Abstracts from the Newspaper for the Years: 1856 -1953
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The Text File contains abstracts of the selected items (articles) from the Hunterdon Republican newspaper. The individual years are combined chronologically into one Web page. The location of the abstracts for each week do not necessarily correspond to their location in the pages of the newspaper for that week! They have been moved around to best fit the available space. The Text File is opened directly from this page (see below).

Remember that names in the abstracts are typed: LAST NAME (in capital letters) followed by a comma, then the first name and/or initials, followed by a comma, and then any title such as Rev., Dr., Mrs., etc. The best method is to copy the name as it appears in the Index since this is exactly how the name appears in the Text! If a name is repeated in an abstract, the repeated surname is usually not capitalized. There could be mistakes, so please let me know if a name in the Index cannot be found in the Text - sometimes it is as simple as an extra space after the name, a missing period or a misplaced comma!

You may start with the full name and if you get no hits, start chopping off the right side: first with the title, next the middle initial, next the first name, until you get what you were looking for. If you start with just the last name, you may get inundated. Note that there are over 63,000 names in the Text File!

Before you start your search, please note that the Text File is an Adobe PDF (.pdf) file converted from MS Word (.doc). The Search Menu on the Tool Bar will enable you to find any word, or person's name that you want to find anywhere in the text. Please familiarize yourself with the Adobe Search Engine as it appears in these browsers, to facilitate your use of these files.

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The Text File is quite large and may take some time to download (at least 1 minute), depending on the Power of your computer! There are now 4,187 pages.

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NOTE: The Text File is a ".pdf" file, [portable document file, created with Adobe Acrobat]. You may do "File - Save as" and put the whole thing onto your very own computer, which will speed up the search the next time you use it! This is the last update for the Overall Text File, which includes the years 1856 to 1900, 1928 and 1930. I do not intend to add any more years of abstracts. However, I will put up in a separate section, copies of the digital images of the microfilm for the newspaper.


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