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Cape May County Will Extracts


Calendar of New Jersey Wills and Administrations 1730-1750

Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey

Archives of the State of New Jersey First Series Volume XXX; Vol II of Calendar of Wills, Administrations, Etc. 1730 - 1750

Published 1918 Somerville, NJ

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Will of Nathan Osborne

1745, December 24 Page 363   Will of Nathan Osborne (no place mentioned) of Cape May County.

Wife: Ann to have 1/2 of all lands during widowhood.
Eldest son, Richard Osborne all my lands except the said part bequeathed to my wife,he to pay my son Nathaniel ƒ20 when he will be 21.

Sons Nathan and John and daughter Ruth residue of personal estate,(the widow having 1/3).
Executors: wife Ann, son Richard, and my brother-in-law Daniel Smith.
Brother-in-law Jonathan Smith to take my son Richard into his care and said brother-in-law Daniel to take my son Nathan until they respectively arrive at 20 years.

Witnesses: Geo. Jeares, Ann Osborne, Robert Wakely.

Proved: 31st January 1745-6

1746, April 25 Letters granted to Ann Osborne and Daniel Smith (the above named Richard being infant within age.

Libre 5 Page 246

1745-6 March 1 Inventory of Personal estate of Nathan Osborne (ƒ120.16.8),includes cattle, horses, sheep and swine (ƒ56.19.0).
Appraisers: Jeremiah Hand, John Leonard.