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Chickville Cem.(Old), Ossipee, O04-060 Clark, Alton Clay, Lee, L06-064
Child, Cornish, C20-004 Clark, Ashland Clay, Madbury, M01-016
Choate, Barrington, B02-5F2 Clark, Barnstead, B01-018 Clay Hollow, Piermont, P04-004
Choate, Enfield, E06-004 Clark, Barnstead, B01-069 Clement, Hudson, H20-002
Chocorua Cemetery, Tamworth, T01-001 Clark, Barnstead, B01-071 Clement, Moultonborough, M17-019
Church, Barrington, B02-2G3 Clark, Barnstead, B01-128 Clement Hill, Hopkinton, H19-006
Church, Hampton Falls, H05-001 Clark, Barrington, B02-1B3 Clements, Milton, M14-003
Church Cemetery, Andover, A08-006 Clark, Barrington, B02-5A1 Clifford, Epping
Church Cemetery, Orange, O02-001 Clark, Barrington, B02-5B3 Clough, Alton, A06-016
Church Hill, Ashland, A10-002 Clark, Barrington, B02-6B2 Clough, Canterbury, C05-025
Church St. Cemetery, Hillsborough, H14-004 Clark, Brookfield, B19-012 Clough, Effingham, E04-045
Church St. Cemetery, Rochester, R05-6B3 Clark, Deerfield, D04-D07 Clough, Epping
Church Yard, Washington, W05-004 Clark, Effingham, E04-003 Clough, Meredith, M08-017
Churchill, Brookfield, B19-009 Clark, Effingham, E04-006 Clough, Northwood
Churchill, Brookfield, B19-010 Clark, Hillsborough, H14-005 Clough, Ossipee, O04-140
Churchill, Brookfield, B19-011 Clark, Littleton, L11-002 Clough, Pittsfield, P07-016B
Churchill, Brookfield, B19-048 Clark, Northwood, N18-012 Clough, Pittsfield, P07-16B
Churchill, Deerfield, D04-D06 Clark, Ossipee, O04-052 Clough, Warren, W04-003
Churchill, Plainfield, P08-XXX Clark, Rochester, R05-3C2 Clough, Webster, W08-002
Cilley, Andover, A08-020 Clark, Rye Cloutman, Middleton, M10-018
Cilley, Andover, A08-03A Clark, Strafford, S17-5A2 Cloutman, Milton, M14-043
Cilley, Deerfield, D04-C14 Clark, Strafford, S17-5A5 Cloutman, Wakefield, W01-007
Cilley, Epping, E07-410 Clark, Stratham, S19-025 Coal Hearth, Warner, W03-003
Cilley, Northfield, N15-004 Clark, Tuftonboro, T07-027 Cobb, Harts Location, H09-006
Cilley, Nottingham, N19-004 Clark, Wakefield, W01-006 Cobble Cemetery, Canaan, C03-002
Cilley, Nottingham, N19-005 Clark, Wakefield, W01-078 Coburn, New Durham, N06-042A
Cilley, Nottingham, N19-029 Clark, Wakefield, W01-081 Coburn, New Durham, N06-046
City Cemetery, No.1, Berlin, B11-004 Clark Burial Ground, Allenstown, A04-004 Coburn, New Durham, N06-048
City Cemetery, No.2, Berlin, B11-005 Clark Road Cemetery, Tilton, T05-003 Cocheco Burial Gr., Dover, D10-241
City Cemetery, No.3, Berlin, B11-006 Clarke, New Durham Coe, Center Harbor


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