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Welcome to Cape May County

Cape May County Will Extracts


Calendar of New Jersey Wills and Administrations 1730-1750

Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey

Archives of the State of New Jersey First Series Volume XXX; Vol II of Calendar of Wills, Administrations, Etc. 1730 - 1750

Published 1918 Somerville, NJ

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Will of Aaron Leaming, Sr.

1748, October 18 Page 294   Will of Aaron Leaming, Sr. Yeoman of Cape May County.

Wife: Lydia

Son: Jeremiah Leaming to have all the land whereon I live, between the land of David Cresse and John Shaw's Creek, running up the creek to David Cresse's land, then to the head of my said land to land surveyed for me by Henry Young, Esq., bounded by lines of said survey across the heads of David Cresse and Nathan Hand's land, until it comes to direct line northeast to an old oak tree in the Great Savannah,near the roadside which goes from said land where I now live to the Bay Side.

Son: Aaron Leaming, Jr. all of my lands at the Bay Side, between the land of the heirs of Lewis Cresse, deceased, and the lands of Nathan Hand; also above mentioned not herein given to my son Jeremiah,made Henry Young, Esq.

To sons Jeremiah and Aaron,the sawmill on Mantico at Prince Maurice's River, Salem County, or any of the Branches thereof and at the Beach and Island known as Nummy's Island.

Daughter: Elizabeth Leaming, all my land and marsh and Goshen between Dennis Creek and Goshen Creek and Cedar Swamp and marsh near Beaver Pond, which is of the land surveyed for Colonel Daniel Coxe and Jacob Spicer, till it comes to Dennis Creek

The residue of my land, marsh and cedar swamp at the southward or eastward of Stipon's Island, East Creek,or any of the Branches thereof between that and Cape May, and all my land, marsh, beach and timber belonging to Seven Mile and Five Mile Beach and my property rights not returned and recorded,I bequeath equally to my three children, Aaron Leaming, Jr., Jeremiah Leaming and Elizabeth Leaming.

executors: My three children Aaron Jr., Jeremiah and Elizabeth

Witnesses: Thomas Eldredge, William Eldredge, Esther Eldredge

Proved: April 20, 1747

Libre 6 Page 266

1747, April 16, 17, 18 Inventory of Personal estate of Aaron Leaming,Sr. (ƒ1174.18.8) includes cash (ƒ163.18.2), 12 negroes (ƒ316), a compleate set of the Statutes at Large, mostly gilt and bound in quarto (ƒ24), other Law books (ƒ32.6), books of Phisick (ƒ3.1.6), books of Divinity, Logick, Learning, History, Divertion, etc (ƒ17.10.6), Debts due from Sam Land, George Keen, John Ross, Atty (recovered from David Forman), 19 horses, and mares (ƒ99), 3pairoxen, 192 cows, steers and other cattle (ƒ329.17.0), 33 sheep (ƒ20.15), one gun, 5 pistols, 2 cuttlasses, and a sword (ƒ3.7), 2 watches, 3 anchors for a sloop, maritime implements etc. (ƒ76.16.2).

Appraisers: Elisha Hand, Richard Crafford