This website, part of NJGenWeb Project, was created in order to provide genealogists with basic information about the town of Harrison in Hudson County, New Jersey and its families.

If you have ancestors from Harrison please send me their surname's so that I can post them on the Harrison Family Name Page so that people with like surnames can contact each other.

Newest  Harrison Family Name

1/10/07 Catterall

Many people have asked me if I know of any books about the history of Harrison.  I know of one.  It written by Henry A. Mutz and is  entitled Harrison: The History of a New Jersey Town; published by the Town of Harrison, American Revolution Bicentennial Committee in 1976. 

Nancy, a visitor to this site, mentioned another book more recent book that be easier to get a copy of-- Harrison by Ray and Karen A. Floriani; published by Arcadia in 2003.

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