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Newark Newspaper Obit Project
"It's Schmidt, not Smith"


        Many of you know that a group of dedicated volunteers has devoted time over the last six years to create a database of burials, from old handwritten records, of Woodland Cemetery, one of Newark’s largest burial grounds.

        Even if you don’t have anyone buried in Woodland Cemetery, but maybe in some other cemetery in the area, you probably have made copies of a page in one of Newark’s newspapers – capturing your relative’s obituary - but also copying maybe 6-10 other obits around it. We’re asking for your help.  Would you take a moment and dig out that page from your Newark relatives research file, eyeball the other obits to see if any of the listings are for persons buried in Woodland Cemetery?

        If found, please send a copy of that obit via e-mail to Mary Lish.  In an effort to create the most accurate database of burials in Woodland Cemetery, volunteers and family members of those interred have submitted literally thousands of copied obituaries to them, which has enabled them to correct the inaccuracies in the old transcribed records.  With over 80,000 burials from 1855 through today, it is really likely that many of you have those obits in your dusty files!

        And, if you can’t find where your relatives are buried in Newark, you might want to ask her to check the database (by name, date, or location).  Their group checks for you, and if a relative is found, they will e-mail you the information including a list of those buried with your relative too! And they don’t charge!!

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