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Membership Information:

Anyone interested in membership may submit an application and dues. The membership and fiscal year of
the DLVGC is from September 1 through August 31. Annual dues are determined at the May Annual Meeting
for the following fiscal year and are payable before September 1st. The dues structure is as follows:

Please Note: There is a $3.00 guest "donation" for non-members per meeting attendance.
Dues can be paid in person at a meeting or paid by check payable to the "DLVGC" and sent to the address below:

P.O. Box 221
Easton, PA 18044

Club Structure:

The Officers of the DLVGC include the President, Vice-President/President Elect, Secretary and Treasurer.
Members in good standing are eligible for these offices. The Vice-President/President Elect succeeds the President
in office. Officers are elected at the Annual meeting to one year terms which commence on the first day of the
following September.
Committees include:

2014-2015 Special Trips (Club Activity)

Please note:The schedule for genealogy trips (dates, resources to visit and locations) is currently being planned. As soon as a schedule is available,
it will be posted on this site.

Interest in trips may be expressed through email or at any of the meetings. Please participate as this is an excellent way of stimulating enthusiasm and the sharing of information.

Plans are subject to number of people (min. 3 incl. driver), weather and availability of extra vehicles for attendance over total of four. Group shares expenses.