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Legislative Alerts

Oppose the Budget Proposal to Split DARM

Your help is needed to keep New Jersey's Division of Archives and Records Management together. The following Action Alert was provided by the Advocates for New Jersey History. Please read it, forward it, help spread the word, please contact your state government as soon as possible, urging them to keep the State Archives together with Records Management.

Read the Action Alert!

New Jersey Assembly Bill 1390 -- February 2006
Establishes guidelines for dissemination of vital records.

  • A1390 Summary, Recommendations, and Legislative Contact Information
  • GSNJ's letter to A1390 Sponsor Assemblywoman Joan Quigley -- Feb 2006  
    regarding A1390 and language to support current regulations governing access to vital records
    Sample Letters:
    Society/Organization Letter
    Individual Letter

    GSNJ is working with the Advocates for New Jersey History to propose changes to this bill. We have met with Assemblywoman Quigley to discuss our concerns and to suggest language that will continue to allow genealogical and historical researchers access to vital records. News on this subject will be posted to the GSNJ mailing list. Updates on this and other legislative issues will also continue to appear in the GSNJ Newsletter.

    New Jersey Assembly Bill 330
    Specifies policy governing provision by State registrar of certified copies and certifications of vital records to applicants.

  • GSNJ Position & Recommendations COMING SOON

    Legislation Archive 2002-2005

    Letter to Assemblywoman Joan Quigley -- April 2005   
    regarding AB3806 and language to support current regulations governing access to vital records

    Letter to State Senators and Assemblymen -- April 2005   
    encouraging their support of Acting Governor Codey's proposed budget

    Letter to State Registrar Komosinski -- March 2005   
    regarding price increase for birth and death records as outlined in NJAC 8:2, NJAC 8:2A and NJAC 8:2B; Proposals Numbered: PRN 2005-14; PRN 2005-15; and PRN 2005-16

    Letter to US Senators Lautenberg/Corzine -- December 2004   
    regarding S.2845 Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Act of 2004

    Letter to Assemblywoman Loretta Weinberg -- July 2002   
    regarding NJ Bureau of Vital Statistics records access policies.

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