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Welcome to Cape May County

1850 Mortality Schedule

Dennis Township

Name Age Sex Married Birth
Died Job Death
Green, Humphrey 40 M   NJ Oct Mariner Consumption 5 mo
Crawford, Sarah A. 30 F M NJ Oct   Consumption 6 mo
Perinen, May E. 4/12 F   NJ Apr   Whooping Cough 6 mo
Leaming, Henry C. 2 M   NJ Nov   Consumption of Bowels 3 mo
Taylor, Jane 40 F M NJ Jul Laborer Consumption 6 mo
Hay, Little 80 M   NJ May Mariner Asthma 2 yrs
Mason, Smith 22 M   NJ Oct Mariner Fall 0
Carlisle, Norman 60 M M NJ Oct   Rheumatisim 2 yrs
Goff, Joseph 1 M   NJ Apr Mariner Croup 2 dy
Platt, Abner 67 M M NJ Jul Mariner Pneumonia 3 dy
Maverick, Charles 29 M M NJ May Laborer Cholera 1 day
Cahaley, Jeremiah 19 M   NJ Aug   Cut on Foot 10 dy
Grace, Seth 7/12 M   NJ Aug   Dysentery 4 dy
Whitacre, May 2 F   NJ Aug   Dysentery 6 dy
Shaw, John B. 6/12 M M NJ Aug   Diarhea 0
Grace, Alex W. 6/12 M   NJ Aug   Diarhea 0
Whitacre, Thomas 4/12 M   NJ Aug   Dysentery 0
Silas, May E. 4/12 F   NJ Sep   Unreadable 1 mo
Leaming,Ruth 80 F M NJ Sep   Old Age 0
Edwards, Lydia 74 M M NJ Nov   Old Age 0
Godfrey, William 30 M M NJ Jul Mariner Bil:Fever 15
Fornaman, Charles 1/12 M   NJ Jul   Croup 2
Loper, Daniel 67 M W NJ Oct Laborer Consumption 0
Bingham, Elizabeth 75 F   NJ Jun Laborer Paralysis 0
Taylor, John 78 M   NJ Nov Laborer Consumption 0
Scull, Priscilla 76 F W DE Jul   Consumption 0
Hand, Hannah 1 F   NJ May   Unreadable 4
Lord, Robert 1 M   NJ Feb   Not Known 0