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**** Directions & Map ****

Directions to Grace Lutheran Church in Phillipsburg, NJ:

From the East: On the westbound lane of Rte. 22 in Phillipsburg (approx. 1.5 miles from Easton), turn right (north)
onto Roseberry Ave. at the intersection. A landmark is the Hillcrest Mall which is on the righthand corner. The Grace
Lutheran Church is on the left, between Elder Ave. and Corliss Ave. Make the first (immediate) left onto
Elder Ave. (first cross street) and you will see the parking lot on the right side, alongside the church.

From the West: Take Route 22 east across toll bridge (no toll eastbound; or use Free Bridge if you know directions).
Roseberry Street crosses Rte. 22 at Hillcrest Mall (Exxon right corner; Mobil left corner). Take "jughandle" right
turn around Wendy's to put you on northbound Roseberry. Go through light on Rte 22 to next light (200 yds); turn
left on to Elder Ave. (Italy Restaurant on left/Grace Lutheran on right). Turn into parking lot on right.