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Breaking News

New Jersey's 350th Anniversary - A Call For Papers

In 2014 New Jersey will celebrate the 350th anniversary of its founding as a British colony in 1664. In recognition of this and the plans now underway in New Jersey's historical community to mark the occasion throughout next year, the Genealogical Society of New Jersey will publish some special articles in the Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey to help commemorate the event. We are still developing the content of the 2014 issues, and encourage you to submit draft articles or contact us about work in progress for possible publication next year.

Specifically, the Editorial Committee seeks submissions that will present:

  1. new and corrected information on proprietary-period (pre-1702) New Jersey settlers and/or documentation of their pre-New Jersey origins;
  2. new or revised genealogical accounts of second- and third-generation descendants of early settlers;
  3. compilations about colonial settlements with an emphasis on genealogical and biographical details of its settlers;
  4. analysis of New Jersey's culture, religious history and ethnography, presuming substantive information is included about individuals and families;
  5. transcriptions and abstracts of colonial New Jersey records; or
  6. case studies, methodology and analysis of sources for early New Jersey genealogical research, again presuming substantive information is included about individuals and families.

Articles must be well-documented and should be based on new research using primary sources, or reinterpretation of information in light of newly-discovered facts. Submissions should be approximately 1,500 to 5,000 words (preferably using Microsoft Word with linked footnotes) and may be submitted by email to the Editor of GMNJ at [email protected].

If you have experience and skill in reading colonial scripts and would be interested in doing transcription/abstracting work, please contact us. We have a short list of possible projects.

GSNJ Plans to Attend "The Genealogy Event"

The GSNJ will attend The Genealogy Event in New York City as an exhibitor in November. This is the first time the Society will attend this event, which will be held Saturday, November 2nd 2013 at the Metropolitan Pavilion (located at 125 West 18th Street, New York, NY 10011). Please stop by our table and say hi!

GSNJ Bylaws Overhauled

For the first time in twenty years, the GSNJ bylaws have been updated. A unanimous vote by the members present at the November 2010 Annual Meeting made it official — the bylaws now reflect current practice, provide additional protections for members, and allow for paid editors of GSNJ publications. In addition, the extensive changes update, remove redundancies from, and clarify prior bylaws provisions.

Genealogical Society of New Jersey bylaws as of November 2010

Advocates for New Jersey History - 2011 Budget Position Paper

The following Position Paper regarding the Fiscal Year 2011 Budget has been provided by the Advocates for New Jersey History. For more information on the Advocates, please see their website:

Position Paper Regarding Governor Christie's FY11 Budget Proposal For The New Jersey Historical Commission

Printable Addendum to the Monmouth County Graveyard Locator
now available

Users of the subject Locator, published in 2002, may now obtain a 23-page update to this book. Click here to download the Addendum in PDF format.

The Addendum may be read on-line (and searched using the Acrobat find tool), and can also be printed for storing with one's copy of the book. Persons wishing to buy a copy of the book should access the Bookstore for a detailed description and ordering instructions.

To stay up to date on any late-breaking Society news, join our email list. In March 2005, GSNJ announced the creation of the Society mailing list hosted by -- NJ-GSNJ. The mailing list focuses on sharing information regarding the activities of the Genealogy Society of New Jersey, and the genealogical community in New Jersey.
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WebPage updated: 3 November 2013