Hunterdon Gazette Index

An Index Prepared by William H. Hartman

The Hunterdon Gazette and Farmer's Weekly Advertiser, was first published at Flemington, New Jersey, on March 24, 1825. With Issue No. 18 , July 21, 1825, the name was changed to ‘Hunterdon Gazette and Farmer's Advertiser’. The name was changed to ‘Hunterdon Gazette’ on June 3, 1829 and continued with this heading until July 1866 when it was purchased by the Hunterdon Democrat. This newspaper lasted about a year when it merged with the present day Hunterdon County Democrat.

During his search for his family tree and documentation of specific individuals, Bill reviewed the Hunterdon Gazette and found items with reference to the surnames that he was researching. He was amazed at the number of Hunterdon County names mentioned in each issue and decided to preserve and index the names found in the Gazette.

Bill has taken on the effort of transcribing all the various items that appeared in the Gazette. The use of the word newspaper "item" refers to a defined unit of information contained in the Gazette. It could be an editorial comment, advertisement, marriage or death notice, legal or other notification, or report of some public event.

The output of Bill's work is a series of files that contain the transcriptions that Bill has made. As he progresses, this work will be available at the Hunterdon County Historical Society (HCHS). An index of names of persons found in the newspaper items is being published on the website. This is listed alphabetically by surname and by first name. To conserve space, all listings for a name regardless of titles are on one line. Thus “SMITH, John” is on one line followed by whatever titles he may have had, such as “Jr., Sr., Capt.”, etc. These ‘titles’ are in brackets to indicate that the title was not seen in every item in which the name appeared. If a title such as “Rev.” for Reverend is not in brackets, then that title was consistently associated with the name.

The Internet Index will point people to the correct year in which their person(s) were listed, but it will not indicate the Date nor Issue number. The Yearly Index with the Hard Copy of the Text is at the HCHS Library. And all of the information is contained on the CDs offered by the HCHS.

For a complete description of this project, click here.  This file is a large PDF file and you will need the Acrobat Reader to read the file.

These libraries in New Jersey have some or all of the microfilm copies of the extant issues held by the HCHS:

Hunterdon County Historical Society Library in Flemington
Hunterdon County Library on Route 12, Flemington
New Jersey Historical Society Library in Newark
Rutgers, The State University, in New Brunswick

The Final Index has over 29,000 entries and includes the years 1825 to 1866.

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