Cox (Coxboro) Cemetery, Holderness, NH

Satellite view

Leave Holderness on Shepard Hill Road and then go right on Coxboro Road until you come to East Holderness Road. Turn left on E. Holderness Road.


These Holderness Town Plot maps can be viewed at the Holderness Town Hall on Route 25/3.


View of Cox Cemetery from East Holderness road.


Wide view of Cox Cemetery.


Plot map of Cox Cemetery. These plot maps are courtesy of harry and Laura Heath and are on file at the Holderness Town Hall.


Cox Cemetery Inscriptions. This listing is courtesy of Harry and Laura Heath and is on file at the Holderness Town Hall.


Capt. Thomas Cox, wife Mirian Dearborn. ---- Walter B. Cox, wife Nancy Nutter, children.


Daniel H. Cox and Charlotte Smith, his wife and their children Clara & Thomas


Laura A. Cox, wife Henry Batchelder , and their daughter Carrie May.


Shirley E. Batchelder and Harris P. Batchelder.