Satellite view


Leave Holderness on Route 113 going northeast 2-3 miles and turn left on Burleigh Farm Road.  Carr or Burleigh Cemetery is about 1/2 mile left off Burleigh Farm Road on Old Highway S (South).


This Holderness Town plot map can be viewed at the Holderness Town Hall.


Parked in front of Carr Cemetery looking back down the Old Highway S towards Burleigh Farm road.


Looking in at Carr Cemetery from Old Highway S. There are many field stones which are apparently headstones but with no (remaining) markings. Some stones are broken. One is a remaining base with an epitaph, but no inscription.


Close up view of the Burleigh/Carr Cemetery.



This plot was made by Harry and Laura Heath and is on file in the Holderness Town Hall.


This listing of headstones in Carr Cemetery was made by Harry & Laura Heath and is on file at the Holderness Town Hall.

Eliza Burley Abram Sanborn Daniel Sanborn


Legible headstones in the Carr/Bureligh Cemetery