York County, Nebraska: 1887 York City Directory
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Compiled by B. A. Ward
York Republican, Steam Book and Job Printers, 1887

B. A. Ward's 1887 directory for the city of York contains the names of York's residents, a business directory, a listing churches, schools, county and city officials, and much more.

The main index, listing the individual residents was left in the original order of the publication (along with corrections or additions that the publisher identified). That means the index is not always in alphabetical order, although the initial letter is always in the correct grouping. For example, the B's are all together, but within the B's the surnames may not be in alphabetical order.

This means you will need to scroll down the listing to verify if any of your surnames are on the listing. But, then you would be doing that anyway just be look for variations on surname spellings...right?

For those of you who prefer to have photocopies of the original publication, please use the order form or a similar format and allow one photocopy per surname/business name in each section (residential listing, advertisers, business, or miscellaneous sections).

Good luck in your search!

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