York County (Nebraska) Historical: 1895 GAR Roster


Together with the Auxillary

York, Nebraska
From Date of Organization To 1895
Department of Nebraska, Grand Army of the Republic

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Charter Members of the York GAR

The York's GAR History and It's Officers

Woman's Relief Corps No. 5
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Robert Anderson Post, No. 32,
Department of Nebraska,
Grand Army of the Republic

This post was organized at York, Nebraska, January 23, 1880, with the following named Comrades as Charter Members:

Allen, G. W. Late Private Co. C, 148th Penn. Infantry
Campbell, A. H. Late Lieut. Co. E, 53rd Illinois Infantry
Crabb, Benjamin Late Colonel 7th Iowa Infantry
Dillon, F. M. Late Private Co. - ,12th Iowa Battery
Ells, John G. Late Sergeant Co. E, 10th Illinois Infantry
Fansler, A. M. Late Private Co. B, - U. S. V. R. Corps.
Flock, George Late Private Co. D, 6th Iowa Infantry, & c.
Frost, J. W. Late Private Co. I, 7th Minnesota Infantry
Gandy, Amos W. Late Private Co. E, 3rd Iowa Cavalry
Gandy, Lemuel J. Late Private Co. H, 7th Iowa Infantry
Gandy, Sam'l E. Late Private Co. E, 3rd Iowa Cavalry
Granger, Elon Late Private Co. I, 20th Iowa Infantry
Graves, H. C. Late Serg-Maj, Co. D, 65th Illinois Inf
Gray, Jacob S. Late Private Co. E, 1st Indiana Hv. Art.
Hutchison, Dillman Late ? Co. I, 36th Iowa Infantry
Keckley, W. H. Late Sergeant Co. E, 37th Iowa Infantry
Keister, D. W. Late Private Co. B, 28th Penn. Infantry
Knapp, Wm. M. Late Lieut. Co. G, 50th New York Infantry
Laycock, John B. Late Lieut. C. I 7th Penn. Infantry
Lett, John Late Private Co. E, 11th Iowa Infantry
Lichtenberger, S. R. Late Private Co. D, 15th Illinois Inf.
Montgomery, A. C. Late Lieut. Co. B, 82nd Penn. Infantry
Morgan, N. M. Late Private Co. L, 2nd Wisconsin Art'l
Mullen, L. D. Late Private Co. C, 1st Indiana Cavalry
Nichols, U. L. Late Private Co. E, 3rd Wisconsin Inf.
Penn, Charles Late Private Co. H, 24th Iowa Infantry
Ralston, David R. Late Private Co. H, 119th Illinois
Smith, T. V. Late Private Co. A, 10th Iowa Infantry
Wright, H. Q. Late Private Co. I, 11th Illinois Infantry

From this small beginning in 1880, the membership of this Post has increased to 339 in 1895. Of course, during these fifteen years many changes have taken place in our ranks - some Comrades have been transferred to other Posts in the county and throughout the country; others still, as will be seen, have been transferred to "The Silent Battalion" beyond the Dark River. However, the majority of them are still residents of York county and vicinity.

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The following Roster of Robert Anderson Post is as complete and accurate as it has been possible to compile it from the very indifferent data, records, &c., at hand, yet will make a fair showing, and compare favorably with that of any other Grand Army Post in the State or United States.

The Roster contains some rather unique, not to say remarkable, coincidences:

OFFICIAL ROSTER Of Robert Anderson Post No. 32, York, Neb.:

* Deceased

A. D. Commander S. V. Com'dr J. V. Com'dr Adjutant
1880 Benj. Crabb D. R. Ralston* J. B. Laycock John Lett
1881 John Lett D. R. Ralston0 J. B. Laycock W. D. Meeker
1882 Andrew J. Bell* J. H. Hamilton* J. B. Laycock Geo. S. Cook
1883 J. B. Laycock M. N. Myrick Geo. S. Newman Geo. S. Newman
1884 M. N. Myrick A. E. Hendricks W. G. Chapman Chas. W. Beck
1885 Geo S. Newman H. Q. Wright W. G. Chapman J. F. Harrison
1885 G. Prewitt H. Q. Wright W. G. Chapman J. F. Harrison
1886 H. Q. Wright W. G. Chapman L. D. Stilson W. D. Meeker
1887 W. G. Chapman N. M. Ferguson J. H. Stewart E. Reisinger
1888 G. Prewitt James H. Lefler H. W. Alberts J. F. Harrison
1888 N. M. Ferguson James H. Lefler H. W. Alberts E. Reisinger
1889 J. F. Harrison H. W. Alberts J. A. Osborn A. Brubaker
1890 Jas. P. Miller Geo. Rossiter R. C. Shipman Nath. Johnson
1891 Jas. P. Miller Geo. Rossiter R. C. Shipman Nath. Johnson
1892 Nath. Johnson J. A. Osborn James T. Allen Jas. W. Small*
1893 M. N. Myrick James H. Lefler A.C.Montgomery Geo. S. Newman
1894 James H. Lefler A.C. Montgomery D. Hutchison Geo. S. Newman
1895 Sanf. Mullihan A.C. Montgomery Chas Anderson Nath. Johnson

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The first movement toward forming an Auxiliary Relief Corps was when several Comrades talked over the suggestion and afterward at a meeting of the Post, early in 1883, a committee was appointed to request the attendance of the Ladies to meet for consultation. Only one Comrade and three ladies put in an appearance. Later on the Post invited their wives and daughters to attend their next meeting, and ascertain how many would sign for a Charter for a Woman's Relief Corps for Robert Anderson Post. The result was very gratifying; between thirty and forty names were handed in, each accompanied with one dollar to pay for Charter and Badges. Post Commander Laycock wrote to National headquarters at Boston, Mass., (there being no Department of Nebraska at that time). Nov. 13, 83, the Commander instituted in the presence of the Post, the "Robert Anderson Woman's Relief Corps, No. 5, Auxiliary to Robert Anderson Post, No. 32," and installed the following as Officers: President, Mrs. Juliet G. Howe; Senior Vice president, Mrs. Lizzie Newman; Junior Vice President, ___ ______; Chaplain, Mrs. Barbara Chapman; Secretary, Mrs. Nettie Hartin; Treasurer, Mrs. L. D. Stilson; Conductor, Mrs.Jennie Andrews; Guard, Mrs. Lilian Baldwin.

Thus was launched the Corps, since which time it has flourished with constantly increasing membership and usefulness.

Following is a list of the:

Charter Members of Woman's Relief Corps, No. 5:
* Deceased
 Addison, Phoebe *  Cross, Melissa  Jones, Maggie
 Andrews, Jennie  Davis, Anna  Larkin, Miranda
 Baldwin, Amanda  Draucher, Barbara  McCarty, Rebecca
 Baldwin, Lilian  Ellis, Carrie  Meeker, Mary
 Bowker, Alice  Flock, Alvira  Myrick, Calista
 Boynton, Adaline  Gandy, Margaret  Newman, Lizzie
 Bullock, Sarah C.  Hartin, Nettie  Parkinson, Mariettte
 Campbell, Annie  Hendricks, Annie  Reed, Lizzie T.
 Carter, Martha  Howe, Juliet G.  Richter, Susan
 Chapman, Maggie  Hull, Phoebe  Rossiter, Calista
 Chapman, Barbara  Johnson, Ellen  Stilson, LaDell

Of Auxiliary Woman's Relief Corps, No. 5:
AD President S. V. Pres't. Treasurer Secretary
  1883     Juliet G. Howe   Lizzie Newman   LaDell Stilson   Nettie Hartin
  1884     Juliet G. Howe   Lizzie Newman   LaDell Stilson   Nettie Hartin
  1885     LaDell Stilson   A. Boynton   M. Chapman   Mary M. Reed
  1886     Juliet G. Howe   Mrs. --- Prewitt   LaDell Stilson   Mary M. Reed
  1887     M. E. Wheeler   Sarah Richards   LaDell Stilson   R. McCarty
  1888     M. E. Wheeler   Emma Farley   Mary A. Small   LaDell Stilson
  1889     Juliet G. Howe   M. D. Barnes   Carrie B. Parris   Mary A. Small
  1890     Emma Farley   Sarah W. Coy   Carrie B. Parris   Mary A. Small
  1891     LaDell Stilson   C. E. Winnie   Sarah W. Coy   Calista Rositer
  1892     Carrie B. Parris   Emma Farley   Sarah W. Coy   Calista Rositer
  1893     LaDell Stilson   L. Burton   Sarah M. Lefler   Louisa Bullock
  1894     Carrie B. Parris   L. Burton   Sarah M. Lefler   Louisa Bullock
  1895     L. Burton   Mary A. Small   Calista Rositer   Louisa Bullock

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