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Cape May County Will Extracts


Calendar of New Jersey Wills and Administrations 1730-1750

Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New Jersey

Archives of the State of New Jersey First Series Volume XXX; Vol II of Calendar of Wills, Administrations, Etc. 1730 - 1750

Published 1918 Somerville, NJ

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Estate of John Camp

1743,December 3 Page 82   Estate of John Camp of Cape May County, Intestate.

Administrators: Elenor Camp and Daniel Ingersol (Engersol; Fellow Bondsman Peter Scull all of Cape May County

Witnesses: Henry Young, Nathan Geldin, Samuel Everson

1743, December 2 Inventory of Personal estate of John Camp (ƒ129.6.0) includes 7 cows and calves, "44 galens of rum and 7 galens of melasses, 14 pounds of suger," notes of Johnson and Elias Sampels, bond from John Champion, note from Elias Champion, in E Lyas Gaudy's hands.

Appraisers: Peter Scull and Nathan Geldin (Goldin)