York County (Nebraska) Historical: 1921 Sedgwick


T. E. Sedgwick, Supervising Editor
Volumes I and II, Published 1921
S. J. Clarke Publishing Company, Chicago

Volume II of the Sedgwick books contains local biographies. This index lists the names, and any related surnames, found in that portion of the book.

The Sedgwick books are quite common and you will probably be able to access them through local libraries or genealogy centers. This index will enable you to access information on your family quickly and with little effort. The books are no longer copyrighted, so you will be able to make copies of the biographies.

If you are not able to access the books, copies are available through us. If you choose to order copies from us, please print the first page of the order form provided when mailing your request. You will need to use your "back" button to return to this page.

If you only want specific informaton from the biography (not copies), you may e-mail us with your request or write to us at York County Historical, P. O. Box 81, York, NE 68467. Please be VERY SPECIFIC in your request. All lookups are done by volunteers, and there is no charge for lookups.

by T. E. Sedgwick, Supervising Editor

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There are two ways to search this database, and we suggest you use both.

One is to click on the beginning letter of the surname you are searching for and then scroll down looking for your surname in the main column. It is easier to see phonetic spellings and variations to your surname this way. The disadvantage of this method is that it will not help you locate surnames in other columns of the index.

The second way is to use the "find" function of your browser. That will enable you to search the main listing, and all the associated surnames, found on this index. You will need to do this with each grouping of surnames. The size of this database has made it necessary to break the listing into smaller files (groupings).

The second method, using the find function, will not be helpful in finding alternate or phonetic spellings. That is why we suggest using both methods.

In the column listing page numbers, the "+P" indicates a photograph. Photographs are on unnumbered pages - usually between the biographical text or near it. If you are ordering copies from us, you will need to add this to your request if you want a copy of the photograph.

You will find the following codes in this index:

Sometimes in the biographies there would be surnames mentioned that were ties to their military service - officers or generals for example. These names were omitted from this listing. If the biography included surnames of political figures, who they supported or had voted for during elections, they too were omitted from this listing.

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