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1891-1892 City Directory for the City of York and York County
J. M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers
509-510 Paxton Block, Omaha, 1891

This directory contains the names of York's residents, a brief sketch of the city; a miscellaneous department consisting of churches, schools, secret, literary and benevolent societies, city and county officials, incorporated companies, banks, railroads, a street and avenue directory, a classified directory of professional and business men and firms in the city. It also contains a directory of all towns in York County and a list of farmers and their post office addresses.

Corrections or additions the publisher identified prior to publication have been incorporated into these indexes. Any typographical errors or errors in alphabetizing names, that the publisher did not identify, have been left as printed. However, we have added notes in squared brackets for clarification.


Farmer's Listing
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York Residents (City)
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Abbreviations Used in Directory


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