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In Loving Memory of Rosa "Birde" Rediger, 1947-2010


The is a well planned effort to  organize the genealogy materials on the Internet. This project is supported by hundreds of volunteers all across the country. Basically, the system is arranged by states, counties and towns. 

Our responsibility as County Coordinators is to maintain a site of resources for our county, which will facilitate access to records and information of a genealogical nature.
This is an on going project so our information is continually growing.

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  Recorded Documents  

                  Early Men of Carroll County    

Town Records were started in Ossipee, NH in 1790. These Town Records contain some of the original Town Reports. Many of these reports have been extracted and transcribed as they appear in the Record Books. More will be coming online weekly.

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Churches & Members

A wonderful genealogical resource are the "records" that  the church ministers have kept through the years.These early church and parish reports not only contain genealogical records they also  contain, in some cases, histories of the church.

Locating these treasures are another challenge the NH researcher encounters. Many of the records are housed at the local church, while others have been deposited in various repositories with the denomination. Some are also still part of private collections owned by descendents of ministers, or have found their way into local historical societies
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 Extracted Vitals  

                                   Wills & Estates      

NH - Specific Research Issues
According to an article written (New England Ancestors Vol. 4 nos.5-  6 2003) Statewide vital records are filed using the first and third letter of the surname, followed by the second and fourth letters - a form of early Soundex coding.

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"Probate Records" can be a treasure-trove of information for the genealogist. This is particularly true when trying to identify that missing ancestor. Yet, access to originals can be difficult if not impossible to attain.

Several Wills and Estates have been extracted and transcribed to help with your research.

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 Family Records & Relationships

Old family letters are like a rare diary opening a window to the past and allowing us the opportunity to view life as it was then. Publication of old letters is such a great way to ensure that other descendents can benefit.  It is almost like being in their presence.......hearing their own words.

All the items that are in this category have been generously donated by other researchers that are also looking for some one in Carroll County.
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We know that family surnames can take on many variations. The popular surname "HILL" was found in some Carroll County records/census reports to be listed with the spelling of "HYLE". In searching for your hidden ancestor, be sure to be flexible.

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Records have traced the progression of education in Carroll County. There was a wonderful advance in the educational system growing from a few weeks of rudimentary reading, writing and arithmetic, to becoming a respected model to the world.

Was your ancestor a student or possibly a teacher?

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 Newspaper Articles/Vitals

Over the years many of our ancestors records have either become lost or destroyed by fires, floods and other natural disasters. Regional newspapers are now being recognized as a wonderful source to fill that gap in missing information.

Please be patient as I have a significant amount of data to prepare and get online.
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 Photos & Family Albums  

                         Scattered Bits & Pieces       

Wouldn't it be great to see a picture of the church where your great-great-grandparents got married? Or, how about seeing a photo of the great-great-grandparent that you never knew?

Take a look at all the photos we have.........
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There was a need to have one location to put all the information that I have received but just does not fit into a neat category.

In this area you will find everything from an odd Census List to a Soldier's War Record. Please be patient as there is quite a bit of data to get prepared.
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 Cemeteries & Obits

Many early NH churches had an Associated Cemetery. Notice of the establishment of town burial grounds can be found in early town record books or town histories.

Obituaries of the last century frequently note the name of the undertaker. If the company is still in business their still may be burial records available.  

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Fornication Records

The entries you will find in this area may pertain to otherwise unknown births of children, who often were not recorded in the town records. A surprising number of women never married, although many times the records are to incomplete to tell.

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Caveat Lector! (reader beware) The genealogy contained on this site is presented with a reasonable confidence in its accuracy. Some parts are supported by first hand recollection while others are backed up with primary documentation. However, still other parts have been collected from printed publications and other web sites that may or may not be supported by primary evidence or expert opinion. When questions have been raised as to the accuracy of some of this data by others or I am unsure of it myself I have indicated alternative interpretations. Anyone using this site for research purposes should not assume that any data not explicitly supported by stated primary evidence is an absolute fact. I do have additional primary evidence which I will eventually add to the site. In the meantime feel free to ask or email me.



                                                                          GOOD  NEWS!!!!
Did you ever wonder the reason for the scarceness of births in early vital records? Certainly there are many  answers to this question including, but not limited to, failure to report and loss of early books. Perhaps, if a hint of scandal were associated with a birth, the parent/parents may have been reluctant to document it in a public record.

   What about the single woman who  bore illegitimate children? Could there have  been  a broken promise of marriage? Was she raped? Was he seduced?

    Many fornication and support suits can  be found in the court records. This is  the area we will be  exploring  over the next several months. If you cannot find the vital records you are looking for be sure to check back here periodically. Possibly you will see a name that looks familiar. 
There now are a few files online, please check them out.  Click on link above in Fornication Area.



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