Marriage Records


Compiled from Records of the County Clerk by H. Stanley Craig, Merchantville NJ

from County Clerk's Records
Book 1

Atlantic County was set off from Gloucester County in 1837. Marriage records from the district prior to that date may be found in the "Gloucester County Marriage Records." The Cape May and Egg Harbor Friends' marriage records, published in the "Cap May County Marriage Records" may also prove to be of interest to those seeking marriage data in the Egg Harbor neighborhood.

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ABBOTT, Abner, and Juliann Brown, 9-26-1859
Andrew, and Annie E. Leache, 11-29-1868
Benjamin T., and Hattie N. Blew, 12-28-1868
James, Jr., and Martha Wolpert, 2-27-1855
John, and Lavinia Smith, 5-18-1865
Joseph, and Mary Green, 12-11-1842
Merrick, and Jane Webb
William, and Angalane Woolford, 2-16-1857
ACKLEY, Amomos, and Ann Ramsey, 5-1-1842
Joseph R., and Cynthia M. Scull, 7-4-1866
ADAMS, Abra. A., and Acsah Bowen, 2-20-1842
Asa, and Rebecca Sherry, 6-24-1848
Charles W., and Sarah E. Berry, 9-10-1866

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Constant and Sophia Morris, 12-29-1840
Constant, and Elisa Kears (widow), 9-12-1871
David, and Sarah Jeffres, 9-21-1845
David, and Mary Ann Estell, 6-21-1850
Elijah, and Alice E. Ryon, 1-31-1852
Enoch and Lydia Adams, 12-30-1849
Henry, and Martha P. Lore, 6-11-1863
Henry, and Sarah J. Blake, 1-8-1865
Hezekiar, and Deborah Parsels, 8-6-1853
James C., and Judith Conley 6-9-1860
James D., and Hester S. Leach, 6-17-1863
James E., and Rebecca D. Westcoat 6-17-1867
James H., and Hannah Ann Cordery 8-12-1865
James M. and Mary E. Thomson 3-10-1867
Jesse, and Eliza Ryon, 3-29-1838
Jesse and Mary C. Doughty, 12-27-1845
Jesse and Amanda Babington 6-7-1856
John, and Charlotte Johnson, 8-20-1837
John H., and Catharine Parsels 12-28-1863
Jonas, and Ann Steelman 3-19-1842
Jonas Jr., and Sarah Hickman 5-8-1865
Jonathan, and Prudence Surran 5-31-1863
Joshua, and Sarah Buin 11-14-1843
Joshua, and Sarah Bowen, 11-25-1843
Joshua, and Sarah Ann Ingersoll, 2-6-1854
Lewis, and Hannah Morgan, 1-1-1842
Lewis H., and Sarah E. Barrett 2-14-1864
Lorenzo, and Dorcas Huntley, 4-11-1841
Noah, and Sarah Miller 1-5-1856
Reuben and Eliza Adams, 5-7-1837
Risley, and Sophia Chamberlain 12-10-1838
Samuel, and Phebe Bartlett, 12-18-1845
Samuel B., and Josephine Westcott, 12-24-1865
Stewart, and Elizabeth Adams, 12-6-1851
Thomas C., and Mary A. Siran, 4-20-1867
Wallace, and Mary F. Jones, 5-13-1872
Walter, and Helen W. Lake, 2-5-1857
Washington, and Martha Robart, 10-24-1841
Washington, and Phebe Adams, 12-21-1845

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ADAMS, Woolson, and Susannah Rose, 4-15-1864
Woolson, and Hannah N. Blackman, 11-23-1867

AHRENS, Herman F., and Adela Blanche Hubbard, 6-15-1872

AIGNER, Joseph and Tharessa Niderrelter, 12-4-1869

AITKIN, Alexander, and Catharine Gervis, 12-14-1863

ALBERTSON, Andrew, and Mary Ann Nickels 4-24-1853
Daniel L. and Elitia Endicott, 11-32-1871
Jacob Jr. and Abigail Lee, 9-17-1853
Lake, and Margaret Bryant, 2-2-1850
Samuel, and Caroline Perry, 12-25-1852

ALEXANDER, Joseph, and Mary Weir, 7-14-1849

ALLEN, Charles, and Mary Blackman, 3-19-1864
William, and Delia Ann Ireland, 6-1-1837

ANDERSON, George C., and Deborah J. Somers 1-2-1863
Henry, and Patience Simpkins, 6-27-1863
James, and Rachel Green, 9-30-1841

ANDREWS, Daniel, and Mary Ann Adams, 7-14-1866
Gideon F., and Sarah Nickols, 8-9-1862
Isaac, and Martha E. Davis, 2-17-1867
Isaac, and Mina Appleget, 6-2-1872
Jacob R., and Anna C. Price, 5-27-1871

ANOLE, Eli, and Sarah C. Higbee, 8-10-1863

APPLEGATE, Jacob, and Rebecca Wooly, 6-19-1868
John, and Charlotte Russell, 5-21-1848
Joseph, and Elizabeth Brannin, 12-27-1861

ARMSTRONG, John, and Sarah Pilgrim, 5-9-1847

ASBIL, Daniel, and Joseyphine VanHook, 10-15-1867

ATTDISON, Peter, and Catharine Schenck, 1-15-1853

ATWOOD, Samuel T., and Hannah Young, 1-1-1840

AUSTIN, David, Capt. and Alice S. Scull, 6-15-1869
John, and Phebe Smith, 10-10-1841
Nathan, and Margaret Smith (widow) 1-11-1849


BABCOCK, Abel E., and Sarah Eliza Leeds, 8-7-1871
Beasley (widower) and Jane Ann Naylor (widow) 3-16-1868
Daniel S., and Mary Jane Risley, 9-7-1862
Daniel S., and Anna M. Simpkins, 4-24-1865
Gideon, and Ann E. Blackman 11-17-1863

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BABCOCK, Job. G., and Ann C. Cordery, 1-30-1851
John M., and Harriet I. Steelman, 3-15-1851
Lewis, and Amelia Ann Doughty 6-21-1865
Theodore, and Caroline Barrett, 2-25-1860

BACOR, James, and Ellen Adams, 1-10-1839

BAILEY, Jacob L., and Mary E. McClain, 9-15-1872
John, and Ann Robinson, 10-10-1846
Thomas, and Mary Ann Harris 5-13-1871

BAKER, Jesse A., and Caroline Steelman, 12-31-1843
Wellington, and Florence Moore, 2-7-1867

BALLINGER, Joseph E., and Susannah E. Leeds, 12-18-1860

BAMLER, John, and Anna Foster, 6-27-1869.

BARBER, Job, and Hester Ann Ingersoll 1-11-1863
Jonathan, and Abigill Campbell 6-10-1867

BARDWELL, Charles L. and Annah Edwards, 12-24-1864

BARNETT, Daniel P. and Hannah Hackett, 8-15-1850

BARRETT, Alfred B., and Jane Smith 2-24-1874
Benjamin, and Rejoisse Beaston, 7-12-1846
Charles C., and Sarah E. Jones, 11-14-1871
Edmund, and Alice Robinson, 1-14-1854
Felix, and Rebecca B. Clark, 9-19-1859
Frederick, and Emeline Watson, 6-12-1853
James, and Mary E. Powell, 7-13-1863
Jeremiah, and Eliza Barrett, 2-29-1852
Jesse, and Mary L. Scull, 12-21-1865
John P. and Ida A. Gaskill, 2-1-1878
Joseph, and Sarah Ann Somers, 6-18-1871
Joseph S., and Annie A. Smith, 6-30-1869
Lewis M., and Harriet A. Lake, 2-2-1852
Thompson, and Mary E. Smith, 6-2-1863

BARTLETT, David G., and Sarah Chamberlain, 2-5-1851
John, and Caroline Taylor, 3-4-1848
Samuel, and Mary Champion, 2-29-1840
Thomas, and Mary Anna Conover, 3-22-1862
William G., and Armenia Lake, 4-2-1848
------, and Mary Dilks, 6-25-1870

BATES, Beaumont H., and Mary L. Martin, 4-23-1872
David, and Martha Davis, 3-5-1867
Ezra, and Anna Mary Gifford, 6-17-1871

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BEASTON, Smith, and Rachel Barlow, 10-19-1867

BECK, Christopher, and Elizabeth Burch, 4-24-1844

BECKER, Johann, and Anna Bergman, 4-1-1864
John, and Katharina Rauh, 8-31-1868

BECKETT, Felix, and Rachel Ireland 1-8-1849

BEEBE, George, and Susan Shinn, 12-28-1874
John, and Sarah Hughes, 7-6-1851

BEHM, George W., and Sophie Vumple, 1-1-1871

BENEA, Daniel, and Mariah Albertson, 12-30-1848

BENNET, Iven, and Mary Beeby, 8-20-1841

BENNETT, Joseph, and Sarah Wick, 12-9-1849
William C., and Sarah McCormick, 9-18-1869

BENNORTON, Joseph, and Ann E. Naylor, 11-6-1852

BERGER, Adam Jr., and Saylvie Meister, 7-4-1865

BERNAUR, Karl, and Dorothy Feldpusch 6-8-1867

BERNHOUSE, William, and Solomice Eldridge 8-20-1863

BERRY, George D., and Mary Sines, 6-16-1872

BEST, Robert, and Lydin/Lydia Scull, 4-8-1849

BETHEL, John B., and Emma Leach, 12-24-1871

BEVERAGE, Lyford, and Martha W. Verill

BEVIS, Denman, and Rachel G. Lee, 12-19-1846
Thomas, and Hannah Somers, 5-10-1849

BIGGS, Joseph T. and Mathiar Boger, 7-4-1864

BING, Robert, and Sarah Mattix, 12-25-1849

BIRD, Azel N., and Mary A. Mathis, 12-22-1866
Gilbert, and Abigail Sooy, 5-1-1847
Bishop, Gilbert, and Ellen Adams, 1-10-1839

BLACKE, William, and Hannah Ann Lake, 1-10-1843

BLACKMAN, Andrew, Capt., Sarah English 9-18-1847
Daniel W. and Ann E. Somers 11-12-1864
David, and Sarah Kindle 4-26-1849
David S., and Abigail Doughty 5-12-1841
Enoch, and Sophia Sooy, 7-24-1867
James, and Amy Lippincott, 2-7-1847
John B., and Hannah Jane Steelman 1-13-1863
Joseph, and Beulah Somers, 10-9-1854
Penn, and Elizabeth Henderson, 9-15-1842
Risley, and Beuly Bowen, 11-4-1838

BLAKE, Elijah, and Rachel S. Higbee 3-3-1844
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BLAKE, Mark W., and Phebe Jane Adams, 12-31-1865

BODINE, J. Frank, and Rebecca Brown, 10-5-1867

BOGAR, Francis, and Ann Austin, 10-9-1841
William, and Mariah Vanaman, 8-4-1843

BOIEE, Frederick C., and Sarah S. Ireland, 8-11-1860
James R. and Sarah Price, 1-9-1864
Richard and Margareth Risley, 1-15-1846

BOLEY, Joseph, and Mary Hoopy, 2-19-1870

BOLIN, Eli, and Emaretta Shortis, 10-23-1869

BOLTE, Henry N., and Elise Heil, 1-14-1872

BOLTON, George L., and Melinda Adams, 1-4-1863

BOON, WIlliam, and Martha Corson, 5-16-1840

BOOY, Andrew, and Harriet Doughty 6-30-1873
Rufus, and Eley Doughty 3-5-1865

BOROYER, William W., and Eliza W. Risley, 12-24-1871

BOWEN, Benjamin, Capt., and Permelia Reed, 1-7-1854
Constant, and Analiza Smith, 5-27-1855
Griffith P., and ELizabeth A. Harris, 2-19-1871
Joel, and Cadelial Smith, 8-16-1868
John, and Mediam Risley (widow) 6-9-1845
Joseph, and Sarah Frambes, 11-27-1842
Joseph, and Mary Reed, 9-27-1846
Joseph E., and Mary P. Higbee (widow) 8-20-1865
Josiah, and Susan S. Somers 1-1-1854
Macy, and Elizabeth Bennett, 2-13-1847
Pernal, and Rebecca conover 9-28-1845
Purnel, and Louise Foster, 11-4-1871
Purnall, and Alice Hackney 1-22-1853
Purnell, and Josephine Robinson, 9-29-1865
Samuel, and Rossette Sivers, 6-25-1846
Uzza, and Sarah G. Bartlett, 1-29-1858

BOWLS, George F., and Louisa Maier, 3-9-1849

BOWNEY, James F., and Mary E. Phillips 8-6-1867

BRADDOCK, William E., and Mary B. Somers 7-25-1864

BRANDRIFF, Richard and Emaline Smith 6-14-1851

BRANNON, Mark Sr., and Mary Franklin, 2-11-1851

BREDER, Casper, and Elissa F. Barret 2-25-1860

BREWER, James, and Elizabeth Adams, 3-24-1868
John, and Rebecca Reed, 7-26-1874

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BRIANT, Marshall, and Buly Morgan 4-17-1841

BRITTAIN, Homer J., and Frances A. Graves, 9-8-1864

BRITTANY, David, and Sarah Ann Beebe, 4-19-1841

BROADWAY, Adna, and May Gray, 2-22-1844

BROWER, Joseph B., and Martha C. Rice, 3-18-1866
William H.F., and Lizie L. Buzby, 2-21-1874

BROWN, David, and Ellen Crossley, 4-26-1854
David, and Martha A. Smith, 12-26-1867
David N., and Anna Finch, 2-26-1864
Enoch, and Judith Smith (widow) 3-4-1848
George W., and Sarah Sinton, 9-14-1872
John, and Mrs. Elizabeth Crammer, 2-21-1838
John, and Eliza Vresmick, 4-9-1862
Joseph, and Hannah Ann Pierce, 8-1-1862
Levi, and Mary Jane Clayton, 7-10-1864
Robbert, and Rebecca Henry, 6-4-1854
Robert, and Hannah Emmel, 4-22-1837
Samnel [?Samuel] and Susan Crowley, 6-17-1874
Samuel K., and Caroline Giberson, 9-24-1853
William A., and Asenith Collins, 9-10-1859

BUNTING, James H., and Masy H. Smallwood, 8-19-1866

BURCH, Jacob, and Mrs. Mary Snell 12-30-1838

BURKHARDT, Richard, and Rosamanda Arnold, 1-14-1873

BURNET, Charles, Capt., and Elizabeth Endicott 1-16-1838

BURR, Jonathan, Capt., and Jane T. Gray, 8-25-1840

BURROUGHS, Benjamin and Fannie Frambes, 11-1-1855
Jene, and Sarah yates, 3-7-1866

BUZBY, Andrew and Adeline Nichols, 4-15-1865


CAMPBELL, Asbury, and Ann Barnes 10-5-1839
Charles, and Jemima Steelman, 5-26-1839
Charles, and Millicent Hand, 8-17-1840
Charles, and Sarah J. Ingersoll, 11-22-1863
Elias (widower) and Caroline Solopeta (widow) 9-12-1874
Elmer, and Charlotte Pettit, 11-30-1839
Henry, and Ellen Meloney, 12-31-1840
Mark, and Mary S. Drummond, 12-17-1842
Restore, and Margaret Meloney, 7-23-1845
Robert, and Roseann McKeage 1-25-1839
Samuel D., and Jennie Chalmers, 8-13-1873
William, and Millacent Steelman, 2-27-1853

CANE, Thomas, and Ruth Camp 8-20-1842

CANNELS, Lucius E., and Josephine Keiser, 2-7-1871

CARL, James H., and Anne Adams, 3-25-1860

CARLISLE, William, and Mahala Applegate 8-18-1859

CARMEN, John, and Rosette Duberson, 6-16-1871

CARMON, David, and Caroline Watkins 2-19-1863
Frederick I., and Eveline Harbert, 7-1-1866

CARTY, Joahua /Joshua, and Patience Connelly 12-8-1854

CASTO, Griffith, and Hannah Johnston 10-14-1871

CAVELEER, Ezekiel W., and Mary A. Abbott 9-25-1853

CAVILEER, Lewis R., and Catharine A. Reed, 2-11-1867
Samuel H., and Anna E. Bowles, 2-13-1871

CENCE, Daniel, and Caroline Budd 2-4-1852

CHAMBERLAIN, Daniel P., and Julia Ann Steelman 4-11-1863
Frederick, and Rebecca Frambes, 11-8-1834
Joab, and Elizabeth Cordery 2-28-1841
Richard, and Sophia Hickman 6 -- 1833
William, and Ann Somers 6-15-1848

CHAMBERS, Silvanus, and Isabella Jeffers 5-25-1843

CHAMPION, Clark S., and Achsey Albertson, 8-17-1862
Daniel L., and Rebecca Blackman, 12-1-1853
Elmer, and Emeline T. Adams, 4-17-1847
Elmer, and Sarah Ann Blackman, 9-14-1850
Enoch, and Susannah Scull 7-10-1847
James, and Rebecca Parker, 11-18-1837
John, and Ann M. Penn, 12-28-1869
Nicholas S., and Josephine G. Moore 5-30-1869
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CHAMPION, Samuel, and Pamelia Brandriff 3-29-1864
Samuel M., and Mery J. Burley 11-10-1869

CHANNEL, Isaac, and Jane Westcott, 5-18-1858
John P. and Louisa J. Mathis, 7-12-1865
William A., and Harriet VanKirk 3-4-1866

CISINGER, Jacob, and Mary Ann Smith, 12-11-1852

CIZENGER, Andrew, and Rachel Lovell, 2-26-1853

CLARK, Aaron, and Arwilda Barrett, 5-17-1874
Charles, and Ellen Hand, 1-4-1840
George, and Tabitha Williams, 5-1-1847
Henry, and Sarah Applegate, 11-30-1850
James, and Elizabeth TOwnsend 2-9-1861
John, and Rachel Barrett 5-18-1842
John B. Jr., and Fanny M. Champion 11-26-1871
Lardner, and Ann Chamberland, 1-7-1843
Lardner B., and Julia A. Woolbert, 9-25-1870
Lewis, and Rebecca Garwood 10-30-1843
Nehemiah, and Elizabeth Steelman 8-2-1874
Samuel, and Eliza J. Clark, 8-3-1865
William, and Mary Webb, 12-5-1837
William, and Hannah Ireland, 8-5-1866
William F., and Hannah F. Lee, 4-23-1873

CLAYTON, David, and Elizabeth Morris, 9-3-1859
Joab, and Phebe Homan 9-2-1866
John, and Rebecca Somers 2-24-1853

CLEVENGER, William, and Jane A. Foster 8-6-1866
William, and Adeline Coleman, 1-29-1671 [prob should read 1871]

CLIFTON, George, and Hester Scull, 7-5-1857

CLINE, David, and Sarah Nichols 5-1-1851
Wesley, and Judith Peterson 12-25-1862

CLOUD, Henry A., and Anna Hartshorn 8-16-1867

COB, Immanuel, and Mark Simpkins 1-1-1851

COLE, Samuel, and Ann Joslin, 7-8-1846
William H., and Rebecca Ann Berge 3-22-1863

COLEMAN, Mulford M. and Lydia A. Ivins 12-28-1864

COLES, George W., and Maria Bland, 12-26-1869

COLLINS, Benjamin D., and Elizabeth Bartlett, 3-11-1859
Charles F., and Sarah C. Wilson, 1-8-1874
Joseph B., and Eunice S. Besice, 6-10-1864
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COLLINS, Josiah E., and Arvilla Z. Steelman, 8-28-1870
Smith, and Priscilla Prterson [sic Peterson] 3-16-1839
Steelman T., and Isabella O'Donel, 11-10-1866
William, and Caroline Bishop, 4-5-1847
William I., and Helen Murdock 1-3-1867

CONELY, Robert R., and Sally D. Bright 12-18-1869

CONNELLY, Daniel A., and Catharine Price, 7-24-1853
Lemuel S., and Rebecca Summers 4-17-1872
Lewis T., and Cornelia Bevis 9-10-1870
Martin A., and Hannah Willis, 6-12-1866
William, and Rachel Conover, 10-27-1859

CONLY, A. Charles and Sarah Bradley 4-2-1867
Daniel, and Sarah Price 1-14-1841
David O., and Caroline Johnson, 6-15-1872

CONOVER, A.C. and Jane Mathis, 7-11-1869
Adam, and Amanda Holman, 9-21-1862
Andrew, and Silvey Conover, 8-18-1861
Charles P. and Martha S. Smith 9-3-1865
Daniel, and Louisa Sooy, 3-17-1850
David, and Abigail L. Smith, 2-19-1853
Eliakim, and Sophia Smith, 5-30-1842
Eliakim, and Beulah B. Blackman, 10-27-1864
Elmer, and Lydia L. Jeroy, 8-6-1873
Ezekial, and Roxanna Blackman, 10-10-1847
Isaiah, and Rachel Adams, 1-30-1847
James, and Mary E. Collins, 6-27-1871
Job, and Catharine Westcoat, 3-18-1860
Job, and Ann E. Steelman 11-9-1865
Joel, and Mary Mannery, 9-23-1874
John, and Ezebella Somers, 9-26-1846
John, and Charlotte Risley, 8-19-1848
John E., and Anna Mills, 7-22-1873
John H., and Rachel Conley, 1-28-1864
John W., and Anna E. Mathews 9-10-1865
Joseph and Melvirney Somers, 4-24-1847
Joseph A., and Elizabeth D. Price, 9-8-1853
Joseph J. and Louisa Leeds, 12-3-1865
Lemuel, and Mary Barlow 6-24-1872
Somers, and Elizabeth Doughty 3-4-1849
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CONOVER, Richard P., and Phebe McCoy, 12-15-1855
William, and Louisa Conover, 10-24-1851

CONROE, Charles H., and Rebecca Booy [?Sooy], 1-21-1861

COOK, Franklin, and Martha Lee 1-4-1865
Mark, and Anna M. Barnes 9-8-1860
Samuel C., and Cathren Campbell, 10-25-1864

CORDERY, Absolom, Rev. and Hester Babcock 9-18-1856
Anderson, and Mary Jane Reese, 6-21-1838
Clement, and Eliza Ann Smith 9-21-1856
Daniel E., and Harriet Somers, 8-29-1846
Enoch, and Sarah B. Somers, 11-16-1842
Henry, and Mary Jeffers 4-9-1848
James, and Christine Doughty 1-29-1853
John T., and Mary B. Somers, 5-7-1868
Joseph, and Mahala Smith 12-25-1839
Samuel P., and Annie E. Somers, 12-3-1868
William C., and Julia A. Adams 11-1-1851

CORDIER, Frederick, and Barbara Muller 1-1-1866

CORSON, Daniel, and Charlotte Townsend 6-17-1843
Jefferson, and Julia Ann Gibson, 10-25-1861
John, and Lotie Smallwood, 11-12-1839
Jonathan, and Ann Taylor 12-15-1861
Joseph S., and Mary Johnson, 9-24-1872
Nicholas, and Ann E. Cordery 10-13-1861
Samuel D., and Rebecca Conover, 9-6-1861

COSSABOON, Henry, and Mary Miller, 7-29-1852
Jeremiah, and Criste Ann Medceft, 4-24-1841
John R., and Susanna Rose, 1-20-1840
Peter, and Sarah Turpin, 6-28-1862
Samuel, and Eda Harris, 7-4-1840

COUCH, George H., and Elizabeth Clark 4-28-1838
Henry, and Martha Somers, 12-17-1865
Joseph A., and Rebecca D. Peterson 9-24-1872

CRAIG, Casper H., and Emeline F. Dailey 1-14-1867

CRAMER, Elwood, and Sarah Harker, 8-16-1872

CRAMMER, Frazier, and Ann Tallor [sic Taylor] 8-15-1852

CREAMER, Smalley, and Mary Parker 3-18-1844

CRISPIN, William and Michel Gyberson 12-10-1843

CROSS, Samuel R., and Anna M. Kirchenlower 7-14-1863

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CROWELL, A. Baxter, and Emma E. Bowls, 2-13-1871
Ansel B., and Emma E. Bowles, 2-13-1871

CROWLEY, John P. and Eliza Kelly, 12-25-1863
Nicholas S., and Rebeaca [Rebecca] Johnson 6-27-1858
Thomas, and Mary Read 5-6-1837


DAMON, Emil A., Dr. and Emelie Iers 11-20-1861

DANIELS, John, and Ann Pine, 10-27-1838
Larner, and Millicent Simpkins 3-6-1852

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