True Cemetery Holderness, NH

Satellite view

Leave Holderness on Route 113, Squam Lake Road.

Just before Pinehurst Road, pull off on the right side of the road as shown in the photo below.

It is about 200 yards before you get to Pinehurst road.

The True Cemetery is back in the woods about 100 yds. Look for the picket fence


These Holderness Town Property maps can be viewed at the Holderness Town Hall on Route 25/3


View from highway 113, showing the place where you should pull off and park your car.


Look for the picket fence back in the woods.


View of True Cemetery over the picket fence.


Wide view of True Cemetery


These cemetery plot maps are courtesy of Harry and Laura Heath and are on file in the Holderness Town Hall


This cemetery headstone inscription list is provided courtesy of Harry and Laura Heath

and is on file at the Holderness Town Hall.



Daniel Felch and Lewis B. Beltch


John True Abigail True

John True and Abigail, his wife


James George Mary Clough

James George                                           Mary, wife of Levi Clough


Julia Dunham

Julia M. Dunham, wife of Major Otis Dunham