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This index is a compilation of records from the Metz Mortuary and York Memorial Chapel. We thank both mortuaries for making this index possible. We are especially grateful to Metz Mortuary for compiling the database.

There are eighteen fields of possible information on each death record. However, most records do not have information in all fields. We are in the process of changing the information online from minimal fields to a full listing. Free lookups are available by e-mailing for any listing still showing just the names, dates and related surnames.

As with all other similar resources, this should only be a reference document for you. You should verify the dates and information through other sources - do not assume everything in this list is accurate. Should you find an error, please contact us.


This index is copyrighted. We encourage you to use it for research, or establish links to it, but please don't print or distribute it in any format without written permission.

A Aa-Az  
B Ba-Bn Bo-Bz
C Cable-Clow Coats-Czichotzki
D Daharsh-Dey Dick-Dygert
E Eacker-Eyler  
F Fagan-Foster Fougeron-Fuss
G Gaast-Goebel Goertzen-Gustofson
H Haack-Hatton Hauenstine-Hinze
I Ibbitson-Imm  
J Jacks-Johnson Johnston-Justus
K Kaeding-Kitts Klamp-Kurz
L Labart-Limes Linch-Lytle
Mc McAllister-McWee  
M MacBride-Masur Mathews-Mitchell
N Naber-Nyquest  
O O'Berg-Oxley  
P Pacholke-Phipps Picard-Pyott
Q Quelle-Quiring  
R Rabourn-Rezac Rhoades-Rystrom
S Saas-Schirmer Schlechte-Seng
Sershen-Sisson Sister Agnes-Sovereign
Spalding-Stewart Stilson-Sypher
T Tagg-Thomton Thorne-Tyler
U Udey-Utterback  
V Valentine-Vrbka  
W Waak-Weitzel Welch-Wilksen
X There are no X's  
Y Yanson-Yurann  
Z Zarr-Zwieg  

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