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Sue Loder 1999-2006
Janice Brown 2007-2008
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December 29, 2014
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Laverne Tornow

Welcome to Cape May County

Cities, Towns and Communities

At this time we have little in the way of photo's, histories, family histories or ephemera related to Cape May County's Boroughs, Cities, Towns, Communities and Townships. What is available is offered via the links in the Municipalities heading in the menu bar above.

To submit information to the Cape May County Genealogy project, contact the County Coordinator for instructions. Please do not submit anything that is under copyright unless, you are the copyright holder or have written permission for it to be displayed by the NJGenWeb on one of our county sites. Permission for copyrighted material must accompany the material at the time of submission or the material will not be displayed. All submissions must include the name of the submitter, author or owner if it is not the creation of the submitter, a valid e-mail address for each and a statement of permission allowing for the display of said item or items. Submissions will be displayed as html web pages which may alter the visual appearance of the document, but the content and context will be left "as is". Any submissions without a valid e-mail address or submitters name will be discarded

We welcome original material, cemetery transcriptions, obituaries, obituary extractions, photographs, documents and ephemera that is related to Cape May County's People and its history. If there is a group or organization wishing to help with the placement of material we are happy to work with them in getting the material online. We are always looking for people willing to transcribe documents, index records, photograph cemeteries or other places of interest in Cape May County or any of the other New Jersey Counties. Our goal is to keep as much New Jersey Genealogy and History in a free online atmosphere that the only requirement for access is a computer that has an internet connection.

To adopt a New Jersey County needing a caretaker please visit the NJGenWeb Project's Volunteer Page. We do have a few requirements for a County Coordinator, but we also have many volunteer opportunities for just about anyone who wishes to help.