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Welcome to Cape May County

Early Settlers of Cape May County

SOURCE: Early History of Cape May County by Dr. Maurice Beesley 1857

The following named persons purchased of the Agents of Dr. Cox and the West Jersey Society, mostly previous to 1696, some few as early as 1689. [From a Sketch Of The Early History Of The County Of Cape May, by Maurice Beesley M.D., 1857]

From the Trenton and Cape May County records

Names in blue are linked to other pages on this site regarding that person.

Christopher Leamyeng
William Mason
William Jacoks
Henry Stites
Abigail Pine
Cornelius Skellinks
Humphrey Hughes
Cornelius Skellinks
Samuel Matthews
Arthur Cresse
Jonathan Osborne
Peter Causon [Corson]
Nathaniel Short
John Causon [Corson]
Caesar Hoskins
John Townsend
Shamgar Hand
Wm. Golden & Rem Garretson
Joseph Weldon [Whilldin]
William Johnson
Joseph Houlding
John Page
Dorothy Hewit
John Parsons
Thomas Hand
William Smith
John Taylor
George Taylor
John Curwith
Dennis Lynch
John Shaw, 2 surveys
William Whitlock
Timothy Brandreth
Jacob Spicer, 2 surveys
John Crawford
Benjamin Godfrey
Ezekiel Eldridge
Randal Hewit
Oliver Russel
Elizabeth Carman
Samuel Crowell
John Reeves
John Carman
Benjamin Hand
Thomas Gandy
James Stanfield
Caleb Carman
In addition to those who located land previous to 1700, on the foregoing pages, the following-named persons had resided, and were then residing in the county, many of whom possessed land by secondary purchase.

From State and County Records
Thomas Leamyeng
Thomas Hand
Alexander Humphries
Joseph Ludlam, Sen
John Briggs
Anthony Ludlam
Abraham Hand
Jonathan Pine
Shamgar Hand Jr.
John Wolredge [Worledge, non-resident]
Benjamin Hand Jr.
John Jervis
Daniel Johnson
Jonathan Foreman
Oliver Johnson
Thomas Goodwin
William Harwood
Jonathan High
Jacob Dayton
Edward Howell
Richard Ha [Hand]?
George Crawford
Jonathan Crossle
Joseph Badcock
William Lake
William Dean
Theirston Raynor
Richard Jones
Thomas Matthews
John Howell
William Stillwell
Thomas Stanford
John Cresse
George Noble
Morris Raynor
John Wolly
Joshua Howell
Peter Cartwright
Arthur Cresse, Jr.
Abraham Smith
William Blackburry
John Hubard
Daniel Carman
Thomas Miller
Joseph Knight
Robert Crosby
John Stillwell
John Fish
John Else
Lubbart Giberson
John Steel
Edward Marshall
James Cresse
Thomas Bancroft
William Simpkins
Edward Summis [Lummis]?
Thomas Goodwin
Henry Gray
Thomas Clifton
Abraham Weston
Joshua Carman
Thomas Going [Golding, Golden]
William Duboldy
Jonathan Edmunds
James Marshall
Nicholas Martineau
John Baily
John Garlick
William Richardson
Samuel Matthews, Jr.
Thomas Foster
William Shaw
Thomas Hewit
Robert French
George Taylor, Jr.
Jeremiah Miller
John Dennis
Zebulon Sharp
Isaac Hand
William Sharwood
Daniel Hand
John Story
Jeremiah Hand
Richard Townsend
Joseph Hand
Robert Townsend