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Cape May County Will Extracts


Calendar of New Jersey Wills and Administrations 1730-1750

Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey

Archives of the State of New Jersey First Series Volume XXX; Vol II of Calendar of Wills, Administrations, Etc. 1730 - 1750

Published 1918 Somerville, NJ

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Will of Anthony Ludlam

1736-7, January Page 309   Will of Anthony Ludlam,Gentleman of Cape May County.

Wife: Presela, during widowhood use of the plantation whereon I live and 1/2 of the moveable estate.

Daughters: Elizabeth pair of curtains that were her Aunt Sarah's; Jude and Elizabeth to have respectively, ƒ7.10 in gold and 1/2 right of land surveyed by Henry Young, Deputy surveyor.

Son: Providence Land at "Popler Island" with all the mills, houses etc.,to be delivered when he will be 20 years. Also 1/3 of the marsh below the thorowfare (sic) in the south side of Dennis Creek, which he will have no power to sell until he comes to the age of 30.

Son: Reuben at 20 1/2 of the plantation I live on but have no power to sell same under 30 years of age.

Son: Anthony at 20 the other half of the plantation where I live, but if my wife marries before he will be 20,then disposed of as hereafter directed; Also 2/3 of the marsh below the thurafaire (sic) on the south side of Dennis Creek in Cape May County, but with no power to sell the same under 30 years of age.

Son: Joseph at 25 all land and marsh in Gloucester County on the southermost branch of the Great Harbor river,commonly called Tuckaho river, but with no power to sell same under 30.

If either of my sons die without children, the land shall be divided between the said brothers that shall be living. Rent of mills, plantation and house to be applied to the schooling of my sons, Providence, Anthony, Reuben and Joseph. Whomsoever has the mill shall grind toll-free for my father and for my wife, while my widow.

2/3 of the personal shall be divided equally among my four sons and delivered one year after my death.

Executors: wife Presela, and my father Joseph Ludlam

Witnesses: Joseph Ludlam, Deborah Young, Henry Young

Proved 21 July 1737

Libre 4 Page 111

1737, July 13 Inventory of Personal estate of Anthony Ludlam ƒ182.19.11 1/2
Appraisers: Henry Young and Jeremiah Hand