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Introduction to the Web Site

The Irish Nicholl Web site is intended to help all those people who are trying to trace their "Nicholl" ancestry, where it is known that their forebears were either born, married, or died in Ireland.   The most usual occurrences of the name "Nicholl" are in Northern Ireland, but other occurrences are known and will be catered for on this site.   Equally, although the name is spelt "Nicholl" in the title of the site, all other variations such as "Nicol", "Nichol", "Nichols", "Nicholls" etc. may be considered..

The Web site includes the following pages;-

Family Histories This section of the Web site holds the family histories of several contributors.   The histories are presented in several differing forms, - simple descendency trees, descendency reports, family fact files, or genealogical reports, for instance.   There are also direct links to other Web sites which provide comprehensive ancestral data.
Names Being Researched This section of the Web site lists the PRINCIPAL names being researched, and links them, in turn, to the people carrying out the research.
Reports This section of the Web site is provided to hold reports on Nicholl family members, which may be of interest to a wider audience.   Where, for instance, a genealogical report has been commissioned by a professional research organisation by an individual, then the individual may want to share the contents of that report with other researchers.   We would like to encourage as many people as possible to share their information with us.
Census Data Fragments of information may be obtained from miscellaneous Census data.   Although all of the Irish census data that would be of invaluable help to genealogists has been lost or destroyed, some fragments of the 1851 Census for County Antrim remain.   These are presented on this site.   Additionally, there are extracts from the 1871 Canadian Census which refer to the people with the name "Nicholl" (or derivatives) and who were of Irish origin.
Names and Naming There are several versions as to how the surname "Nicholl" (and its derivatives) are derived, - with especial emphasis on the Irish derivation.   Also presented is the convention whereby Irish children were named after their ancestors in the nineteenth century.
LDS Films The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints (LDS) have vast numbers of microfilms available to researchers.   Individual films may be viewed, by arrangement, at your nearest LDS Family History Centre.   Contributors to this Web site have catalogued a large number of films which should help you researching your ancestors in Ireland.
USA Immigrants

There is a wealth of data on the Irish who emigrated to the United States in the Nineteenth and early Twentieth Centuries. This section of the web site is reserved for contributions by researchers who have obtained data on their immigrant Nicholl families.
Miscellaneous Data This section of the Web site is provided to hold items which will help the researcher with items that provide a general background, or might point the researcher to look in a particular direction.   Included is information from the Index to Prerogative Wills of Ireland 1536-1810 in which are listed the Wills of a number of Nicholl (and spelling variants) family members.   Also included are all occurrences of the names NICHOLL, NICHOLLS, NICHOLS, NICKLE etc from the Griffiths Valuation Index for Ireland.
Links to Other Web Sites Some general links to other Web sites, which contain information that will be of help to people researching Irish genealogy, are provided.   Also included are Web sites particular to contributors to this Web site.
Ahoghill Data A large amount of genealogical data specific to the parish of Ahoghill, and the name "Nicholl", in Northern Ireland is presented.
The IRISH-NICHOLL-L Mailing List If you would like to be put in touch with other people researching the name "Nicholl" (and its derivatives) in Ireland, then we would be delighted if you join this mailing list.

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