Hillsborough County, New Hampshire Cemeteries List

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Amherst Cemetery, Amherst, NH

Appleton Cemetery, Hillsboro, NH

Atwood Cemetery, Pelham, NH

Barlett Cemetery, Deering, NH

Bedford Cemetery, Bedford, NH

Blodgett Cemetery, Hudson, NH

Bulter Cemetery, Hillsboro, NH

Chestnut Hill Cemetery, Amherst, NH

Colidge Cemetery, Hillsboro Upeer Village, NH

Corliss Cemetery, Deering, NH

Cricket Corner Cemetery, Amherst, NH

The Dodge/Balch site, Colburn Road, New Boston, NH

Dow Cemetery, Deering, NH

East Cemetery, Pepperell, NH

East Hill Cemetery, Peterborough North, NH

East Weare Cemetery, Weare, NH

Eaton Cemetery, Hopkinton, NH

Ed MacDowell Cemetery, Peterborough North, NH

Edgewood Cemetery, Nashua North, NH

Evergreen Cemetery, Nashua South, NH

Farrar Cemetery, Hillsboro Upper Village, NH

Gerry Cemetery, Hillsboro Upper Village, NH

Gibson Cemetery, Pelham, NH

Goodale Cemetery, Deering, NH

Greenlawn Cemetery, New Boston, NH

Greenvale Cemetery, Greenfield, NH

Greenville Cemetery, Greenville, NH

Gumpas Cemetery, Pelham, NH

Hall Cemetery, Manchester South, NH

Hebew Cemetery, Manchester South, NH

Hillcrest Cemetery, Nashua, NH

Hill Farms Cemetery, Hudson, NH

Hillside Cemetery, Goffstown, NH

Hillside Cemetery, Weare, NH

Holy Trinity Cemetery, Goffstown, NH

Hudson Center Cemetery, Husdon, NH

Huse Cemetery, Manchaster South, NH

Israel Brother Cemetery, Phelham, NH

Jarmany Hill Cemetery, Peterbrough South, NH

Kimball Corner Cemetery, Hillsboro Upper Village, NH

Lakeview Cemetery, Townsend, NH

Last Rest Cemetery, Nashua North, NH

Laurel Hill Cemetery, Milford, NH

Lithuanian Cemetery, South Merrimack, NH

Maple Avenue Cemetery, Hillsboro, NH

Maplewood Cemetery, Hillsboro, NH

Meadow View Cemetery, Milford, NH

Meadow View Cemetery, Amherst, NH

Merrill Cemetery, Manchester South, NH

Miler Cemetery, Greenville, NH

Milford Cemetery, Milford, NH

Miller Cemetery, Temple, NH

Mill Village Cemetery, Francestown, NH

Mt Calvary Cemetery, Milford, NH

Mt Calvary Cemetery, Manchester North, NH

Mt Calvary Cemetery, Hillsboro, NH

Munroe Cemetery, Hillsboro Upper Village, NH

Musquash Cemetery, Hudson, NH

Nashua Cemetery, Nashua, NH

New Boston Cemetery, New Boston, NH

New St Joseph Cemetery, Manchester, NH

North Cemetery, South Manchester, NH

North Cemetery, Peterborough South, NH

North Lyneborough Cemetery, Greenfield, NH

North Yard Cemetery, Milford, NH

Norway Plain Cemetery, Peterborough North, NH

Old Cemetery, Amherst, NH

Old Dunstable Cemetery, Nashua South, NH

Old South Burying Ground, Nashua, NH

Old St Joseph Cemetery, Manchester South, NH

Pine Grove Cemetery, Townsend, NH

Pine Grove Cemetery, Manchester South, NH

Pine Grove Cemetery, Weare, NH

Pill Hill Cemetery, South Merrimack, NH

Pine Hill Cemetery, Peterborough North, NH

Pine Hill Cemetery, Hillsborough, NH

Pine Ridge Cemetery, Peterborough, NH

Pinecrest Cemetery, Nashua North, NH

Piscataquog Cemetery, Manchester, NH

Pleasant View Cemetery, Ashby, NH

Polish Cemetery, Nashua North, NH

Pratt Cemetery, Milford, NH

Preston Cemetery, Hillsborough, NH

Prospect Hill Cemetery, Ashby, NH

Quaker Cemetery, Weare, NH

Reeds Cemetery, South Merrimack, NH

Riverside Cemetery, Milford, NH

Sacred Heart Cemetery, Greenville, NH

South Cemetery, Hollis, NH   Map

St Augustine (1) Cemetery, Manchester South, NH

St Augustine (2) Cemetery, Manchester South, NH

St Casimirs Cemetery, Pelham, NH

St Francois Xavier Cemetery, Nashua, NH

St Louis De Gonzagues Cemetery, Pepperell, NH

St Mary's Cemetery, Hillsborough, NH

St Patricks Cemetery, South Merrimack, NH

St Patricks Cemetery, Nashua North, NH

St Peter Cemetery, Peterborough North, NH

St Stanishslaus Cemetery, Nashua, NH

Senter Cemetery, Hudson, NH

Smith Cemetery, Saunders H Rd, Boston, NH

Smithville Cemetery, Ashburnham, NH

South Cemetery, Pepperell, NH

South Lyndeborough Cemetery, Greenfield, NH

South Quaker Cemetery, Deering, NH

South Yard Cemetery, Greenville, NH


Stowell Cemetery, Manchester, NH

Sunnyside Cemetery, Hudson, NH

Thornton's Ferry Cemetery, Merrimack, NH

Town Cemetery, New Ipswich, NH

Town Cemetery, South Merrimack, NH

Town Hall Cemetery, Amherst, NH

Turkey Hill Cemetery, South Merrimack, NH

Vale End Cemetery, Greenville, NH

Valley Cemmetery, Manchester South, NH  Map

Village Cemetery, Ashby, NH

Village Cemetery, Peterborough North, NH

Weare Cemetery, Weare, NH

West Street Cemetery, Milford, NH

Westlawn Cemetery, Goffstown, NH

Westview Cemetery, Hudson, NH

Woodlawn Cemetery, Nashua, NH

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