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NHOGA Burial Sites by Site Name
Lane, New Hampton, N08-011 Langley, New Durham, N06-068B Leavitt, Effingham, E04-017
Lane, Raymond, R02-009 Langley, New Durham, N06-073 Leavitt, Effingham, E04-018
Lane Road Cemetery, Alton, A06-031 Langley, Ossipee, O04-094 Leavitt, Effingham, E04-019
Lane-Lear, Allenstown, A04-010 Langley, Ossipee, O04-147 Leavitt, Effingham, E04-052
Lang, Brookfield, B19-026 Langley, Wilmot Leavitt, Exeter, E11-013
Lang, Brookfield, B19-028 Lary, Gorham, G05-004 Leavitt, Fremont, F07-008
Lang, Brookfield, B19-029 LaSallette, Enfield, E06-012 Leavitt, Meredith, M08-013
Lang, Greenland, G10-018 Laskey, Milton Leavitt, Meredith, M08-024
Lang, Lee, L06-026 Last Rest Cemetery, Merrimack, M09-001 Leavitt, Meredith, M08-036
Lang, Milton, M14-061 Latham, Chesterfield, C12-023 Leavitt, Meredith, M08-078
Lang, Portsmouth, P11-019 Latour, Epping, E07-609 Leavitt, Meredith, M08-079
Lang, Rye, R09-027 Launier Farm, Raymond, R02-010 Leavitt, Moultonborough, M17-038
Lang, Wakefield, W01-027 Laurel Hill, Wilton, W14-001 Leavitt, Wolfeboro
Lang, Wakefield, W01-028 Lawrence, Epping, E07-506 Leavitt Hill, Ashland, A10-003
Lang, Wakefield, W01-101 Lawrence, Epping, E07-709 Leavitt Hill, Grantham, G08-008
Lang (error), Rye Lawrence, Meredith, M08-018 Leblanc Land, Newmarket
Langdon, Portsmouth, P11-020 Lawrence, Meredith, M08-046 Leddy, Epping, E07-113
Langdon, Portsmouth, P11-021 Layne, Lee, L06-029 Lee, Holderness
Langdon, Portsmouth Lear, Allenstown Lee, Moultonborough, M17-017
Langdon Village, Langdon, L04-001 Lear, Epsom, E08-016 Lee, Moultonborough, M17-029
Langley, Alton Leather, Nottingham, N19-033 Lee Hill Cemetery, Lee, L06-052
Langley, Barnstead, B01-004 Leathers, Durham, D14-040 LeFavre, Tuftonboro
Langley, Barrington, B02-4A1 Leathers, Farmington Legro, Rochester, R05-3D1
Langley, Chichester, C13-009 Leathers, Meredith Leighton, Alton, A06-YYY
Langley, Deerfield, D04-F21 Leathers, Tuftonboro, T07-039 Leighton, New Durham
Langley, Durham, D14-039 Leavitt, Allenstown, A04-009 Leighton, Barrington, B02-7A2
Langley, Lee, L06-027 Leavitt, Belmont, B08-017 Leighton, Barrington, B02-7B1
Langley, Lee, L06-028 Leavitt, Brentwood Leighton, Farmington, F01-2A2
Langley, Lee, L06-062 Leavitt, Chichester, C13-010 Leighton, Farmington, F01-2B2
Langley, Madbury, M01-026 Leavitt, Eaton Leighton, Farmington, F01-2B6


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