected]
SmithLinda Walker[email protected]
SmithCaroline BYNG[email protected]
SmithLinda Rullan [email protected]
SmithMarilyn Souders [email protected]
SmithRon L. Smith[email protected]
SmithRob Tonkinson[email protected]
SmithPatrice Schadt [email protected]
SmithSusan Guest [email protected]
SmithBetty Marshall[email protected]
SmithRay[email protected]
SmithWallace W. Poole [email protected]
SmithWhitney Waters[email protected]
SmithBill Hartman[email protected]
Smith (Schmidt) [email protected]
Smith (Schmidt)Mary Oswald[email protected]
Smith (Schmidt)Marjorie Smallwood[email protected]
SnookChris Fenelli [email protected]
SnookDanel[email protected]
SnookK. Mckenzie [email protected]
SnookLila Wylie[email protected]
SnookBill Morrow[email protected]
SnookMicky Craft[email protected]
Snook (Snoek)Jeff & Teresa Smith [email protected]
SnoverCatherine Dipietro [email protected]
SnyderBetsy Scott [email protected]
SnyderDorothy Smithson [email protected]
SnyderDot Smithson[email protected]
SnyderHugo Schroeder[email protected]
SnyderJoe Gibson [email protected]
SnyderPaul Cronce[email protected]
Snyder (Schneider)Lorretta Sinclair[email protected]
SoberDebbie Sober[email protected]
SockerAnna[email protected]
Solliday (Sallade)Carole Neyhart[email protected]
SollnerB. Channey[email protected]
SolomonBernard Solomon[email protected]
SortorMichael Cook[email protected]
SortoreBarbara Nelson [email protected]
SoudersMarilyn Souders [email protected]
SouthwickBertha Buttner[email protected]
Sovereign (Sovereen, Saferin, Zofrin)Charline Ahlgreen[email protected]
SovernsIrene Brunet[email protected]
SowardJim Burcham[email protected]
SpaderNancy Spader Wilson[email protected]
SpenceLinda Muessig[email protected]
SpencerJoseph Stanely Harle-Majeski[email protected]
SpencerJoe Majeski[email protected]
StaatsBill Mills [email protected]
StackhouseAnn Wallace Cook Brown[email protected]
Staly (Staley, Stalee)David Stalee[email protected]
StametsDebbie Masin[email protected]
StantonBob Newey[email protected]
Stephens [email protected]
StevensonRoberta Gentry[email protected]
StewartCindy Mcmahon [email protected]
StewartMartin Stewart[email protected] 
StigerT. Anderson[email protected]
StillwellNorma Shepherd[email protected]
StincherSally Henrie Heaton[email protected]
StinsonAnn Wallace Cook Brown[email protected]
StiresBill Hartman[email protected]
StitesKathi Roff[email protected]
StivesLillian Snyder [email protected]
StivesSandy Stives Williamson [email protected]
Stoeffles Janet Bornhoeft [email protected]
StollKristin Robinson[email protected]
StormsDavid L. Burnisky [email protected]
StoutMargaret Austin [email protected]
StoutAnthony Kaney[email protected]
StoutBarbara Higgins Meyer[email protected]
StoutC Lisenby [email protected]
StoutCecilia Parke[email protected]
StoutJames R Campbell[email protected]
StoutFrances Van Scoy [email protected]
StoutDale Gillis [email protected]
StoutJim Stout[email protected]
StoutBill Morrow[email protected]
Stout [email protected]
StoutPaul Cronce[email protected]
StoutPatty Hankins[email protected]
StoutR. Deitemeyer [email protected]
StoutR. Deitemeyer [email protected]
StoutScarlett[email protected]
StoutDonna Clark [email protected]
StoutSheryl Stout Parker [email protected]
StoutTom Bunt [email protected]
StoutWhitney Waters[email protected]
StoverH. Andrew Brown [email protected]
StoversSharilyn Whitaker [email protected]
StraderGary D. Kline[email protected]
StrimpleFrances Van Scoy [email protected]
StrineFuller Runyan[email protected]
StrodeTom Camfield [email protected]
StrykerAndrea Beaudin[email protected]
StrykerWalt Disbrow[email protected]
StrykerJohn A.Totten[email protected]
StrykerJulie Curtiss[email protected]
StrykerBill Mills [email protected]
StrykerMarcie Van Deren[email protected]
StrykerSarah Shutt[email protected]
StrykerDennis Stryker[email protected]
StullKaren Cheney[email protected]
StullJoyce Higgins [email protected]
SturgisRick Novak[email protected]
StyersConrad James Hunter [email protected]
Styers (Styres, Stires, Stiers)Belinda Rodgers[email protected]
Styers (Styres/Stires)Lynn G. Ester[email protected]
StymiestCarrie S. Cioppi [email protected]
SullivanKenyon B. De Greene[email protected]
SutphenDonna Fornari [email protected]
SutphinJack Stewart[email protected]
SutphinBill Morrow[email protected]
SutphinGeorge Niedens[email protected]
SutphinSusan Case[email protected]
SuttonM. F. Pickell[email protected]
SuttonDennis Sutton [email protected]
SuttonBob Philhower[email protected]
SuttonPerry Streeter[email protected]
SuttonRenie[email protected]
SuttonLynn Chamberlin [email protected]
SuttonSheila (Sutton) Spak[email protected]
SuttonSylvia Outland[email protected]
SuydamJoanne Barton[email protected]
SuydamRoberta DeMott-Friberg[email protected]
SuydamLinda Greer[email protected]
SwackhammerCharline Ahlgreen[email protected]
SwallowJan Foster[email protected]
SwanJim LaRue[email protected]
SwarerClarice Phillips[email protected]
SwarerElsie Allen[email protected]
Swart [email protected]
SwartzWalt Disbrow[email protected]
Sweassy (Sweazy)Douglas Weaver[email protected]
SweazeyBob Sweazey [email protected]
SweazyTari Parr[email protected]
SweazyJanice Faulconer [email protected]
SwickSandy Olah[email protected]
SwinneyElsie Allen[email protected]

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